Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Gimme Back My Money

Minister in the Prime Minister's Office (sounds much better than Minister Without Portfolio) Grace Fu must have felt inadequate to address the 200+ mostly dialect speaking seniors roped in to be convinced about the merits of the Pioneer Generation Package (PGP). It was not enough Lianhe Wanbao editor Lee Huay Leng was there for linguistic support, but former Rediffusion DJ Lin Ruping could speak in Hokkien and Mandarin. The million dollars may have changed her mind about the of loss of personal time with her family, but they sure didn't do a darn thing for her communication ability with the older folks.

The question would resonate in any language. Speaking in Hokkien, an auntie asked if she could get cash instead of Medisave top-ups. Ms Lin, using also Hokkien, correctly said the Government had planned for the money to go to towards health care and insurance premiums. Not to put food on the table or make sure the taps won't run dry because the utility bill is not paid on time. Then, when auntie is starving (humans can live for 46 to 73 days without food, 10 to 14 days without water), she can make her way slowly to the nearest subsidised clinic. That's how they plan to give the pioneers peace of mind. And truckloads of profit for the insurance companies.

A recent Nielsen survey reported that, when it comes to ageing, the greatest fear among Singaporeans is not having enough money to pay for medical bills during retirement. 4 out of 5 said they will have to rely on personal savings and investment as the main source of sustenance during their evening years. Their kids have their own 35 year mortgage to worry about. Nielsen's Head of Financial Services said the poll showed that Singaporeans desire to be self-reliant and self-sufficient. Here's the non-PC part: respondents consider CPF as the "government-run plan" option rather than "personal savings and investments". That must sound better in Hokkien, with the colorful dialect expletives thrown in for good measure.

Retirees told The Straits Times they try to stay active to keep healthy so they do not have to visit the doctor. They should also avoid listening to the PGP crap, in English, Mandarin or Hokkien, keep their blood pressure from sky rocketing.


  1. QUOTE..... The question would resonate in any language. Speaking in Hokkien, an auntie asked if she could get cash instead of Medisave top-ups. ............

    A better question is:
    Why pay PAP Ministers' salary with cash?
    Why not pay PAP Ministers by topping up their CPF accounts with $1 million dollars instead?

    PAP likes to top up our CPF accounts.
    We should also return the favour and top up their CPF accounts.

    1. great idea.
      as long as they're taxed for this.

    2. unfortunately I think ministers' salaries are not taxable

  2. The really sad thing about this little red dot is that the citizenry is helpless when their government run rings round them making their lives more miserable. When their kidneys fail they would rather die than burden their families with more misery. All the while you have miserable creatures like the inappropriately named Grace Fu bemoaning the cosmetic reduction in their million dollar salaries and other perks.

    1. Can medisave pay for dialysis 100%?

  3. Her gracing the Occasion provided no grace to anyone.
    In fact, those who attended were wasting their time.
    It can be confirmed that Grace Fu must be handsomely rewarded to make her a (gou guan) high ranking official. Yet she was very reluctant to be one.


  4. "And truckloads of profit for the insurance companies."

    Please, please, don't pass the administration of the Medishield Life to the insurance companies. The premiums will skyrocket because profit is the motive. Leave it to the CPF to manage as now, as a non-profit enterprise. And the same goes with the $8 billion for the PGP. See how privatising SBS and SMRT ended up!

    1. Last November I surrendered my integrated Medishield plan of 10 years with a private insurer because the premium shot up from $1.2K to $1.9K, and came back to CPF Medishield basic at $540. Even if Medishield is converted to Medishield Life, the premium cannot be worse, although the benefits are lower. Ask Han Fook Kwang! And it gets worse as you get older. Unless you are loaded and want to stay in A Class wards or a private hospital.

  5. Minister in the Prime Minister's Office (sounds much better than Minister Without Portfolio). Sounds better than Minister without her own Ministry.

    1. Minister in the Prime Minister's Office.
      Minister without Portfolio

      Minister with no work to do.
      Minister who is the Prime Minister's personal errand boy/girl.

  6. Is Grace Fu a human being...

    By seeing her treatment of her "fellow" human beings...

    It speaks volumes doesn't it...

    hmmm...if there is any dying or defending to do...i will just walk away....let those who always ask others to sacrifice but keep themselves safe behind can jolly well go walk to that plank first....let them do the dying and sacrificing first...


    1. Her father is James Fu, an ex-communist who was detained under the security laws - of the East is Red fame. For reasons best known to themselves, he became the trusted Personal Secretary to LKY till he retired not so long ago. Fancy a commie with a Christian name!

    2. That depends on who labeled him a communist, and how that label stuck.

      We will never know becos people who know never ever talks...

