Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Curious Case of the Dopey DPP

Chinese national Yuan Zhenghua, 33, was originally charged at his hospital bedside with causing hurt to CitiCab taxi driver Yeow Chuwee Lam, by punching and strangling him when trying to steal his vehicle. Whether Yuan was attempting to rob the cabby of his vehicle or day's takings is debatable, but he did cuff Yeow on the neck and roughed him up - hence the bit about "voluntarily causing hurt". Somehow the police officer in charge failed to recognise cleaner Chandra Morgan being killed in the event of 17 March 2012.

According to section 299 of our Penal Code: “Whoever causes death by doing an act … with the knowledge that he is likely by such act to cause death, commits the offence of culpable homicide”. Section 304A of the Penal Code also prescribes a charge of causing death by a rash act.

Apparently the ah peks and ah kongs at the kopi-tiams are all riled up at the travesty of justice. Unlike the incorrigible foreign import PRCs, Malaysians are treated like family. Have been, and will always be. If LKY hadn't got us turfed out of Malaysia, we would be drinking fresh water from the Johore catchment area, instead of the shitty stuff from the toilet bowls. Voluntarily causing hurt in committing robbery attracts only up to 20 years in jail and at least 12 strokes of the cane. Do we really need to provide the PRC guy with free board and lodging for 20 years?

All the anger fuelled by caffeine doses of kopi-o, kopi-si or kopi-peng must have reached some ears in authority. To appease the upset citizens, Yuan has been slapped with 3 more charges on 23 March:
- dangerous driving causing death (up to 5 years in jail),:
- driving without a valid licence (fine up to S$1,000 or jail up to 3 months);
- driving a cab without valid insurance policy (fine up to S$1,000 or jail up to 3 months).

There are probably other charges that could have been piled on:
- making the DPP look bad;
- making Sun Xu look like a wimp by comparison;
- making the cab companies install expensive GPS units for protection;
- making commuters angrier for the fares that will be hiked to pay for above GPS installation


  1. I say give him the maximum 5yrs jail and 12 rotans and pack him back home to where he came from. A precious human life is lost and the family broken hearted. What other good will come out if we lodge him for 20yrs here? Is this guy on visitor's pass , PR or is already a citizen?

  2. The holding charge should be culpable homicide.

  3. Our AGC & the SPF seem out of practice of late, no? After whatever trial & conviction, assuming he does not dissappear, the widow should be assisted to sue for compensation. How and from whom, I am not sure.

  4. He should get a death sentence. Period.

  5. From the reports, i gathered he might have some psychiatric problems.
    This is the kinds of social problems the Emigration Dept have created for singapore when they have such lax and wide open door policy. It would be cruel to sent someone on long or death sentence just because they have a mental lapse.

  6. Thanks to this cheena shit, everybody now knows it is easy to murder people using stolen car. And you can come out a free man in less than 5 years. No need to hang.

    1. Wow! Lethal Weapon -Singapore Edition.....
      Some felt that the AGC should not be faulted. Maybe, I always have the nagging feeling that our sense of justice have been numbed along these years.

  7. Nut cases like these are few thankfully. What's more worrying is the rise of TB cases. China & India has the world's highest TB cases in the first two spots. And how many have we brought in and the results is clear for everyone to see.

    Diseases are more deadly for local population.
    People should be more vigilant of TB, on top of crazy robbers AND chid kidnappers.

  8. Guys, you may be surprised but the penalty for culpable homicide is more lenient compared with voluntarily causing hurt while committing robbery. For one, you can't cane this PRC trash if he is guilty of homicide. I think 20 years in prison is okay because he is going to get some love every time he bends over to pick up the soap in the shower. Let's trust our fellow Singaporeans in prison to teach him how to behave.

  9. Good,he should be sentenced for vch and caned and then for culpable homicide.That is the vitriolic gut reaction.
    But one should not run down teh AGC. They have a difficult job and I dont see what they have done wrong. They have presented a holding charge,that is all.
    Again the culprit maybe under the influence of drugs or simply insane. Those are relevant factors.
    While this fellow is reprehensible let teh AGC proceed in a civilised manner. Let us not become a lynch mob.

  10. The maximum punishment for culpable homicide has been raised to 20 years’ jail or life imprisonment — up from 10 years’ jail or life before 2007.

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