Monday, January 26, 2015

From Zorro To Zero

Does it look like Lim Swee Sway was about to blow a raspberry? After all, it's not everyday that you have to surrender your job after a harried exchange of paper correspondence, via slow mail and not even electronic communication, and expeditiously effected within a single day. For sure, as Lim would say, he didn't get the memo.

Whoever penned "Prime Minister" in the National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) letter of request was not using the same writing instrument or style of the two signatories, President Diana Chia or Secretary-General Lim Swee Say. The immediate same morning letter of response from the prime minister's office also had the addressees scribbled on a blank space allocated, as if the letter was prepared in advance, before confirmed knowledge of who will be actually making the request. Picture a guy dragged off the stage, screaming and kicking, "No fair! I won't sign! You can't make me sign!" "Members of the NTUC Central Committee" were also included in the salutation, but none of them had signed off on the originating letter of request that kicked off a chain of flurried activity on Friday, 23 January 2015. The very same afternoon Chan Chun Sing shows up at the NTUC premises on cue, wearing the identical T-shirt as the gathered troops. Presumably, the choice of colour was based on his military background, and not allusion to greenhorns in general.

The National Delegates' Conference is a long way off in October, so what was prompting the indecent haste for the installation of a new union chief? Surely the law can't have caught up with Lim for the pilferage of half a box of designer toothpicks, and he couldn't have been seen receiving mangoes from ardent grassroots leaders. Perhaps the court jester has finally run out of jokes or shaggy dog stories. You know the type of yarn, where the joker holds rapt attention of the listeners for a long time for no reason at all, and the end resolution is essentially meaningless. A national conversation running out of steam.

Don't be sad Zorro is hanging up his cape, he still has his CPF statement to keep him enthralled with the magic of guaranteed returns. Like his nonsensical tale of a deaf frog who could take a verbal question about critics after concluding a race, he will always respond, "I'm deaf. I can't hear them". Here's the ultimate shaggy dog story.


  1. This one definitely up in time for nomination for next month's Academy Award. Every move was well coordinated to fool the gullible.
    Frankly, if they had really preordained Kee Chiu for the post,
    why go through the wayang and treat the people as dumb?

    1. It's not wayang lah.

      It's because ah seng is a successful politician.

      Successful because in a short span of time, he went from private soldier to major-general, chief of defence force, full minister, now nutc labour chief.

      On the other hand, you have Mr. Chee Soon Juan, a political failure, who is a protege of Mr. JB Jeyaratnam, another political failure.

      Come to think of it, most of us ordinary Singaporeans, at different points of our lives, have been failures.

      So you see, pap is trying to tell you, ah seng is not normal, not ordinary, he has success written all over him. Failure is a word that is allergic to him.

      Now, who would you vote for? A successful man or a failure?

    2. but ah seng always like to say kee chiu and others to kee that a successful person...

      actions and words speaks volumes of the depth of the person...hmm...

      unsure still.

  2. Good riddance to bad zorro

  3. After mostly downturns for the workers and only upturns for Minister Zorro and his CPF statement, he still failed to capture and bring on Ong Ye Kung and finally ran out of steam.

    At least he has more time to pick his toothpicks in Ding Tai Fung now.

    The reality remains. One Minister who refused to define minimum wage, another who refused to define poverty line. What difference will it really make?

    The smart ones will know -- is all about the base. The vote base for you know who.

  4. In the meantime, the wayang goes on. Greenhorns in general or General Greenhorn - what difference does it make ?

  5. You are right Tattler.

    His CPF statement will have many Zeroes added by the time he retires. Not to mention the pension funds that keeps giving, while men-on-the-streets are told to hands-off their own CPF money.

    Makes one wonder. How come we couldn't demand that our MPs pension fund should only be paid out by installment after a cooling period of 10 years upon their retirement. This is to ensure that the policies they enact are truly working and will have time to come to see the results. If bad, then a claw-back for policy failure is implemented. This can only be fair just as they are equally skeptical that CPF members must meet minimal amount and are capable of squandering their retirement.

  6. wonder what ah swee is gonna do next ..

    1. Probably sit on some corporate board and collect director fees :/

  7. Wah when did our NTUC becomes so strong ? Even when they ask for a Minister, they get it ?

    No wonder people now say everything about PAP now is so fake : fake sincerity, fake integrity, fake wayang, etc.

  8. PAP's Chan Chun Sing:

    “We must not concede the space - physical or cyber. We will have to learn from the 1960 generation of PAP pioneers - to fight to get our message across at every corner - every street corner, every cyberspace corner, be it in the mass media or social media. We will have to do battle everywhere as necessary."

    Who is General Ah Seng fighting?
    Is he fighting Singaporeans?
    Or is he fighting Singapore's enemies?
    If Ah Seng becomes Prime Minister, do you think more Singaporean soldiers will be sent to the Middle East?

    How does it benefit me to vote for Ah Seng?

    1. /// If Ah Seng becomes Prime Minister, do you think more Singaporean soldiers will be sent to the Middle East? ///

      No. He will be busy sending Singaporean soldiers to quell Singaporeans.

    2. as long as singaporean soldiers aim at the right enemies in the end to cause them to actually fight.....still remember the mg assistant gunner asking me "Encik, if there is a it ok for me to shoot this useless self serving officer in the back when fighting"....i told the fella "just don't do it infront of me when that happens"....yes...that officer is really bad...if there is a war..the officer will probably kill more of our men than the enemy...come to thing of it..i shoot the officer myself too to prevent that....zzz

  9. In Zorro can up-turn the down-turn, I am sure he can easily boot-in the boot-out.

    This wayang is getting betterer and betterest.


    Singaporeans to Grace Fu:
    It is part of our strategy for Singapore's parliament to be supplemented by Opposition MPs.

  11. What's the big deal? The NTUC is a FRAUD. Its "union chief" has never come from the worker's rank. Who cares about the installment of the next fraudster-in-chief?

    1. "I also agree that we must continue to strengthen the NTUC's leadership and maintain it's strong links with the People's Action Party government." - Lee Hsien Loong

      The NTUC has been politicised to serve the PAP, from the horse's mouth. When it comes to a choice between representing the workers (it's raison d'ĂȘtre) and the interests of the PAP, who do you think the NTUC will serve? They always put their most dedicated lackey and apple polisher there, as long as they are the government. That's the big deal.

  12. Perhaps the zorro pilfered more than tooth picks and the shit is about to hit the fan and they have to zero him quickly and send in a paper general to clean up the mess.