Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Changing Of The Guard

Singapore had 5 attorneys-general (A-G) in the past 8 years, compared to the nearly 40 years served by preceding incumbents Tan Boon Teik (25 years) and Chan Sek Keong (14 years).
  • Steven Chong, 2012-2014
  • Sudresh Menon, 2010-2012
  • Walter Woon, 2008-2010
  • Chao Hick Tin, 2006-2008
  • Chan Sek Keong, 1992-2006
  • Tan Boon Teck, 1967–1992

Reacting to the new normal, lawyers speculate that higher powers "desire to limit" the office terms, given the wide extent of the A-G's powers. That could be sheer balderdash, as the political incumbents have always weighted heavily on continuity, and sneered at the slightest hint of change.

During Chong's term, one senior civil servant was acquitted of corruption charges, and an academic had his conviction overruled on appeal - after serving an undeserved jail term. And if the public prosecutors don't have a water-tight case, the pastor of a mega church may have reason to rejoice. The mainstream media argue that charges against former chiefs of the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) and Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) were tendered before he was sworn into office, but much of the mud slinging took place during his term. High profile cases like these must have justified setting up a Media Relation Unit to soothe over controversial charge decisions.

Which makes one wonder why South Korea's Prime Minister had to resign his office. After all, he was not piloting the 6,825-tonne ferry Sewol, nor was he directly in charge of the lax safety standards that may have led to the disaster. President Park Geun Hye voiced profound regret at the systemic and regulatory failings, and could have fired some lower ranking front line officers. Then again, standards of accountability are higher in a First World country.


  1. //Then again, standards of accountability are higher in a First World country.//

    The sayings that 'the captain must always go down with the
    ship" is a myth in the case of Sewol. If a vessel is sinking, his first responsibility is for passenger's safety, second is for crew's safety, and third is for his own safety. Just look at the yahoo video and everyone can plainly see, he has plenty of time to save his ass first (and presumably take off his pants and ready to swim) than the safety of those children whom he trapped in the rooms so there will not be stampede rush for the help he needed first to secure for himself. Tragically, this was also the case in Japan's nuclear plant radiation in the tsunami.

    One can only clearly see how the systemic and people failures really are in real emergency. Most time, the 'so called 'perfect' system is being busily and cleverly covered up by the same group of people. Think Selemat, SMRT, Brompton, security breach and CPIB and god knows what else. Morale of the story...check and balances is becoming even more critical for many blind spots that are no where near what common citizens can see today.

  2. Ferry weighs 6825 ton and cargo load weighs 3608 tons.
    That itself is a bloody red flag for overloading, not to count the remainder 400+ passengers + excessive veering, improper stowage of cargo, modifications made to the ship and tidal influence - you get the tragedy.

    How many people still think that if Ferrari Saw wasn't stopped in her tracks in time, Singapore would have seen its very own train derailment like Madrid's The Santiago de Compostela?! And those ingrates leaders should have thanked the people for booting incompetencies and greedy leaders out of their million dollar jobs.

    1. The bloody red flag of overloading is crowding 6.9 million into our tiny island. No wonder sampan 2.0 is sinking.

  3. If our PM can have everyone else checked, who in reality can have him checked in return? For example like the amount of salaries he pays himself especially when his father says it is OK?

    So who exactly is the idiot that approves his salary?

    1. Can someone checked with MP Lim is it because Obama has no dignity in meeting with our PM which is why Spore is specially left out of the US President's recent itenary?

  4. Check and balance? Where do you find that nowadays? More like Unca Sam and NSA/CIA are checking on you with no one checking on them!

    On Sewol, - I wonder whether anything would change whether here or Korea after this. They may have more accountability, and the PM deserved being sacked for the unbelievable lack of urgency. But the entire chain of command - whole bunch of chiak liao bee civil servants, just like red dot - were equally guilty during the non-rescue. Everyone claimed water too choppy, so everyone watched as 300 young lives perished in slow motion in front of world TV for another 12 hours. And then they brought out the giant floats and the booms and cranes, for the freaking salvage!!! Why didn't the float and the cranes come out 12 hours earlier? Why didn't the seals heli-drop on the still hugely accessible part of the hull, blow their passage inside the first hours? Maybe too much dependence on unca Sam, too fixated on the DMZ up north. That is what happen when you have group thinking, and red dot has even more than the Koreans among our million dollar civil masters

    1. Oh yes, there are lots of checks and balances.

      As jokerized by Zorro Lim, he gets lots of checks to deposit into his private banks, and checks his balances in his CPF account every month and laughing all the way to the bank.

