Monday, March 19, 2012

Sorry, Grace Is In Short Supply

From curry-gate to the hi-jacked taxi that mowed down a cleaner at Budget Terminal, much has passed that taxed the reservoir of graciousness extended to the newcomers. Straining at the limits of the milk of human kindness, one may postulate Sun Xu's repugnant attitude was an act of youthful exuberance. He did make an effort to apologise, but even if his despicable diatribe about dogs in Singapore is forgiven, it is unlikely to be forgotten. Especially when unmuzzled barking canines make periodic appearance in parliament.

Sembawang GRC MP Vikram Nair tried to make amends for his dastardly snide attack about Nigerian scams, the euphemism used being "eagerness to engage" his political opponents. Why he chose Mandarin daily ZaoBao as platform to express contriteness (he is rumoured to favour Urdu over Tamil) is up for speculation.

For those who can't bear the sight of Chinese characters because of the ill will generated by native speakers in recent weeks, the rough translation goes thus:

He said: "I assumed that since Chen practised law, and is an economist,

he would match my vociferousness with like vigour.

But he did not, instead he said he had nothing to add.

I then felt very uneasy, so I did not continue on."

Needless to say, depending on the reception of the targetted audience, expect him to be "quoted out of context", or misunderstood because of the cross-language communication. Was it so difficult to say sorry to Mr Chen, in plain English, so all of us can appreciate the effort at graciousness?


  1. To be in high public position, one has to be mindful of what he/she said in public. The content,tone and mannerism clearly suggest the lack of welfare for the country. To him it is a battle to show he is the winner regardless of whether the suggestion is good for the common people. What a people's representative!

  2. For Pappies to say that they're 'wrong', you are better off pulling teeth out of a class of ten year olds.
    Of course, even in pre-election speeches, they would preface their mistakes with 'if we got it wrong'.
    These dastardly PRCs are like a cancer that is killing off our Singapore identity and spirit.

    1. Worst than that. It's obviously a form of metastasis taking root in our society. It's going deeper and wider until it destroys the whole fabric of our identity! Remember reading somewhere a PRC saying that it's easier for her son to be PM here in tiny Sg than in huge PRC!
      In US, the President must be born there. I don't think there is such a rule here that our PM must be born here.
      That day will come when one of the PRCs' offspring gets into the highest office of the land! As it when the HR is dominated by a group of FTs, they tend to favour their kind when recruiting! That's an unavoidable human nature! Really langgar!

  3. To end a meaningless debate, the best way is not to react to some silly remarks. Chen Shao Mao is doing the right thing.

    I Can Only Wish WP Will Be More Aggressive But Still Graceful In Parliament!

  4. Eng Hou, it saddens many that the quality of our MPs is declining, not to mention about attendance in Parliament. One can always win a debate by being graciousand gentlemently. If all MPs act the way Nair is doing in the Parliament, there is no different from the parliament debates in Taiwan under President Chen Sui Bian.

  5. If I remember correctly from a newspaper interview with the supreme leader, the MIWs (Millionaires-In-Waiting) are selected after a rigorous screening process which includes a psychometric test (see definition below).

    If this is true, then all MIWs are likely to be similar in attitudes, character, values and etc.

    Meaning, "How can the leopard ever hope to change its spots?"

    Psychometric tests attempt to objectively measure aspects of your mental ability or your personality.
    ... most likely to encounter psychometric testing as part of the recruitment or selection process
    ... designed to provide employers with a reliable method of selecting the most suitable job applicants

    1. The PM must have scored 100% on the psychometric test... LOL

  6. I am sorry that it happened. I am sorry that the other guy did not react according to the way I expect which would have headed off this unfortunate incident. I am sorry for some people's negative reaction. Let's move on.

  7. "he would match my vociferousness with like vigour."

    Matching his vociferousness like breaking the mic twice in parliament and yet no need to publicly account for damage ?

    "he would match my vociferousness with like vigour."

    Why didn't Nair ask vociferousness with like vigour on the same question of funding on his fellow PAP MPs then ? Obviously he just shooting his mouth to score political point for promotion.

    So convenient of him to ask the opp party on how to get money just to bash them ?

    CSM is smart not to answer to such a small-minded fly because answering to such person only degrade one's intelligence and dignity. Nair forgets he is begotten to people of Singapore not to PAP party.

  8. If they can fund SMRT $1.1b, they can surely find some loose change for the poor.

  9. $1.1 billion dollars to instantly subsidize an ageing bus fleet.

    But no $1.1 billion dollars to instantly subsidize an ageing Singapore population.

    You get what you vote for.

    1. Hey, to think of it where are the CPF moneys gone to? Lets assume there are 3m employees contributung $1000 per month to CPF, the government would have collected $3b each month or $36b each year. In the last 30 years it would have more than $1,000b. Lets say the withdrawal rate is 20% that still leave behind $800b. What is our reserves as at this moment?

  10. What was there to react to careless and stupid ill-intent hurlings?

    Chen Show Mao is a respectable and wise man.

    You know?


  11. Vociferousness is such a bombastic word to use when he could have simply use the word fierceness,both normally used to refer to animals。

    Of course if he is acting like a fierce dog trying to get noticed by his masters, why should SM fall into his trap and pay him any further attentions?

    We all very well know how those shameless Umno politicians work their tricks up, don't we?So is he trying the same trick here?

  12. Why dont CSM complain the Parliament Speaker.

  13. The fanboys of the ruling party even gushed over how dear Vikram was such a powerful orator and a great debater in parliament. How he can spot weaknesses in the policy suggestions of the(opposition) members of parliament.

    Now watch him back-paddle like crazy in front of the media stating how he never meant this, he only intended that lah. That's great debating lor, Mr All-Bluster-and-No-Substance.

  14. What galls is the sight and sounds of these ordinary, very average, individuals straining so hard to appear above themselves.

  15. He's supposed to be a top debater, yet cannot think on his feet. He uttered rubbish in parliament, yet he expects the honourable Mr Chen to rebut his nonsense. The right thing to do now is to apologise to Mr Chen, not to go to the Chinese press to publish more excuses for his screw ups ! This guy really got no class, and is unfit to be in parliament

    1. I do hope PAP drop him from taking part in the next elections. To me he is just a school debater and not a politician. He contribute nothing but embarassment to the government.

  16. Pappies to say sorry? Don't kid yourself
    The only time when they do so would be during the elections to get your vote.
    Anything from "honest mistakes" to "stand corrected" should suffice for the less mortals.