Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tuck You, Minister

Of the 325 commuters polled yesterday, a resounding 92 percent reacted strongly to the proposal to increase bus fares suggested by the Transport Minister, "Tuck you!" In a nutshell, the typical response was summed thus:
"It is good to increase salaries of bus drivers, but you can't just push it to commuters. The Government has to think of other alternatives before increasing fares."

There are plenty of alternatives. Such as trimming the pay and perks of the top echelons until they show progress in addressing the technical and personnel problems at the freakish transport company. For starters, reduce the number of directors on the compliant board who approved the holiday leave application of the CEO when he was in office for barely 2 months.  Just about the time to be familiar with the route to the executive washroom. The reduction in director fees should go some way in offsetting the additional costs of the drivers' pay.

To be fair, the Transport Minister was simply acting on cue. After all, the Prime Minister did say more hikes are expected in the coming 20 years. Cost reduction was never in the equation. He's assuming his party will still be in office, of course. He has the generals to back him, he made sure of that.

A private nursing home tried to justify a 20 percent increase in charges, citing:
- High inflation rate of 4.8 percent for Jan - Sep 2012;
- Public healthcare nurses receiving a 4 to 17 percent increase in pay (from April 2012);
- Public health  administrative, ancillary and support staff receiving a 4 to 10 percent increase (from Sept 2012);
- Increase of foreign worker levy from $280 to $340 in July 2012, and $400 in July 2013;
- Requirement to house foreign workers in private accommodations outside of the nursing homes (estimated at $300 to $350 per foreign worker per month).

I can see clearly now
Like the Transport Minister, they are also acting on cue, and passing the costs down to the man in the street. Notice the inflationary pressures tracing from Government initiatives, like the higher property tax for most HDB owners in the coming year. Are you prepared to climb to the highest floor and threaten to jump off in protest, like the two Chinese nationals driven by desperation to the top of the tower cranes? Don't despair, there are plenty of alternatives. Think Hougang and Aljunied.


  1. It is time to the transport minister

  2. it is time for the transport minister to resign

  3. Hey Tattler,
    Are you sure your title of this post is not mid-spelled or typo error of the big letter "T?" I thought I read it wrongly. Not meant to be spelt that way? I'm not going to be explicit or I'll get sue for nothing. But I prefer it that way instead of this way! Lol!

    1. I loved it, man.

      Only the "dirty" minded ones will be upset..
      Blame some parents.....

    2. That's his name bro

    3. Read the blog below, "Tuck You" Logic (FeedMeToTheFish), on the Transport Minister's response to WP's suggestion to nationalise public transport:

  4. This navy pussy is no better than Raymond Lim, who threatened to raise GST by 2% when one of his constituency members dared ask the minister not to raise transport fares.

  5. Indeed there are alternatives, but if the generals and other elites sucking at the piggies' nipples (cue the various cases pending in the chambers) can be ordered to fulfill the chief pigs' wishes, shud we still be optimistic? Someone wrote to the shitty times complaining that the pigs' so-called "scholarship system" is a "false meritocracy" because it basically dhoby chopped each selected 18 year old based straight As (and whose parents is a known member of the pigs club) as a future leader. For me, this is not false meritocracy, its a "patronage system" of crony capitalism. Dr M said so as much when asked if the UMNO patronage system would be threatened, and he replied, why would people call UMNO a "patronage" and that across the bridge "meritocracy" :) That man is a crook but he is clear in his brain, clearer than yoda, and clearer than all the generals (aka ex-18 year olds "scholars")

    1. Mahatir never believed in his own bullshit.
      Unlike our Chinese Limpeh and all his adopted Grandson Generals.

  6. Reality checker..12/08/2012 5:17 PM

    Key to all this is measurement of performance.

    What do we measure
    Why measure it
    How is it measured

    Customer satisfaction?
    Staff morale?
    On time schedules?
    Comfort of ride?
    Return on investment?
    Dividend payouts?

    This depends on the WHAT

    This depends on the WHY

    Obviously, profits is the current measure
    This is where we need to see changes.
    The focus must now shift and it has to be distinct. None of the bullshit talk cock and no action.

    Integrity is key too. If they continue with the wayang, then it will be time for a reality show come 2016... all of us will suffer for it.

    If that is what they want, then it will be our very own political cliff.

