Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rotten To The Core

Partly to escape the harsh winter climes, many of my friends' kids studying overseas are home with the family for the Christmas season. Given a choice, they wouldn't have left for foreign shores in the first place, straining the finances of their parents. But their grades were not considered good enough for the local universities, where places are set aside for non-Singaporeans, some of whom are fully sponsored for tuition, board and lodging.

Most of them are doing well overseas. One completed his Masters under a scholarship awarded by the foreign university, and moving on to a doctorate. Another is doing research in genomics, peering into the DNA sequence of rice grains to produce a better crop. If they had stayed on in Singapore, they would have had to contend with a diploma, and end up working under a degree holder. Such is the way meritocracy works here.

Worse, they could have ended up working under a Pinoy "process engineer" in Seagate Technology International, a storage solutions company.

Carlos R Pestano III, declared on his Facebook account last Friday that Singaporean employees in his company who worked under foreign bosses were "bitter", and offered this bit of condescending advice: "You can improve over time and maybe start with your manners."

Pestano hails from the Catholic University of the Philippines, the almost 4-century old University of Santo Tomas which draws inspiration from the teachings and philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas, the angelic doctor and patron saint of Catholic schools. Its ranking according to QS World University Rankings in 2012: 601+
The pecking order to put things in perspective:
#1 Massachussets Insitutue of Technology
#2 University of Cambridge
#3 Harvard University
#15 Stanford University
#19 University of Toronto
#23 University of Hongkong
#24 Australian National University
#25 National University of Singapore
#30 The University of Tokyo
#47 Nanyang Technological University
#79 University of Western Australia
#81 Uppsala University
#156 Universiti of Malaya
#198 Waseda University
#212 Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
#326 Universiti Sains Malaysia
#348 University of the Philippines
#400 University of Mexico
#401-450, #451-500, #550-551, #551-600 are grouped, no individual ranking
#601+ refers to the bottom of the heap

QS World University Rankings are based on data covering four key areas of concern for students: research, employability, teaching and internationalization, with the heaviest weightage on academic reputation (40%). Seagate should take note.

Fortunately the worst of Pestano's venom is not targeted at his Singaporean subordinates. Not happy working under foreigners? "Don't blame us for this," he wrote, "maybe rotten locals up there commenting are not good enough." There are so many rotten locals "up there", it's difficult fathom who he is referring to, but we have our favourites. Like the minister who opened the floodgates for foreign trash.

It was therefore a real surprise that Speaker of Parliament Michael Palmer had to resign over an "improper" relationship with a member of the People's Association staff. Another gratification pot-boiler to detract from the foreign talent issues? Whatever the true story is, we are forever indebted to Mr Palmer for dropping his guard in a single-seat constituency. Now, that's a real Christmas present!


  1. I wonder if the 3rd party is a female PAPig?

    1. Whoever starts a secret affair and then "presumably" volunteer to confess and resign later as purported by some (whatever they are smoking, I want some too), must be really so virtuous. Can Mr Khaw come clean and outline how long this affair has gone on, how it was uncovered, was it before the GE, which car park lots have they done their BJ, and if he gets any satisfaction etc...

  2. Poor Singaporean12/12/2012 5:55 PM

    Married Christmas ... hahahah...

  3. Whiter than white?

    Waiting for by-election!

  4. So will we be seeing the reporters from MSM hawking outside his home and hounding his family members like they did day and night unrelentlessly in yawgate? So who's dissecting that PA woman in #PAlmergate?

  5. Wow..ranked #348 and still talk so cocky. Who's his benefactor who sneaked him in , in the first place? Must be a card carrying member also..

    1. He's not even from University of the Philippines, he's from the Catholic University of Santo Tomas which is ranked #601+ Maybe the Seagate HR people made the same mistake, or even lied to.

  6. I am pleased to read from Mr Gan, the recent newsmaker himself these days, that it is an 'isolated' case. Almost a deja vu that of sMRT "isolated cases" sprouted by Lui.

    Perhaps 21.12.12 might bring more to lights, what do you think DPM Teo?

  7. "we are forever indebted to Mr Palmer for dropping his guard"

    Palmer also dropped his pants. And there will be more soon, per Brompton gate.

    But you have a good point: good locals are being systematically denied a fair place in schools and workplaces because trash hire their own kinds. Have lunch in Tampines or Changi anydays, you will see entire hordes of Indians from IT centres, or Seagate in Woodlands staffed mainly by Pinoys. Scholars do not understand concepts outside the syllabus taught in Oxbridge or not featured in The Economist, but diaspora networking effect is alive and thriving in the red dot. So bosses are told by their FT trash they cannot find locals, and then turn around to support PAPies on the need for more FT. Its a real problem, but it would be too mucking fuch to expect them to forego their GDP bonus to once work for the people. Which means the ballot box we go to show them who is the boss!

  8. Whatever happened in WP can also happen in PAP. I remember in GE2011 one PAP candidate was withdrawn because he was reported to have had an "inappropriate relationship" with an NTUC staff.

    Add that to Chiefs of CNB & SCDF. Many scandals.

  9. For a long time, I think the gov is imcompetent, impotent and insanely paid. Actually controlling the quality of fts is such an easy task, the gov just need to ensure that only those from top 100 rankings are allowed to work in Spore.

    1. I once worked in Vietnam, where I had an engineer(graduate from one of the top Uni in Vietnam)working under me.He told me the facilities were so lacking that he had lab classes less than 5 times in all his years in the Uni.I had seen it for myself- A pool dug out from the ground for a swimming pool, more like a fish pond.That was about 10 years ago.But he was such a bright and intelligent fellow.

  10. Vote Opposition to fix our FT problem.

    Starting with Punggol East SMC.

  11. I like it when foreign trash stirs shit, it actually unites us, points out the dumb policies of those dumb ostrich sitting in that old colonial buildng. Now one of those has been caught with his pants down. I like it when shit hits the fan. It;s time for change.

  12. get out pino shits.

    1. fuck you singapore assholes you act and think as if you are white !!

  13. PM Lee said during WP Yaw Shin Leong saga: "The WP has let down the voters of Hougang."

    Can't wait to find out what PM's has to say about Michael Palmer.

    Let me guess... "an honest p e n i s mistake, lets move on?"

  14. 87 seats
    01 down
    86 more to go..

    slow, steady.. 1 a year is a good start till 2016.
    looks like 12-12-12 is as auspicious as the Mayan calendar.

    What we need is momentum. Hope the ninoys will be able to help with a mass walk out.
    Maybe a GRC might be opened up too.

  15. They claimed (more) money was needed to maintain integrity. What a SCAM! Now no more excuse for out of this world salaries.

    1. Do you believe everything your Prime Minister tells you?

  16. ...and also do you believe everything the PAP controlled press/media tells you?

  17. Still remember Pinky PM stating to all and sundry with his comment: "Do you believe what is written the papers?"...

    Talk about shooting one's own foot!


    Where the hell they find all these "leaders" of PAP and singapore?

    Or maybe they were already damaged by PAP/PApA prior to being "parachuted" into these seats of leedership and authority...

    Rotten all rite.

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