Monday, October 22, 2012

Time To Get Real

Kate Losse had a master's degree in English from John Hopkins University when she joined Facebook in 2005 as employee #51 . Starting as hourly rated customer support staff, she rose to lead the internationalization team - rolling out Facebook to the rest of the world - and finishing as the personal ghost writer of Mark Zuckerberg. As the odd English major in the fraternity of computer geeks, she could empathise with those users eviscerated when the notorious News Feed feature broadcasted their personal break-ups online. To the code warriors it was just clever programming, not appreciating the fact that digital profiles are real people beyond the computer screens. She made the brave decision to abandon the world of virtual friends for the company of actual humans with feelings.

"Technology is the perfect alibi.  Facebook doesn't hurt people: People hurt people. This is true. But just as Facebook makes it possible to do things faster, more efficiently, more cheaply, it makes it possible to hurt people faster, more efficiently, with less cost to themselves.  It removes any sense of direct responsibility for our behavior, for how what we do makes others feel.  With Facebook, you can act and be seen acting without ever having to look anyone who is watching you in the eye, or look at them at all."
("The Boy Kings, A Journey Into The Heart Of The Social Network", 2012, page 93)

The distortion reality field must be lost on some. That could explain why the 23-year-old female partner of the National University of Singapore (NUS) law scholarship holder claims she has no regrets about showing off her private poses to the gawkers at large. Boyfriend Tan went further to state that their erotic photos and videos going viral was "exciting". They may feel unharmed by the scandalous episode, but the law on pornography has a different perspective.

“NUS adopts a rigorous process in the selection of scholarship recipients and scholars are selected based on their academic achievements and personal accomplishments," the NUS spokesperson said. Note that personal indiscretion and public shame brought upon an esteemed institution doesn't seem to figure very highly on their radar. The university administration appears to be similarly divorced from reality, investing our taxpayers' bricks-and-mortar monies to sponsor the cyber hi-jinks of yet another amoral foreign talent.

The game changer could be another police report. Where is the grassroots leader always hankering for his 5 minute of fame when we need him most?
State sponsored scholarly pursuits


  1. serious there is nothing wrong with his photos. he said it right. we are just stupid to allow our govt to hand out scholarship monies to ft like toilet paper while charging us an arm and a leg for education...

    1. I agree.
      Alvin & Vivian did nothing wrong.
      They just showed Singaporeans how stupid we are.
      1.Pro Alien Government stupid to throw away Singaporean tax payers' money.
      2.60% Singaporeans stupid to vote for the Pro Alien Party.

      Student loans for our Singaporeans.
      Free money (Scholarships) for Aliens.

      Vote Opposition if you do not want to end up owing money for your child's university education.

    2. Right, where are the Opposition lah....Counting their "luck."

    3. As long as it's the Opposition,
      I'll support.
      Even if it's Ah Meng's grandson from the Singapore Zoo.

      Can an Opposition MP do more damage than this current slate of Millionaire Ministers?
      What do you think?

    4. If people are against the stupid liberal scholarships that are given out so freely to amoral foreign students, then they should voice out on that. No need to lump their own conservative moral judgments on how the young adults behave in their bed room privately or publicly. Whether he is malaysian or swedish does not matter an get to see free porn every where by all sorts of people. If you're so offended easily, then you don't have to see it. If you go see it out of curiosity and then want to pass judgment, then go get real and catch up on what's really happening and start growing with the times. The major disconnect happens only when people can't even look at and accept Gays and Single Mothers/women who wants to have a kids without the entire society wanting to put a brake on them, and telling them how/what to do with their life, "correctly or incorrectly" according to their own narrow victorian set of morality. The same group of ultra conversative that the PAP government will so glady protect will bring this society to more frictions down the road.

    5. Are we really a conservative society as what our PAP leaders still insist considering the fact that so many personal indiscretions of our public servants has surfaced recently ? What does this tell us ... that our PM & his team must have been lying to us that we are indeed a conservative society ? But by whose standards, may I ask ? LKY's ?

      When 377A was made into law, did our PAP MPs separate religion from politics ? So who was our DPM bluffing then about the reason for warning our Archbishop about the need for separating religion from politics ?

