Thursday, March 29, 2012

National Harmony Or Racial Harmony Comes First?

Chairman of national racial harmony body Zainundin Nordin (Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC MP) had asked, "Why would you want to create friction and anger because of your prejudices? By the time your children and grandchildren inherit this country, it's mess, people will start running away."

Zainudin was explaining the rationale for dispatching "racial harmony diplomats" to junior colleges, and later to institutes of higher learning. The initiative, we are told, is a response to derogatory comments attributed to Sun Xu of NUS ("more dogs than humans in Singapore.") and Shimum Lai of Nanyang Poly ("trains need to have separate cabins for humans and fkn dogs"). Police reports were lodged against both parties, presumably by non-canine members of the population. Both are young, and foolishly ranted in what they erroneously assumed was their private domain of cyberspace. Lai's post had the taint of racism, but Sun Xu's case crouched on the realm of xenophobia, which the MP, intentionally or otherwise, missed out on.

Franziska Zimmerman, 37, is Manager, Public Affairs Asia-Pacific, at Syngenta Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. Elouisa Dalli, 30, is Media & Community Relations Manager, for Syngenta. Both are classic examples of epic fails in respect of their day job requirements. Not exactly babes in the woods, these two are either horribly dense or plain bimbo hires. Any outsider should realise that remarks like "But no one owes anyone else a living; you cannot say you are entitled to jobs in your country" are downright insensitive and political dynamite. Think W.M.D. - Women. Moronically. Demented. The objectives and goals of the Syngenta Foundation are "to work with rural communities in the semiarid regions of the world and improve their livelihoods." Maybe they are more suited to work with farm animals.

One can understand if an employment pass is issued to a rocket scientist, we don't have too many of them here. Or experienced nuclear physicists, those could also justify the import of foreign talent. But our universities and polytechnics produce lots of graduates formally trained in public relations and mass communications. Qualified candidates who not only have the necessary degrees or diplomas but can also speak and appreciate the cultural nuances of languages. We may need the construction labour to work on the infrastructure, but do we need mindless talking heads to ratchet up the frenzy of xenophobia?

Where they come from, an employer has to first demonstrate that a job on offer could not be filled by a Swiss worker or an EU national. If Switzerland makes it difficult for outsiders seeking work, especially those from Third World countries, why should Singapore open the flood-gates for foreign trash like Zimmerman and Dalli?

Zainundin should recognise the presence of negative diplomats introduced into the country by a flawed immigration policy, which stir friction and anger. At the end of the day, when children and grandchildren inherit this country, it's a mess. Come to think of it, it's already a mess, and scores of people are voting with their feet.


  1. Just the saying goes - when you open the door and window for some fresh air, you inevitably let in flies and mosquitoes, which is what is happening to Singapore now.

    How to keep the fresh air and minimize the flies and mosquitoes coming in is a challenge.

    May we need to have some sort of those "mosquito sleeping nets" to handle with this kind of situation!

  2. Another example of facepalm for the Party that fails to recognize the very problems they have singlehandedly and foolishly created.

    This place has been discombobulated by immigration policies, and there’s no doubt the red-carpet welcome for foreign scholarships, foreign workers & foreign PMETs have all compounded the deterioration of our social fabric. Todate, the Ministers are still shying away from coming to talk about 'difficult' policies and unable to provide 'hard data' which the public deserves to know. Where exactly is their immigration plan heading towards in the short, mid & long terms. And if they will ever get our buy-in at all. All does DPM Teo's speech all nothing but rhetorical paradoxes?

    Zainudin "symptoms treatment" looks ersatz because it is; these urges to refrain young people from creating mess is just another phony attempt to put the blame on our youth once again. Have Singaporeans ever had problems with multi-racial living up until 5-10 years ago? Had we ever had issues with foreigners working and living in Singapore up until 5-10yrs ago?

    1. The much vaunted point-based system is still black hole. Looking around the quality and standards of migrants these days, there is really no tough limits, just minimum thresholds. Just like someone set a # for the KPIs and for the sake of bonuses, and according to MP Josephine Teo - a job so well done - they have met their targets waaay beyond.

    2. Agree. Most people don't care where migrants come from, but how they fit in. Do they conduct themselves well, with good personal & public hygiene, high cultural awareness and sensitivity, adapting to local languages, civic mindedness like queuing, thank you or saying sorry etc..

      In short, all the past incidents can be traced back to the lack of the above manners and conducts displayed by foreigners. As such, they have really tested the patience and tolerance of Singaporeans.
      These are valuable social fabrics that are mended and built up by decades of work and efforts. All these frissures are not causing real cracks and mess among us.

  3. //But no one owes anyone else a living; you cannot say you are entitled to jobs in your country" //

    The next stupidity that will come out from these foreign trashes who equates themselves as foreign talents ...

    you cannot say you are entitled to housing in your country? ...
    you cannot say you are entitled to healthcare in your country?
    you cannot say you are entitled to education in your country?

    We are all smart enough to know that no one owes us a living. But for her to tell us that we should give people like her 'equal priority' and make ourselves an 'optional' in my homeland, she can go take her company to India and go work as a 3rd world expat before she come toot her horns and treat us as trashes. Everyone should Stand up for your Singapore.

