Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Going Bonkers

You have to be nuts to take him on
If there are questions about mental health and fitness to practise, they should be directed at the Law Society (LS) and its members. In 2012, one Wong Siew Hong, representative from Law Society of Singapore and Director of local law firm Infinitus Law Corporation, interrupted a court proceeding while the Attorney General was in the midst of presenting his submission to the judge. Justice Philip Pillai was not amused at the juvenile antics. He characterised the action of the party crasher as “unprecedented” and admonished him accordingly, "How is it you have the audacity to come and turn up in court when you don't even have an application?" The LS lawyer had wanted to present a letter alleging that M Ravi was unfit to practise law.

The LS is now threatening M Ravi's livelihood again for embarking on a more serious endeavor. In what the mainstream media described as eye-brow raising worthy, Ravi had declared he would contest the next General Election in the Ang Mo Kio Group Representation Constituency (GRC). So it comes down to this: anyone taking on the incumbent stands the hazard of being declared bonkers. Last time round, Lee Hsien Loong merely demeaned his opponents as members of a "suicide squad". The ante has been raised.

For the record, individuals with bipolar disorder can live full and satisfying lives. It is often suggested that genius (or, at least, creative talent) and mental disorder (specifically, the mania and hypomania of bipolar disorder) are linked, as in the example of Vincent van Gogh. The real problem here concerns social stigma, stereotypes, and prejudice against individuals with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

Since Ravi subjects himself to monthly checks, LS should be curious about his mental health only if he is burning up his Medishield subsidies. In the worst case scenario, Ravi can always be a full time politician. Last we heard, standing politicians need not be certified mentally fit to practise.


  1. When Annuar got convicted days ago, rumoirs has it that he is fixed for good.
    Well Annuar(Malaysian Politician and was Deputy Prime Minister to Ex-Prime Minister Mahathir) is not alone.
    Certainly there were some Sinkies who suffered and some suffering from much fixing too.

    Anything new?


  2. To declare publicly that you want to be the PM of this little red dot, in the eyes of the powers that be, is surely a sign of madness.

  3. How MANY FARKING TIME MUST I SAY THIS...this is NOT Singapore Gov't...this is the PAP Gov't....Singapore Gov't WORK FOR SINGAPORE!....Politcal self serving BS Gov'ts work for themselves at the expense of country and its people...zzz

  4. Bonker's logic as heard from the pinky's mouth on mediacorp:

    1. Meidshield Life will help the poorest by providing them with affordable medical insurance. 2. Because it covers the poor, it is therefore more expensive. 3. And because it is more expensive, there is greater temptation for the poor to opt out, so finally 4. We must therefore make it compulsory with no opt out option.

    From a more affordable healthcare insurance for the poor, the logic is twisted to force the poor and everyone else pay for a more expensive insurance scheme, with no-opt out option (except the $5k fine or jail option)! QED.

    And that is how the elitist scholars selected by their parents' friends (aka the PSC) got their first class honours in philosophy politics and ecunomics (aka PPE) from oxbridge.

    1. Just for the records, this Pink Man had much earlier said that GST was to help the Poor ! Hats off , everyone to our brilliant scholar / General / Prime Minister !

    2. COE and later ERP were necessary so that we would have less traffic jams and to replace road tax and ARF, Fairprice also to provide basic necessities at affordable prices for the poor, CPF as our retirement nest egg, privatisation of SBS and SMRT so as to have more competition and better transport services, the $1.1b to buy buses (but operated at profit by the 2 privatised companies) was government's subsidy to the commuters,...

  5. I guess he is mad to think he can squeeze 6.9 million people (10.0 million?) into this red dot.

    Mad Matter: "Have I gone mad?"
    Alice: "I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are.”
    Lewis Carroll, Alice In Wonderland

  6. The people who are going bonkers are the men in white. They are so afraid that all their long buried secrets will be revealed and the mentor will be declared a greedy mentally sick coward. Watch the run in to the elections, it's going to be as eventful as 1963

  7. Wah jialat. If Ravi was acting improper towards his clients, it that reason enough to kill his career for good ?

    Our PM's CEO wife lost so much of our public funds speculating in risky stocks, how come they never kill her career for good for losing so much of our monies, monies belong to everyone of us ?

    1. That is why having a career in banking and finance is good... use other people's money, lose it and still get bailed out, and still get bonus... ( aka QE in USA )

      Better still if you are in elitist camp.