Saturday, March 17, 2012

Excuse Me, You Somebody Meh?

This Baey Yam Keng guy is such a walking PR disaster, it makes one wonder what he's doing at global public relations company Hill & Knowlton. Read his Facebook post and try to figure what message he was attempting to send. It starts like this:
"My child scored the second highest in her class for a recent Maths common test, but her achievement was undermined by a classmate to be due to her father being an MP. "

Somewhere down his convoluted train of thoughts, we sense the justification for his exercise in futile verbosity, "Your classmate may not necessarily understand what I do, but I am sure his comments meant no malice." He's using his daughter as a proxy to hit back at a kid her age! Hello, if you want to pick a fight, at least choose someone your own size.

Quite obviously Baey hasn't watched the Roman Polanski movie "Carnage", in which two sets of parents initiated a cordial meeting after their sons are involved in a playground rumble, and ended up exposing their own visceral failings as their increasingly childish behavior throws the evening into utter chaos. Some so-called adults, instead of the kids they are trying to preach to, should be seen and not heard - or read in social media.

Baey rode the coattails of the GRC sham into parliament, instead of facing the opposition mano-a-mano in a SMC like, say, Hougang. One hopes his daughter will not follow the cowardly ways of his poor example, and fight her own battles instead. Else she should follow the example of Goh Chok Tong's daughter and emigrate to a foreign land, where her own kids need not be embarrassed by the antics of a screwy grandpa. 
Kate Winslet unleashes the honest truth in "Carnage"


  1. He should read the way of the farmer. Since I have started it, my bosses have been so afraid of me, I have been promoted three times this year!

  2. LOL..ouch! It only goes to show just because you are a 'PR guru" doesn't make you a good spin doctor. Politics and Commerce are two different antics, and people can tell it right away.
    I believe his use of daughter as example is to gain some 'sympathy' vote after his insensitive remark. And likely wanted to hint to people that they should "get out of his child's face..." but just like Sunxu case, look what he just did.

  3. Margaret Thatcher " It used to about doing Something. Now is about being Somebody. "

    Let us remind the house of the remainder MPs who think they are "getting paid to sacrifice their life." Clearly, fame is also the bonus here..and in which case also lead him to think he is already on/onto that 'somebody' plank. Oh, irony!

  4. A retard will always be a retard no matter how he covers up. It will show up in whatever he is doing. To mitigate or salvage his public gaffe or blunder, he will use standard terms such as "misquoted", "misunderstood", "out of context", so let's move on. Feeble attempts at damage control. When will they ever learn? Can a retard learn his lesson? Most probably never! See for yourself.

  5. Yeah his daughter will grow up a wimp, like daddy.

    Daddy by going public wants to hit back on the other kid for taunting his daughter.

    Instead of letting the daughter slog it out in life, daddy bullies the other kid. Adults bully kids?

    Just like a playground shove, you let your kids do the necessary, instead of stepping in.

    Otherwise you grow up becoming a wimp or overprotective bullying parent.

  6. He is just typical of PAP elitists who never look at their own backyards before they start rattling with their mouth.

  7. Sometime, these people are just like that. Forget about them and move on.
    There is a Chinese saying " one type of rice produces 100 kind of people"
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  8. With MBT and this "talk first, think later" goondu, Tampines GRC is as good as lost come 2016.

    I hope they complete the Tampines Hub as promised before they go.

  9. well the comments by the parents among us shows the the grace given to us to our own and those around us.

    Some of the comments here or even the article itself is as such "grace"?

  10. Moron is as moron does......

  11. people, read the original chinese version of his post. he was not lamenting that his kid did not get first place. it was the kid's classmate who said that she was able to get 2nd highest because her dad was an MP. the english translation changed the original meaning.