      Just like the recent case of our PAP MPs talking to the neighbourhood aunties in Hokkien while some film was banned for the mere reason of excessive Hokkien dialect in that film. But just how any film can be banned for excessive dialect is beyond my understanding.

      See the sheer hypocrisy of our PAP leaders. Just wait and see how fake or conservative can NUS be in their judgement of our infamous scholar especially when their lecturers are reported to have flings with their students.

    6. Act 377, Malaysian Penal Code
      377A. Any person who has sexual connection with another personby the introduction of the penis into the anus or mouth of the other person is said to commit carnal intercourse against the order of nature.
      377B. Whoever voluntarily commits carnal intercourse against the order of nature shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to twenty years, and shall also be liable to whipping.

    7. To @alanwong, if the movie has an excessive use of Hakka, I bet this film will go ahead!

      Let's just say the culture of Singapore is dying of a slow death because of idiots like MICA or MiTA whatever. Just look around the world these got HK movie industry promoting cantonese films and stars in all over chinatown of the world and the language/culture have both thrivingly survived. Even Korea a late comer has its drama series dubbed and translated and made it to movie theatres all over..the recent hit song by PSY on Gangnam that is a social poke on the newly rich (equivalent to the sentosa of singapore perhaps) made it to global hits in hollywood and everywhere! Even bollywood are minting directors/stars, from aussie to malaysias they have the likes of nicole kidman, cate blanchette to hugh jackman, jimmy choo to michelle yeoh.

      What/who does SG have to show despite years of being ahead of these countries? NADA!!! ZILCH!!! This country's leaders have no interest to promote or see the flourishing of our culture. ALL they want is to turn obedient Singaporeans to aspire to be a money minting workhorse aka economic digit for them, nothing more.
      They are not in the interest or biz to promote talents just suppressing them. That's the sad state of SG culture...and as a result, our identity, ego, self and DNA will all die along with the TFR. This place will be an atlantis in 10 years time.

  2. In many countries, it is legal to both produce and distribute pornography featuring performers age 18 or older; however, there are often restrictions placed upon such material.

    Visiting pornographic websites and viewing their content is not an offence in Singapore, although it is deemed illegal to provide and/or supply any form of pornography from within the country. It is also an offence to be in possession of pornographic material.

    In Malaysia, it is illegal to sell or possess pornography. Possessing pornographic material is subject to prosecution with fine up to RM10,000. Internet pornography-viewing however is not a crime under the Multimedia Act and is rarely censored. There are numerous pornographic websites aim to cater for Malaysian audiences. The materials depicted in the websites are normally the home videos made by amateurs.

    Having said that, some laws must have been broken with this. In Singapore it is an offence to walk around naked in the privacy of your own home. If a nosy neighbour looks into your window and spots you in the act, he can make a police report. But political will is needed to prosecute.

  3. Singapore taxpayers' monies are spent on Alvin for the last 8 eight years to let him study in singapore for free (no bonds etc) while he is rich enough to take time off from NUS to do his own things including making fuck videos.Alvin, from the look of it as no intention to stay in singapore and contribute even for a single day. While his visual sexual exploit is his own affair, I cannot help wonder why we need to spent precious state resources on him while our locals boys/girls pay full fees in NUS.

  4. Dear NS men.
    How much sex do you think you could be having if you did not have to do NS (national Slavery)?
    Just ask Alvin the ASEAN scholar.
    Vote Opposition for a better sex life with your girlfriend.

  5. Do you think Alvin the ASEAN scholar will ever have to pay an under-aged prostitute for sex?
    Like so many of our law abiding elites?

  6. Well..well...I look forward to see how our MHA minister Teo is going to have a close door coffee with the parents of Alvin, and lecture them on how NOT to bring up their kids, and being disrespectful to the Institution who has clothed (or maybe not..he takes them off anyway) and fed him for the last 8 years.

    His middle finger and"Ups Yours" attitude to our scholarship selection committee is such an inspiration to watch.

  7. Alvin has the correct attitude towards our Pro Alien Party Government.
    He is not a citizen and knows that he can get away with it.
    You think he will convert to the "privilege" of Singapore citizenship any time soon?

