Saturday, December 22, 2012

Woman Of The Year

Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai was a close second to Barack Obama, nominated TIME's person of the year. The other contenders being Apple CEO Tim Cook, Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi and particle physicist Fabiola Giantti respectively. The brave lady survived a shot in the head by a Taliban assassin, and emerged as the world's most admired children's-rights advocate.

We have had our share of female news makers in 2012, but nothing to be proud of, really.

Ms Ko made the headlines for her extreme generosity, bar none. She allegedly gifted her doting National University of Singapore (NUS) professor a Mont Blanc pen worth S$740, tailor-made shirts, an iPod Touch, and even settled one of his bills amounting to almost S$1,300. Whether these presents are tainted with elements of gratification are something for the courts to decide.

Ms Sue ignited a feeding frenzy when she made her appearance in court, unprotected by a gag order after being named in the corruption trial of a former Central Narcotics Bureau director. What really stirred the imagination of the public was when Deputy Director of Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) Teng Khee Fatt mobilised his goon squad as personal body guards for his precious witness. He even sat next to her in his personally assigned vehicle. Talk about playing it close.

Ms Ong will always have a special place in our hearts. Not only did she barter mangoes for a $5,500 Lady Dior bag, she bagged the Speaker of the House under the auspices of the Monday nights meet the people's sessions. Suddenly, adultery is respectable, justifiable when bonding with the grassroots worshippers is the declared objective. "But you can't judge our relationship by just what happens on Monday" is the telling message by the philandering parliamentary, there are other days in the week, and overseas trips for commingling opportunities, courtesy of taxpayers' funding.

Ms XXX is the party we are dying to know about. The 18+ year old is the albatross around the necks of at least 51 men who were snared by the online under age sex scam. School principal, banking professional, movie mogul scion, civil service high flyers, all fell under her spell. Since the Attorney General's Chambers saw fit to protect her identity, she must be really someone special to their hearts. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange just announced that he will releasing a million more documents, files to be published in 2013 that would affect "every country in this world". Perhaps Ms XXX will finally find her place on the front cover.


  1. I like that Assange chap. Looking forward to the expose on this SIN city-state.

    Cynical? Sure.

  2. I thought miss XXX's identity already all over the internet. Why wait for wikileaks?

  3. World's Oldest Profession
    One day a hooker went to file her taxes, and for occupation she put whoring. The tax collector explained that whoring was an illegal occupation.

    She said she'd have to go home and think about it and that she'd call him back in a hour with her occupation.
    An hour later she called him and said, "I've got it... I'm a chicken farmer."

    He said, "How do you get chicken farmer out of whoring."
    She said, "I raised over a thousand cocks last year."

  4. Julian Assange, the bane of corrupt politicians, philanderers, conspirators, crooked bankers, greedy and horny bitches and all of this world's villains too many to describe fully.

    Can't wait to read his expose. And I'm not talking about that Ms. XXX only.

  5. Tsk, tsk! Sir Tattler, have you quite forgotten the foreign talent employed by the trade union, whose racist remarks resulted in her being booted out. Now what's her name......

  6. what is your point? what about yaw's women?

    1. Exactly.
      Yaw is a person who believes in loyalty.
      Refuse to divulge the name.

      Unlike the Pro Alien Party.
      Quick to expose and abandon their own kind.
      Between LO and MP.
      They chose to protect MP.
      Who coincidentally is richer than LO.

      Still think the MIWs are working for the greater good of all Singaporeans?

    2. In retrospect, Yaw made all the right moves in a difficult situation.
      He made his peace with his wife, who obviously forgave him enough to make a fresh start with their lives.
      He protected the third party, no point in indulging in a blame game when both made mistakes.
      He spared his political party the awkward situation by letting himself be sacked unilaterally. A resignation is often a save face measure used by HR to avoid recriminating fall outs. If he had shown up for the meeting, the media orgy would only do more harm for all concerned, especially when the cow-beh cow-bu Khaw is waiting to strike.

    3. cow-peh cow-bu Khaw is now very quiet. Whats going on? He lost his voice?

  7. Ha Ha ha Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Tattler keep it coming.............bring on the beers:)

  8. PAP-MIW Joke
    Tomorrow is Monday Night!
    Time for "Meet-For-Sex Session" at all GRCs and SMCs.
    I mean "Meet-the-People Session"

    Do you know what your PAPig wife/girlfriend will be doing on Monday night?

  9. PA is a grassroots organization.
    But what sort of grass you ask?
    Judging from the extra-curricular activities ... it's carpet-grass.

    "Carpet" as in;

  10. Julian Assange is the new Jesus Christ. Doing good but being prosecuted. History is repeating itself. Let us pray that he will not end up like Jesus being cruxified. More people have to support him and stand up against selfish, greedy people on the top.