Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remembering 9/11

Each time the tale is retold, astonished friends had to ask, "And you still sat there while he had a shaving razor in his hand?"

Twelve years ago, my friendly neighborhood Muslim barber was still trimming my hair when he asked if I saw the collapse of the World Trade Center on television. No I didn't, but I learnt about it on the internet, and remarked to him, "Wasn't it terrible, so many lives were lost."

"Ya, too bad many died. But you know what, in my heart, I feel good." Why? Because the Americans are too proud, he reasoned. I explained the fallacy of the thought - the walls of his barbershop were plastered with posters of Hollywood stars, from Michael Jackson to Madonna - and no, he did not slit my throat.

There was no need for fear, the different races in Singapore have always lived together in peace. We may have our own unique religious and cultural practices, they have never stood in the way of harmonious coexistence. Once a while, politicians may stoke the differences for personal ambitions, but common sense soon prevails.

There are those who are still urging Barack Obama to act, to unleash hell on Syria for the use of sarin gas on its own citizens. They argue that the proposal to remove Syria’s chemical weapons through diplomacy rather than resorting to military force is a cop out.

Whatever the outcome of the international showdown, it is no excuse to be distracted from our own country's myriad problems. The issues of affordable housing, medical care and transportation have yet to be solved, roads are still flooding and trees are still falling every time there's a downpour. Don't try to pin it on the guy who initiated the tree planting in the first place though, he already absolved himself of the stop-at-two policy fall-out. That and the plane loads of foreigners that are straining at the limits of a melting pot society.


  1. Yes,let us not pin all the missteps on that man. Would gave been easy and expedite for one man to bear the blame but honestly, to me at least, the various wrong policies these past 2 decades were not his alone.
    So I am willing to cut him some slack.
    I only ask that he cone clean on the Marxist Conspiracy and the others detained under the ISA.

    1. "but honestly, to me at least, the various wrong policies these past 2 decades were not his alone.
      So I am willing to cut him some slack."

      Are you serious ? If you do a serious googling, you find the old fart remarks everywhere that give away that he is one of the contributors to the problems, and that his ego from his remark that he is the mastermind behind all these poor policies . Besides, he mentors his son to be a mirror of himself, though his son is good at wayanging but the end result of the outcome is just the same. One use hardknuckle approach and his pinky use the soft wayang approach but you found that the end result is still the same => PAP way .

      Have you forgotten what pinky and vivi remind us that they double up on communication and message after they suffer from drop in the last election ? that shows that they still wayanging.

      Look at how old fart betrays his minions of useless PAP MPs in the population toilet paper by voting NO to show he is against the paper. Only fool will be deceived by him. Ask yourself how the hell old fart is not in charge yet he can still do as he please and as he likes ?

  2. So, instead of Syrians being killed by chemical weapons (not at all sure who did it), the US wants to kill Syrians by cowardly weapons unleased from miles away and drones. Did Obama ask the Syrians which way they prefer to die?

    1. Is just posturing, them all to please those hawkish neocons on the far right.

      Obama said "We are not the world police".

    2. President Assad should confirm with LKY whether shooting 200 thousand civilians will ensure 100 years of stability for Syria.
      In the event this is put into action and becomes a success, the world leaders should nominate LKY for some honorary Nobel peace prize.

    3. In his latest One Man's View of the World, the psychopath says:

      "Even given the horrors of September 11, sending troops to Afghanistan was a mistake by the Americans. If I had been in their position, I would bomb the day lights out of Afghanistan so it can no longer be a sanctuary for terrorists."

      There you have it. He would have bombed the hell out of syria if he is the world commander. In fact, he would even overtake Hitler the Fuhrer in his legacy. Too bad, we would have been very glad to export him as foreign talent to USA if given a choice. World population would not have stand at 7billion, but 3billion perhaps.

  3. Yah... Its all about propaganda. Why did IPS come out with a survey about racial discrimination today? Ans: to divert from bread and butter issues. The dogs are expert at it.

    1. SGreans have no problems with race relations. Is the newcomers that do. Indeed, it's the open door POLICY on immigrants especially those competing directly for jobs at economy prices which causes disharmony.

      Please spend our tax money to formulate policy that WORKS... Complete the Housing, Healthcare, Transport * Immigration reviews instead of spending time/money on polls after polls.

    2. How do you quality or assess new citizens who have cultural sensitivity, and even harder, get them to accept your local multi-cultural norms if they feel their 5000 years of history are more superior than your 50 years of nation building? IS it really as simple as asking them to trade their Maos or Ghandi for a Lee? Only those MIW think they have all the answers, and let the law do the work.
      Maybe in few years time, we will see young generation throwing such parties in the name of globalization exchange.

  4. wah ... i so that bery harpy,

    i pray kuan yew long long life ...

    and yes SIR, he still bery alive, not kicking the bucket yet and mentally alert

    BUT sitting on a wheelie-chair ...

    wonder he thinking how to bring his wealth along with him ...

    okay ... LONG LIVE KUAN YEW, many called you god od no mercy


  5. Blessings to all the survivors and their loved ones and families who went through the loss. And remembering those who have passed.

    God bless. Namaste. Kaṭavuḷ uṅkaḷai ācīrvatikkaṭṭum.

  6. In case Alternative Parties are aslepp again, here's reminder of Papigs little red book of strategies since last GE:

    1. Distraction is used when one is on defensive - flooding, haze, dengue? So a few CHC appearances from serina and what's the other bombshell's name? more some out-of-favour civil servants charged for sex and corruption

    2. CONversation/negoatiation is used to buy time - 4 more years to next election so talk and talk COE, half hearted not very intelligible noises on housing curbs

    3. Counter-attack is used when one is pushed against corner - have a few house-academics write a few pieces of papers accusing sheeple of all sorts of phobias racism intolerance etc

    4. Desperate Raiding is used when heat is on and backside is smoking - AIMgate so NEA bulldog sends false email to WP to trap the not so careful WP

    5. When sheeple is indifferent, roll out the sympathy act - a few tearsat NDP rally, some phtos of open-mouthed old fart receiving life-time achievement awards at home-made oscars ceremonies etc.

    Anyone has any more to add to our version of Mao's little red book ...

    1. How is that related to 9/11 topic?

    2. nah, he is nobody compared to MAO. Besides whatever his mistakes were, MAO was never a traitor but a true patriot of his country, never enriched himself and his family nor dynastic in behavior. His eldest son was killed fighting for the country. Do u think the coward despot here would send his son to fight a war for the country?