    Who is more stupid?
    The Pro Alien Government or the 60% who voted for the Pro Alien Party?

  8. Can I as a tax payer ask the government to pay for my child's university education when he goes into NUS next year.

    This is the penalty I as a Singaporean having served 2.5 years NS and paying taxes impose on the government for wasting my money on this Alvin the chipmunk.

  9. //Note that personal indiscretion and public shame brought upon an esteemed institution doesn't seem to figure very highly on their radar. //

    Where is the shame? They will turn it around and say "see, shame on the young adults these days and their parents"! It has nothing to do with their selection choice of candidates. The same goes to MOE..they also claim they have very rigorous recruitment process for teachers/educators....

    That's what you get when the more you want to suppress and clam down on people's creativity and expression, the more expression of a different and extreme kinds will take root. Amanda Chong and Alvin Tan won't be the last exhibitionists of its kinds... the society and the oppressors will have to take responsibilities. No sex until marriage..anyone?

  10. It has happened so many times to so many FT scholars, doctors, MPs, now the NUS/NTU/SMU, the zillion-dollar ministers, the MPs, the police-reporters, even the MSM are no longer interested to apologize, comment, express their fake "outrage" (with one eye seraching facebook for more juicy bits). That dear friends, is what the 60% have got us into, and they are blissfully going about their silent majority's lives. I say again, its not the papies' fault, its democracy Singapore-style, people vote their pockets.

  11. Like principals like teachers.

    Like teachers like students.

  12. Alan is the smartest. Milking the system to the hilt. He has brains. Unlike the rest of the dimwits who proclaim morality, loyalty.

    Its not about the porn dude.

    This is exactly what happened in Suzhou.. its not about the town that Singapore was trying to build.

    Just know that we here in la la land are the dimwits.. always yakking about the story.. its not the story dude.

  13. Alvin Tan: I will not pay a single cent to NUS if I am expelled and what can they do to me?

    He cocks a snook at the Government, rubbing it in. This is karma. It is a repudiation of this Government's neglect of it's own people, of not doing what is right, of throwing taxpayers' money at foreigners. You reap what you sow.

    Vikram Nair: 'Let's do more, let's spend more,' (they say), and, of course, they never talk of where this money is going to come from.

    So Vikram, you know where the money went to?

    1. Where is the money going to come from?
      From the stupid tax paying Sinkies that's who.

      Keep voting PAP and this is what you get.
      Your tax money being used to help kick start a porn star's career.
      Thank you fucking very much, you 60% assholes.

    2. You asked where is that imbecile Lionel. Well, that idiot knew that the NTUC woman will not retaliate while this Alvin will fuck the hell out of this asshole Lionel. That is, he is keeping quiet.

    3. Somehow I get the feeling that imbecile Lionel has been conditioned to respond only to a PAP dog whistle. what do u think?

    4. The fact that Lionel is silent proves he was the PAP attack dog all along. Now that his political masters are holding him back, the message being sent is that foreign talent still rules. Never mind if the FT takes the $50,000 scholarship money and bites the hand that feeds him.

  14. Frankly, I like his bravado; taunting NUS and telling it to fuck off. Hope he stays the course.

    1. me too. At least he makes a stand and argues his case.
      And doesn't say "what do you think?" on a million dollar salary.

      Prove him wrong on the merits of his arguments. And this would be real meritocracy in action.

    2. That seems to be the consensus here. So long as he produces the grades, he can do the f#*k what he wants. Even if it's screwing the Singapore government the way he bangs his broad, taking maximum advantage of every opening.

    3. The Singapore govt. got screwed because Pinky was lying on the bed with his legs wide opened.

      The Sinkies got screwed becos 60% of us were lying on the bed with our legs wide opened.

  15. Come join us, We the the Kiasus ex sporean in Canada we welcome you save your soul brothers & sis
    Canada land of the Kiasus Now why fret just join US
    Very equl one U know.

  16. Alvin Tan: "… Of course I intend to keep my scholarship and place in the university so I will apologise to the university.”
    See, the guy is learning from PM Lee. Just an insincere apology at GE 2012, and he gets another 20 years on the throne.