    1. Reminds me that Director from Fairmont hotel who was 'subconsciously' brainwashed by our Glory Leader LKY that singaporeans are weak and lazy. All these are just subtle NLP lingo that if spoken and repeated enough, it forms a perception deep into the psyche of most people. This is a really ill and lowest forms of attack that MIW is very capable of.

    2. //But no one owes anyone else a living; you cannot say you are entitled to jobs in your country" //

      When a candidate is selected, it is based on meritocracy. (otherwise what? open leg?).The entitlements(benefits) from a host country are medical, school fees, etc.
      No where in the world has jobs been an entitlement.

      Is this the type of F-trash that we are expecting from someone who claims herself as lawyer who can't use the correct discription?

  4. In England, in football games.
    Whenever a football manager displays incompetency.

    Spectators would chant "You don't know what you are doing."

    I wonder what will be the definitive chant for GE 2016.

  5. Sunxu made an offensive remarks - singaporeans condemned him. MOE kept silent. MP Baey defended him. NUS slapped him on wrist.

    Shimum Lai made an offensive remarks - singaporeans condemned her. MPs Hri & Zainudin are reproaching her.

    Zimmerman made an offensive remarks - singaporeans condemned her. No MPs reproach her. All silence.

    Shows you where it has all gone wrong, and why these foreigners have become so blatant that they think they are doing us a favor to add spurs to our hinds. Our PAP govt are condoning these actions repeatedly. Doing right? My ass.

    1. 长他人志气 灭自己威风
      Grow others' ambitions while destroying own's power & drive.

  6. The world doesn't owe us a living. And Singapore doesn't guarantee her a job here either. How a regional PR executive with no cultural insights land a posting here in a multi-racial country beats me.

  7. //At the end of the day, when children and grandchildren inherit this country, it's a mess.//

    They have chewed off more than they can bite. Then chew it.

  8. If the government thinks that they are solving the transport & housing issue that cost them a GRC. They better be prepared for a bigger problem, that is, immigration & NS. Both are tie in because they handicap the local born and bred. Till polling day, the MIWs were still burying their heads in the sand and I think it is buried even deeper now. We have been sold out, that is all I have to say. What is the use of enticing a couple of thousands of foreign mercenaries when you have more local born n bred who have had enough and want to get out.

  9. To Sunxu, Shimum, Stanley Hart, Zimmerman

    Everyone has the right to be stupid. You are abusing your priority.

  10. If I go to Ms Zimmerman country and tell her not to eat cheese fondue because its smelly (like the chinese who tells my indian neighbors not cook curry), and the Swiss town council mediation center tell her she can only cook during certain time and certain day, how will she feel?

    If I go to Ms Zimmerman country and say Swiss should not be entitled to jobs in their country, 35% should be given to foreigners like me, and the Swiss Manpower ministry says and do nothing to defend his citizen's preference becoz is a free economy, how will she feel?

  11. Chicken or Egg3/29/2012 3:04 PM

    Wow, at the rate we are going, it shouldn't be too hard to have least dozen of candidates by end of 2012 where we can give someone "Disharmony Award of the Year' to.


    And while the report found respondents felt positive about Singaporeans’ respect for people of other races and religions, it didn’t deal with how Singaporeans feel toward foreigners, an increasingly sensitive topic politically. “We didn’t want to make that difference even more accentuated, we don’t want to group people that way,” he said.

    Pay them 1.6mth bonus for burying their heads in the sand and living in denial because 'it is sensitive'. So much for the civil service mantra of difficult decisions and hard truths. Sweep it under the carpet or put in a legislative - the buck will stop there..yeah right.

    1. they are blanketed under 'singapore residents'
      still patronizing sinkies intelligence

    2. Just another way of saying feigning ignorance is better.
      Or, if they already have data, akin to 'keeping the data secret' will better in promoting harmony.
      Typical of PAP lah.

  13. So someone has suggested that Sunxu should adopt a singaporean buddy, and Shimun should adopt an indian buddy. Good money from MOE or not huh? Inter-racial exchange is good values right..

  14. Every year our PAP Ministers always boast that we have a very low unemployment rate but if there is no one single central agency for the registering of any unemployed Singaporean, it makes one wonder where they cook up their yearly unemployment statistics ?

    And if they don't even have a real time database of unemployed Singaporeans according to their working experience/occupations, how the hell did they plan & approve all those FT employment passes & work permits in the first place ?

    And they don't even have any quota for any preferred occupation to work in Singapore until the GROs or PROs from PRC also can have their work permit & PR approved ?

    Are we so desperate for prostitutes to come & work in Singapore also ?

  15. Zainudin Nordin do not know what he talking about.
    The country is already in a mess years before and it became a bigger mess with influx low grade migrants.
    The country already inherited a system of government bent on discriminating its citizens.Hougang citizens and taxpayers had already been discriminated and marginalised for 20 years.We are in this shitty position just because of one selfish man,who ruled this place with his iron fist to protect his wrong doings.

    1. keep eating the free porridges hougangers, you deserve it.
      just remember to vote for WP when BE comes.

      now we have to think about the safety of our children too with those child kidnapping cases..worrying.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Agree !
      The PAP had been taking the cake and eating it shamelessly.
      So it is about time we take their free porridge and vote against them.

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