      Tan Cheng Bok will not talk ( criticise, yes... reveal? no!)
      George Yeo will not talk
      JY Pillay will not talk

      Official Secrets Act is far more effective than sleep deprivation.

    3. Yes, you are right in saying that it depends on who labelled who a communist. The irony in this instance is that James Fu was detained in Operation Cold Store together with Lim Chin Siong, Drs.Lim Hock Siew and Poh Soo Kai, and others by the Brits and encouraged by LKY as the recently released Foreign Office papers indicate.


  7. "And truckloads of profit for the insurance companies."

    Bingo bingo! That's why we keep coming back to read the alternative version here, no smoke throwing.

    And why does the garmen want to feed the insurance industry? That's right, for the NTUCs and AIGs of lala land to pass on the fat premiums to the fund management industry to boost Singapore's position as the financial hub of Asia, beating .... Hong Kong la! And here's the best part: GDP gets a super 10 year $8b boost as the garmen with its "pioneer hong bao" is once again legally handing over huge sums of taxpayers' money to the private sector, calling it "subsidy" while the 450,000 get a white elephant insurance policy with $1500 deductible. And no price for correctly guessing that the financial industry has contributed most to the GDP the last 2 years. Everything revolves around the bonuses of the top civil servants and the garmen. Change the bonus incentive, and you will see immediate real changes, otherwise you will continue to have people disputing that 90 minutes train stoppages are considered "service interruption" or whether it was "ponding" not flooding :)

    1. Dont you think they have such wonderfull strategies?

      Kill 3 birds with one swoop... highly productive man.

    2. They have 2 more legs than humans ma, more productive lor, see piggies one time pregnant many many piglets, oink oink

  8. Recently the insurance companies suka suka raise the insurance premiums & suka suka change the terms of the policies as confirmed by the Shit Times.

    Lately our PAP Govt also suka suka raise the taxes for alcohol & tobacco just like anyhow they can suka suka change the conditions for CPF withdrawal at 55.

    One PAP Minister even warned the shops from suka suka take advantage of the situation by raising the prices of alcohol after they themselves suka suka raise the sin taxes.

    Got logic or not, they suka suka can but others suka suka cannot. Just like those shit cases of AIM, PA, mangoes + aldulteries for PAP MPs, trade fairs, etc.

    The PAP now really stinks both in name & reputation.

    1. Indeed everything is raised as PAP like it without any consultation. And this is the government people vote in !

    2. Yah, the people always get the short end of the stick. Sorry, I mean the poor and middle income people, not the elites. They call alcohol and tobacco "sin", knn, things which mere mortals can indulge in. These are cheap in Indonesia because their government cares, but we have heartless swines here.

      I hope they remove the deductibles and co-payments of the Medishield plans, escape clauses for them to avoid paying, but for us to come out of our own pockets.

    3. "Recently the insurance....suka suka raise...premiums & suka suka change the terms of the policies"

      This not recent affairs, were going on for years. Do you expect NTUC's profit remain stagnant or bonuses reduce? Hell NO!

      This is one reason, why I hate the Tan, Tan Kim Lian, Tan Jee Say, Tony Tan and lessor Tan Cheng Bock. Apologists will say, before they leave their respective office, they were OK.

      Bull Shit!

      Understand! Insurances are necessary, but we must regulate profits, bonuses and pay packages.

  9. the shocking story I am hearing is that when your insurance company pays your medical bill, the bill that is sent to the insurance company is a LOT higher than if the money came from your own pocket. and that is with just GPs.

    (its basically what happens when your insurance company is picking up the bill for repairs in a car accident. it pays more for the damages than you would from your own pocket.)

    as such, goes the argument, having the insurance company pay your bill means your medical bills will be higher. to cover these higher bills -- and errrr stay solvent -- insurance companies have to raise premiums.

    wonder what happened to the Hippocratic oath.... and honesty.... and integrity....

    1. Have you heard of profit, middleman cuts?

      In all my years of driving, 100% of all accidents, (my faults), pay for both the other parties and my vehicles’ repairs. Had the insurance involved, the results, insurance will recover their cost plus more from me. You cannot win.

      If you cannot afford to own a car, dun drive, regardless how carefully, accidents bound to happen!

  10. .... the shocking story I am hearing is that when your insurance company pays your medical bill, the bill that is sent to the insurance company is a LOT higher than if the money came from your own pocket. and that is with just GPs. ......

    That is the case of traffic accident in my case.
    I was told repair myself the bill is about $1,000.
    If I claim from my insurance company, the bill would be $2,000.
    And this is not a small workshop.
    This is a very big and established workshop.

  11. IS easy for major populace to stick to their blue pill.
    The red pill will only lead them down the rabbit hole, their heart and kidneys are not strong enough to withstand it at this stage of their life.