  7. Hey, Tuck Yew, you asked where is the money going to come from (to pay the bus drivers more)... let's pretend for a minute their salary component represents a HUGE percentage of SMRT's monthly expenditure... how about from the same fucking souce the Downtown line budget gets the additional $8.7b funding?

  8. This minister is very smart, he knows local born singaporeans very well. He started the this topic early so as to draws all the condemnations. Next year when the actual salary revision begin most critics will have given up.

    1. hello,
      this is not smart. This is stupid. Stupid to think that locals are stupid to believe nonsense of PAP again and again. Even the foreigners get hit left and right by these increase.

  9. Tuck Yew
    I hope you increase the fares. I want to see more anti-PAP votes in GE 2016.

    1. Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake - Napoleon Bonaparte

  10. I used to think like that. Let them dig their own hole to sink in. Trouble is, there are so many of them now, the hole they are digging is so big it could sink our whole country. Time to get proactive.

    1. I agree.
      It's to start spreading the message by e-mail to our friends & relatives.
      We only need to convert one of the 60% our friends or relatives who voted PAP.
      That's our quota.

    2. Its OK.

      What is at the bottom of the hole?

      60Km east to west
      40Km north to south
      and at a crossroad of two oceans

      I hear fishing is still possible and very relaxing. Not bad really to be at the bottom. Better than the rat race.. still a rat if you win it eh?

    3. Since you intend to keep me at the bottom.
      I will drag you down with me.

  11. Remind me of VB's way of solving problem..imposing fine. Are this "talents" worth our monies?????

  12. It has been now revealed that the PRC bus drivers has to pay a fee of
    RMB20,000 to RMB30,000 (S$5,000) to the recruiting agent appointed by SMRT which is supposed to cover their recruiting costs which means the bus drivers only start to save money or break even only after working for 1 year. So essentially SMRT is not reimbursing these bus drivers for their costs of uprooting themselves to come to Singapore to work.

    So SMRT CEO must be deceiving the public to say that their pay is fair & equitable when in actual fact these bus drivers are being fully taken advantaged of their dire straits situation because of the sheer numbers of these naive PRC natives applying for the jobs. Ask ourselves when we manage to secure a job through a job placement agency, do we need to pay the agent the recruitment fee or was it charged to the company ?

    So obviously the bus drivers are not getting a good deal especially when SMRT does not factor the out-of-pocket expenses & recruitment agency fees they have to pay. Someone fat cats must be working hand in hand with these agencies to exploit the bus drivers, no?

    1. Ah! In CSI, following the money trail can usually be very reveling.

      So the recruiting agent is appointed by SMRT?
      And who is this "lucky" recruiting agent?
      What is his political party affiliations?
      Does this agent have to incentivize SMRT to appoint his as the sole agent?

    2. Smelly, Smelly.
      Minister Tan & CPIB please investigate.
      Eat money, eat money.

      Who is the landlord that rent rooms to SMRT PRC drivers?
      Another eat money?

  13. First world country with MPs standard worst than third world countries - only have one solution to everything - increase pay and pay from people.

  14. ape@kinjioleaf12/09/2012 9:42 PM

    Ape wonders how is LTA going to make public transport as the 'choice transport' as the first key thrust of land transport master plan with the impending fare increase?

  15. Choice transport or NOT, do commutees have choices?.
    Similarly, even if HDB Housings keep rising, what can the people do?

    1. Absolutely right.
      Travel by MRT. Got no choice.
      Buy HDB got no choice.

      Only choice is to vote Opposition to install new management into these organizations.

  16. I am amazed by the quality of decisions made these days. Obviously, these scholars could not feel and understand the plight of people at the bottom. What the the grassroot leaders being doing? Are they feeding ministers with the correct information?

  17. LKY mentioned before...he will never agreed to a welfare system in Singapore...

    Well...looks like ONLY Welfare for pap stooges, cronies and party affliated what nots...So how LKY...what BS u gonna say now...

    LKY has shown he is shrewd man...but true wisdom...nein nein nein...

    Too bad we don't have polticians like Abe Lincoln...what we have are petty local politicians with zero backbone & no independent brain whose needs are to be fed too much for too little to do their farking jobs nowadays always...and always whining the food is not enuf...give me more or else...i won't dignify an insult by stating these politicians as low lifes...i state they are much much worse...the worst of man-kind...and these is the best we have against a vicious universe that can't wait to make mankind extinct...won't even break a sweat doing us all in...thanks to these self serving farking leetards...

    Crazy. Illogical...un-wise...zzzz

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