Thursday, January 22, 2015

True Leadership

Obama fan or not, you have to admit this guy gives a damn fine speech. And to think the old coot once called him a "flash in the pan".

America is so proud, they have released the full version of President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address:
"Tonight, after a breakthrough year for America, our economy is growing and creating jobs at the fastest pace since 1999. Our unemployment rate is now lower than it was before the financial crisis. More of our kids are graduating than ever before; more of our people are insured than ever before; we are as free from the grip of foreign oil as we’ve been in almost 30 years."

The inspiring words are worth reading, although the rousing live broadcast was definitely more stirring. You can tell the applause is real, not the canned stuff we are used to hearing in Mediacorp productions. As in North Korea staged events.

As he checked off the litany of what was achieved in just 6 years, there was no regret list. No asking the electorate to forgive him for not getting it right. Sure there were hiccups, yet you get the distinct impression he will continue to deliver his best during the balance 729 days of his remaining term. Need we add, he is paid only a fraction of what the greedy office holders in the little red dot reward themselves. Make believe politicians who can't even deliver a credible speech to save their own lives. Paper generals who resort to name calling because they can't get the facts right.

And when Obama's two terms are up, he will gracefully make way for another democratically elected official to do his or her best for the nation. No gerrymandering to fix the opposition so that his party of nattering nabobs will dominate for perpetuity.


  1. Am always delighted to hear The Man speak. Have refrain from even listening to our PM for sometime already. Big , big difference in sincerity and concern for their people.
    One has even asked his country's CEO to ensure Americans are hired. The other told every Toms ,Dicks and Harrys that SINGAPORE belongs to them !
    Two Terms maximum. That's a very good safeguard . Time we really practice it even if the Law or Constitution is silent on this.

  2. The real worry for Singaporeans is the tone of the ' regrets' - nonchalantly listed. The country is turned upside down for this total lack of leadership and planning and he has the gall to say he could have done better. What are they paid for?

    1. The "regrets" seems to be gaining in frequency but the pay still gets credited, no loss of job, no offers to step down. The hide is getting thicker by the day and they really need spurs in theirs. They should be feeling the pain with their flawed policies ,not us.

  3. It is as much the speech writers' fault as it is the speech maker. Then again, if they don't have real content to fill up the gaps, no amount of showmanship can save sinking ship.

    1. It is called Leedership

  4. Just ask him, how many jobs have they created for Singaporeans to work or take over? How many are created for non-PMET jobs (like your casino groupiers for PRCs, services jobs for Pinays and construction for south east workers? Those that do not require degree so that they can tell you/your children to take up those low paying, non-minimum wages jobs ?) . T

    Then ask TCJ how many PMET jobs have they created for foreigner Permit Workers and PRs versus giving to native Singaporeans? See how he tried to fudge those numbers?

    They demand data transparency from citizens from your bank account to health care insurance, so that mean-testing can now be enforced by law. But when you ask them for data transparency, what games are they playing?

  5. You guys are too much. Know you not that it took Ah Loong 10 days to come up with his National Day Rally speech, his State of the Union address, the pièce de résistance of his year of administration? But honestly I was cringing every time he waited for his captive audience to applaud, and I guess with a hostile crowd he would have made a few bloopers, like his fix the opposition moment. Well, that is our Great Leader.

    " is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing."

  6. Q:
    How many jobs that was created matched the education provided by Poly, Uni, MoE?

    Most jobs went to foreign workers.

    "One reason for low salary for US President is because they earn money from making speeches, talks etc."
    PAP's reason why high salary required.

    They could do the same here ( give talks, speeches etc ) but nobody will listen to them once they leave office. And since nobody would listen... it means that they talked cocks in the first place ( while in office) and the audience is fake.

    1. So why is one particular old coot is printing books and mr george yeo still speaking? Are people reading listening to them? Are they making money from these events/talks?

    2. some people like to listen to stories about the old days
      some people like to listen to spin
      and yet some people believe any story as long as the person speaking is from pap... they are hypnotised.

    3. "PAP's reason why high salary required."

      There are many high paying GIC/Temasek posts for their relatives and cronies.

  7. His CEO wife lost over S$500 million investing in ABC Childcare without even achieving a single cent in dividend, even when ABC started losing money in the year 2007 when they invested in the shares. Just kaput like that, vanished in 2008, so much for investing for long term.

    Can someone pose this question to him : WTF is the CEO still there, so much for meritocrazy?
    He dared not even have the news reported in our media.

  8. His wife is still there because there is no better person to earn more money for his FamiLee or to run His SWF. If another person is CEO, Temasek will have lost many times more and gone bankrupt, unable to honour it debts to CPF.

  9. Now we know what a REAL foreign talent is.
    Certainly looks nothing like the shit that the PAPigs are bringing in.

  10. You guys talk a lot here.
    So how many Opposition votes can you canvass amongst your family and relatives to vote out PAP?
    Talk no use.
    Only votes matter.

    40% voted Opposition.
    If only these 40% could each convince one PAP voter to vote Opposition.
    Then 40% becomes 80%.

  11. How can Obama be a true leader if he is paid so little, compared to our Dear Beloved Leader for Life? Oops, confused with Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, and Kim Jong En.