Monday, January 12, 2015

So Was He Arrested?

Sometimes the paucity of information from the mainstream media is downright infuriating. The report starts off saying it was his "alleged" involvement in the theft of a branded wallet that got New Zealand surgeon Adam El-Gamel in hot soup with the law.

To refute reports circulating in New Zealand it was a case of mistaken identity, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) confirmed the 58 year old British passport holder was indeed arrested on Jan 8 around 8.10 am at Changi airport:
"He was involved in a case of theft of a branded wallet that took place in a shop in Orchard Road in February 2014.
He was subsequently released at 5.30 pm on the same day. Upon the completion of investigations and in consultation with Attorney General's Chambers (AGC), he was administered with a conditional warning."

That kind of statement opens up a whole can of worms. After one whole year of investigations - from Feb 2014 to Jan 2015 - the SPF professionals must have compiled the evidence to prove the theft was authentic, and not just alleged. And then the swiftness of justice administered - nabbed at 9.10 am, freed at 5.30 pm - which happened to be "a conditioned warning". How come Singaporeans are not entitled to such privileged treatment? Three kids - aged 9 to 12 - were handcuffed in public for theft of some cheap sneakers. Age cannot be the consideration here, special deals for the pioneer generation notwithstanding. The 71 year old expressing his endorsement for a popular cause ("We support CPF blogger" and "Return our CPF money") by writing on bus-stops was sentenced to four weeks in jail. The financial impact of his criminal behavior? The Today newspaper said that MediaCorp had to spend about 100 Singapore dollars (some 80 U.S. dollars) to clean up the defaced advertisement boards. Maybe the branded wallet El-Gamel lifted was a cheap imitation after all.


  1. Infuriating it is!

    The 'news' is badly reported, with bits and pieces all over with gaps in details, sequence. Bloody incoherent gossip.
    This is the standard of simple straight forward news, churned out by our newspapers, written by half baked graduates from universities here.

    Is this why tenure was not renewed?

  2. The guy Adam El-Gamel may be a habitual shoplifter and is testing his skill in a new place called Singapore.

  3. That is an obvious Hypocrite's Rule of Law, isn't it?

    Wear the white uniform for show, brag to the whole world we have the Rule of Law here but do the worst things behind everyone's back.

    We have witnessed what they have done to our local dissidents, critics, prisoners, lecturers, social workers, foreign workers, PRC drivers, even our own teens and cartoonists. But a totally different double standards dealing with their own white elephants and mango receiving sinners, what else are they not capable of doing or not doing?

    Is it about time we do a 'Sri Lanka' VTO on these bastards?

  4. This is what is called an arrested arrest.

  5. When you are rich and famous, you can sin. That is the slogan from the legally corrupted pap. If you are poor and nobody, you cannot and will not have equal treatment but the pap will give you peanut every 5 years to purge away your memory so that you will send them into parliament to repeat the cycle of one govt two systems rule.

  6. "....the crime rate of foreign workers is lower than that of Singaporean Citizens and PRs." - PM Lee

    It appears that the foreigners are a disease of the skin, the locals are a disease of the heart.

    "The Japanese are a disease of the skin, the communists are a disease of the heart." - Chiang Kai Sek, 1941