Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Misplaced Priorities

Dissatisfied with the poor job the Commissioner of Charities (COC) had done in 2008, missing out on the alleged lack of compliance with regulations and code of governance at City Harvest Church in 2008, Nominated Member of Parliament Lawrence Lien had asked whether current governance review methodologies have to be reviewed. Acting Minister Chan Chun Sing responded by saying that his ministry "would continue to develop the methodology over time to better help charities improve their governance standards." File away under "pending", akan datang.

On subject of New Zealander  Robert Dahlberg and Briton Robert Springall jumping bail, Members of Parliament (MP) David Ong (Jurong GRC) and Tin Pei Ling (Marine Parade GRC) called for tighter measures to stop foreigners accused of crime from fleeing the country. Second Minister for Home Affairs S Iswaran responded by saying that his ministry is reviewing its processes, "We will see what else can be done to strengthen the framework and the procedures."  File away under "pending", akan datang.

In a written reply to MP Liang Eng Hwa (Holland-Bukit Timah GRC), same Iswaran, this time wearing the hat of Second Minister for Trade and Industry, said Singapore will continue to host the F1 Night Race "only if the terms for a full 5-year extension are economically viable."  He told Parliament that negotiations  between race promoter Singapore GP and Formula One Management (FOM) were "still ongoing". File away under "pending", akan datang. I stand corrected.

Apparently, hours after the minister stated his (and presumably the standing government's) position, Bernie Ecclestone told the press FOM has secured agreement to stage the Grand Prix for another 5 years after the current contract expires in September, and that the timing of the official announcement will be decided and made by the Singapore Government. Whoa, does Bernie know something that Iswaran doesn't?  Maybe the "economically viable" condition was intended for Ecclestone, not Singapore. Of the $150 million that goes into each night race, 60 percent or $90 million is paid by the Singapore Government. This is on top of the $35 million fee for the rights to stage the event (last year the number went up to $42 million). For Ecclestone, it's pure profit from the starting line. Todate, we have yet to see a comprehensive financial report of any of the races. From the perspective of Singapore taxpayer of course, not the foreigner's.


  1. Hello, since when expenditure by governemnt is an open book? We do not even know how much we have or do not have. Not even the president who holds akey to ???.

  2. $90m + $42m = $132m is a small outlay to pay for the "economic gains" that slot machines, russian roulettes in the casinos can easily "cancel out".

    Imagine if SG can bring in up to 14.5million of tourists (2012 projection) who may then spill over to casinos through events like F1 where big spenders reign, on top of the lucrative of $288m of levies <*revenues> earned from locals+PRs, these are really a small price to pay.

    Misplaced priorities? More like misplaced data & reports on the social ills that we have yet to see since these games went live.

    Someone must pay. But it won't be them.

  3. I have no comments.
    Just keep my fingers crossed and say a little prayer everyday wishing all the best for Singapore and true blue Singaporeans.

  4. Good luck to all of us. The impression I get is our government is sleeping on their job. Due to this reason, priorities will always be somewhere else.

    For sure, we're all paying for the cost of this in terms of lower standards of governance!

  5. Wow! In this case we are over-paying them right?

  6. Whoa Tattler, thanks to you, Iswaran now know something!
    So we should get more details from Minister how 'all these obstacles" are now removed, and the economic viability is now the best for us.
    I am guessing we are banging on the F1 IPO flotation where DBS & UBS both have stakes in underwriting?
    Not to forget the race also puts sex-trade on the fast trades.
    Those parents with underaged children should keep a look out that they don't get into some undesirable escort agencies lest we ruin more lives.

  7. Regulate fraudulent toxic financial products with a light touch.

    Regulate fraudulent charities with a light touch.

    Regulate our SMRT with a light touch.

    Regulate YOG budget with a light touch.

    Regulate our CPF money with a tight fist and heavy hand?
    Bloody farking bastards.

    1. regulate the msm, judiciary, election boundaries with a light touch, i.e by having stooges in place.

  8. It seems to be the PAP Government 's priority to always ensure that non-Singaporeans make their bundles. A Prosper thy neighbours philosophy that is so noble, except that most time, very few Singaporeans benefited along the way!

  9. Regulate with a light touch.
    Means working with a light touch.
    Meaning no intention to do a lot of work.

  10. Acting Minister Chan Chun Sing responded by saying that his ministry "would continue to develop the methodology over time to better help charities improve their governance standards."

    Still learning how to do his job?

    1. Notice after the rogues of NKF and Renci were ejected, MIWs were injected. Dont u think same same will happen to CHC - MIWs will b injected into CHC to replace the ejected rogues after the current hoo ha storm subsequently settles down.
      With the 2 biggest mega rich religious/charity already tugged and one soon-to-b tugged under MIW pockets, do u think the powers there b see any need to hurry improve simi governance standards? Mayb mus discuss with the MIWs inside as dont want make themselves difficult. Wat u think?

    2. The Millionaires-In-White will always be found wherever there is money lying around.

  11. "
    Still learning how to do his job?"

    while at same time collecting millions paycheck. Where else u have greenhorn politician get the highest pay in the world except in sincity ?

  12. Presumably Formula One, Bernie Ecclestone, is making lots of money?
    That's why he keeps coming back to Singapore ... right?
    So if Bernie Ecclestone is making money ... is Singapore losing money by subsidizing Bernie?