Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cash Is Still King

The tightwads hanging on to our Central Provident Funds (CPF) with a death grip would like you to believe that every senior citizen will blow their life savings in a jiffy on a second wife in Batam. They have yet to come up with a logical justification for denying our unfettered access for healthcare needs. That doesn't stop them from throttling the Medisave component. Current choke holds in place:

$200 a year limit for outpatient treatment;
$400 a year limit for chronic diseases, certain screenings and vaccinations;
$600 a year limit for outpatient scans for cancer ($300 for non-cancer related scans)

Whoever heard of anyone "splurging" on medical treatment? Surely nobody in their right mind wants to be sick. The mainstream media took pains to highlight that our caring government has dropped the requirement that patients with chronic diseases have to pay the first $30 of each bill before being able to access their Medisave account balance i.e. no cash in pocket, no payment via Medisave, you die your problem.

What they fail to tell you is that, effective July 2014, patient will have to co-pay 15% of the bill in cash upfront (IMH- Business Office - FCF-CDMP wef 01/07/2041). So much for the kind intention to "reduce patients' cash outlay". You can't miss the fineprint for this doozy, you won't be allowed to pay by Medisave if you don't have the 15% cash in hand. The official jargon, drummed into the nursing staff trying their darndest best to explain the ruling, is:
"We encourage everyone to spend every Medisave dollar wisely, so it remains sufficient for your healthcare needs over a lifetime."

Ignoring the fact that if Ah Kong leaves the clinic without the medication for next month due to a shortfall in hard cash, his lifetime will be unkindly abbreviated.


  1. The only people who will "splurge' medical treatment of those at the top of the food chain who do not have to pay for it - like those who only have to pay $8/- for a heart by-pass. They are not "tightwads" Tattler. Tightwads are those who jaga their own money, not other people's.

  2. The best part of it all is when the lady manning the payment counter told me that next time if I want to apply to use my Medisave to pay, I need to tell the doctor to enlarge the bill by increasing the HBP/chlorestorel medicine for a longer period so that I can qualify for the minimum amount to use it.

    In other words, don't bother us with the paperwork for too small a bill or better still, don't bother us at all ? This is the fine print that they never tell us just like that columbarium in Senkang !!!

    To be more explicit, they were never really concerned about about wellbeing to begin with.

    1. PAP has a lot of programs but there are so complex that few really understand. Take taxi for example, I wonder how many really know what you are paying for at the end of the trip. This is the same for subsidies. It will take a Master Degree to figure out the actual usage.

  3. Let me make this blindingly simple.
    The priority is to keep Singaporeans healthy.
    Not complicate our lives with complicated PAP mental masturbation schemes on how our money (Medisave) should be used.

    Vote out the Hum Kar Chan PAPigs.
    We want 50 Opposition MPs in Parliament to celebrate Singapore's 50th birthday.
    And give the old fart something to repent over eternity in the afterlife.

    1. Hear! Hear! A lot of swear words but they were fitting.

  4. They are used or immuned to swears, curses and profanities.

    You are being reminded by the Concrete Jungle King that they are animals with thick hides and sone are deaf.


  5. Yup. What Red Bean says on his blog is true ie CPF is the hottest potato of all issues. CPF is the mother of all issues. It could be their waterloo! Sigh!

  6. In the past when you are beyond medical help, doctors will recommend you to die, nowadays they hope you will sell your house, your children future to live 1 more day. But since then they have repackaged death under palliative care so that you can pay more to die.