Saturday, December 15, 2012

This Ought To Make You See Red

Dictionary says to nitpick is to criticize by focusing on inconsequential details. The Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC) was castigated not for failings in cleanliness, maintenance or lift performance, but being slow in collecting Service and Conservancy Charges (S&CC) arrears from financially strapped residents. AHTC Chairman Sylvia Lim need not have to explain why they had to develop its own financial system after the Computer and Financial Systems used by the People's Action Party was abruptly terminated in August, collateral damage from the May election results. A lot of time was spent with auditors to reconcile the books maintained under two different systems. Two months after his 1984 re-election, JB Jeyaretnam was charged for allegedly misreporting his party accounts. Not everybody has a short memory.

The mainstream media (MSM) designated it "code red", making it sound like Mas Selamat had just been succeeded by a gun-toting Abu Sayyaf extremist looking for work, now that Philippine Muslim rebel leaders are negotiating a peace deal with Manila.

Potong Pasir's Sitoh Yih Pin received a yellow card since more than half of its S&CC collectibles were 3 months overdue or more. Admitting that many households were in arrears due to financial circumstances, he said this was "an inherited problem".  Implying the residents were spoilt by the more forgiving administration when Chiam See Tong was in charge.

The party who is so quick to milk the populace just can't stand a slow collection. The Speaker of the House probably received his half year bonus payout promptly, before he was exposed banging some body's wife. The whistle blower saved the taxpayers a tidy sum. MSM seems intent on rooting out the snitch, not accounting for the underwriting of the adulterous affair.

Chinese author and Nobel Prize laureate Mo Yan told this parable in Stockholm:
A group of eight out-of-town bricklayers took refuge from a storm in a rundown temple. Thunder rumbled outside, sending fireballs their way. They even heard what sounded like dragon shrieks. The men were terrified, their faces ashen.
The eight men decide that their group is cursed by the presence of one who must have committed a crime against the heavens.  To determine who, they agree to throw their hats towards the open door. Whoever's hat flies out is guilty and must spend the night in the storm.
So they flung their hats towards the door. Seven hats were blown back inside; one went out the door. They pressured its owner to accept his punishment, and when he baulked, they picked him up and flung him out the door.  I'll bet you know how it ends : They had no sooner flung him out than the temple collapsed around them.
("Mo Yan’s Nobel: Parable of a Patsy?", Bloomberg 12/12/12)

The house of cards is collapsing. Depending on your politics, the philandering politician-lawyer or the alternative voice in parliament with a heart, could be interpreted as the one thrown out into the rain. Once upon a time, Lee Kuan Yew would not allow a divorcee to be in his cabinet. Boy, was he hopping mad when he found out former Environment Minister Dr Ahmad Mattar was dancing with someone of the same gender. The joke then was Mattar's reaction: "What's the matter?"


  1. Huat Ah!
    One less salary to pay.
    Wonder what is the cost savings?
    MP salary + Speaker's salary?

    1. Maybe leave the speaker/Mp seat vacant....

      Dont need a by-election, as nothing will be done about the local Singaporean problem..

  2. Dr Ahmad Matter was thrown out abruptly. He got nothing after he left ie. directorships or other posts in some GLCs. There was much speculation then. We know who you referring to about divorcee in cabinet.

    1. K Shanmugam??

    2. They are running out of credible candidates. They need Shanmugam more than Shanmugam needs them.

    3. Suddenly it all makes sense. Palmer was trying to divorce his 40+ year old to marry a 30+ year old. After all, a legal predecent has been set. His ministerial ambition will not be endangered. What can the decrepit old man do? He's happy collecting his pension and mp allowance without having to attend a single mps.

  3. Punggol will not be lost.

    They are deploying heavy guns to protect it. Not only that, the guns are available 24/7.
    The constitution also does not provide for calling a by election.

    Despite Ravi's efforts, nothing will change.
    and Punggol residents are happy with the PAP anyway.

    1. Heavy guns?
      The only thing that is heavy is the burden their millionaire salaries.

      The "heavy guns" fire blanks.

    2. Fire blanks?

      I would not bet my life on it!
      You may not die, but I assure you the injuries last a life time.
      ( Chia TP??)

  4. There is something quite characteristically-PAP in the way this lusty saga played out. Most of them, as georgie boy told us, would like to " tow-the-line, go with the flow, don't risk it". They would never dare to venture further than what the rulers dictate. Especially when trying to justify a new acquisition: hence bikes like Bromptons are easy to justify. These come with "track record" of being popular with the crowd. The hole chosen by the speaker seems to fit all the above criteria: proven track record, popular with users, and within the PAP faminlee. Foo foo foo... marry (not any more) christmas

    1. Absolutely correct.
      If PAP ruled the world, we would all be using IBM PC.
      And Apple products would never exist.

      To be world class means playing to our own capabilities & strengths.
      But our PAPigs are like the army generals they so like to co-opt into politicians.
      A uniform product with uniform thinking.
      Factory standard.
      They can deliver cheaper and faster.
      PAPigs can never deliver better.

      So how are they going to raise our salaries?
      They can't.
      They can only raise their own salaries by parliamentary majority.
      While they drive Singaporeans into a race to the bottom.
      A death spiral.

  5. A red card for being tardy in collecting arrears in Service and Conservancy Charges? It is actually a red badge which should be worn with pride, because it shows heart and compassion, values extolled by the PM, but shown little of.

    PM Lee: “We can’t just measure our success by GDP growth, important as this is, but also by the growth of our values: compassion, empathy, altruism, love for our fellow citizens.” Tell this to the PRC bus drivers who you charged and repartriated! High-falutin' words.

    1. Before voting PAP;
      Always ask;
      What have they done to benefit me?
      What have they done to benefit themselves?

  6. We should all unite and vote the Pay and Pay party out then vote the Work and Play party in.

  7. Not collecting on time is yellow flag, so how about those who speculated and lost millions on minibonds? Have the money been repaid by the PAP to the residents? And even if repaid, why arenlt anyone being prosecuted for speculating using residents' funds?

    1. Small things like collecting Service and Conservancy Charges (S&CC) arrears from financially strapped residents they make into a big issue.

      Big things like the mini-bonds, they say no big deal. Let's move on.

      Typical heartless Pro Alien Traitors.

  8. When told that HDB Flats are getting smaller, the Reply was if everybody wants a plot of land lijed in the kampong, it will be difficult.

    The Prime Minister was not listening or he was not listening well.


    1. The son is following the father's manifesto.
      Unable to think for himself.

    2. I am not surprised by such reply from a person who have cockles in his mee siam dish. Army guys would term it, talk co*k sing song.

  9. Before giving a red flag, the committee should find out the reasons for delays. This is important especially whenthere is a change over of power. The list should ommit AHTC out of the race for this year.

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  11. Is our National Library acting as the informer for our Govt ?

  12. u get all sorts in PAP controlled singapore...

    You can tell...when someone is trying to suck up to the PAP to get ahead...

    Only in PAP singapore u see these low lifes and parasites...and only when the PAP like the sucking so much will they allow such as these to "thrive" in PAP singapore...

    Are these human beings...or something else under all that human skin and flesh...