    2. Frankly Zorro is a joke to the whole PAP team of eunuchs. How he can even qualify is already a joke by itself? How a Minister can admit to his greediness just by looking at his CPF accounts is really beyond whatever little wisdom that I may have?

    3. As an obscenely paid civil servant, he can't deliver the goods, and yet he blames us for being bad customers. Whatever happened to "the customer is always right"?

    4. Long ago, a bunch called system 'engingeer's was created; they were the 'A' team of Goh KS. Among them were Philip la, Ho J la (well entering the first famili - btw GohKS was also born in a village up north hor), and many more whose names you will never hear of but occupying king makers positions today everywhere in GLCs. Today these system 'engingeers' have cultivated their own followers, nepotism works best with network effect right? among the 3rd generation of inner circle are the zeroes of the world ... In fact the 4th generation today are PS in many ministries... these latest highflyers were never checked out by the old senile goh, blind allegiance to the engingeers is sufficient... huat arghhh

  5. That's true. In first world democracy, accountability is given. In third world regime, high pay encourages corruption and prevent the buck from passing upwards.

    Did WKS resign for Mas Selamat escape? Nope
    Did HC resign for losing billions of our CPF? Nope
    Did MBT and KBW resign for causing a property bubble? Nope
    Did YI resign for the multiple once in 50 years flood at Orchard road? Nope
    Did VB resign for blowing YOG budget by $300 million? Nope
    Did LTY resign for the MRT breakdowns? Nope
    Did TCJ resign for the little India riot? Nope
    Did LSS resign for the SMRT strikes? Nope
    Did LHL resign for corruption of CPIB under him. Fat Hope!

    The moral of the story is: high pay encourages leeches to cling on!

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      There is accountability here, pappy-style. Didn't the official nation-building mouthpieces told us that:
      o Mas Selamat escape because the Gurka neber jaga him while he was in the jamban?;
      o HC did not lose money, lah; on the contrary, she is always making money. Look at the financial statements;
      o one inflate, the other deflate a little, nett nett property prices still affordable, what?;
      o as for the flood, didn't you receive the wisdom of the old man - there can be no engineering solution to this problem?;
      o $300million for a trumpeted TV audience of 5 billion, why not?;
      o Nowadays, MRT no more breakdown, only slooooowdown. Didn't you receive twitter updates or read the papers?;
      o Little India riot is the result of alcohol, as explained ad nauseum by those on high, although we are told not to speculate on the causes pending the results of the COI;
      o LSS in charge of Singapore workers, not in charge of ah tiong bus drivers, lah;
      o CPIB.......okay, run out of excuses. This one have to agree with you :-)

    2. Good one, both takes on the jiak liao bees.

      Just wondering what kind of mentoring they were put under? Or was it all a simple scam, that's just it.

  6. The leader of the pack of jokers said he had no 20/20 foresight when mistakes were made by him. By earning the highest pay and can't even manage a little red dot, he is a "disgrace to Singapore" .

    1. the biggest disgrace to Singapore until another PAP clown takes over to surpass him....holyshit !

  7. Haha, we have enough materials to make a really good comedy movie, a block buster maybe hor?

  8. please be more explicit. don't know how the front is linked to the back

  9. If sampan 2 is sinking,
    who will seek safety first?

    1. What a silly question!

      Of course, we'll have to seek safety first. No one owes us a living.

      THEY are on QEII, which is unsinkable.

    2. QE2 like the Titanic can sink lah.
      Ah Loong and cronies will disappear on flight SQ 370

    3. That's why lao lee ask you not to rock the sampan.
      he knows how the wood has started to rot and leaking everywhere. yet the propaganda to the world must continue as his legacy and new books need to be launched and protected, in time for 50th birthday bash. Is face-saving time for him and PAP first and foremost..not the citizens welfare.

  10. Heard that Titanic was oso unsinkable.

  11. I will vote for Chee Soon Juan.
    As long as he does not behave like the typical PAPig politician.
    Always asking Singaporeans to do national service.
    Pay and pay.
    But offer nothing in return.

    Which fits the definition of a parasite.