Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Picture Says It All

Photos released from North Korea are often examined by Western media with the closest of scrutiny. The Washington Post's Max Fisher commented on why ST circulated a 12 December story originating from the Chinese government-controlled paper Wen Wei Po about Kim Jong Un's uncle, Jang Song Thaek, and five aides being fed to 120 attack dogs:
"The Straits Times is a respectable and widely read publication, but it's often been accused of being the mouthpiece of Singapore's ruling party and is staunchly anti-communist - so political bias is possible."

It would make things easier, wrote Slate's Joshua Keating, if the North Korean government commented publicly on weird stories like this - but it's called the hermit kingdom for a reason. "The North Korean government does so many bizarre things we can confirm that a few of these dubious rumors must surely be true, right?"

Rumours are now abuzz why some cabinet members are included in the picture, and who, if any, have been photoshopped out. When it was announced that the top toothpick pincher had to surrender his union stronghold, we were told a cabinet reshuffle was in the works. Which provides much speculation fodder for this year's Chinese New Year reunion dinner. Just remember to do your shopping for alcoholic beverages before the curfew kicks in.


  1. The citizens are being fed to the dogs. It is a true story - no exaggeration. There is no need to read that in either the Washington Post or Slate.

  2. I noticed 'toothpick pincher' did not raise his hand in the photo, his enthusiasm seeing his boss back so soon must be low, the sooner the boss is back, the sooner he has to give up his ministerial perks, but fret not, Wong Kan Seng is having a 'jolly' time in China, and so I heard is Mah BT. The 'system' takes care of even Chandra Das with a GCB, so with taxpayers' pockets at their service, his bank account(s) will be loaded to the brim with expensive wines of all sorts la, curfew or not!

  3. Gong Xi Fa Cai !!

  4. Didn't see Shan the mugger in the picture. Has he gone out of favour over his boo-boo in MAgate?

    What I wished for in this year's Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner is the PAP get a walloping in the GE. With this I wish all the Chinese:

    A Happy Lunar New Year

  5. Wish Everyone

    A Happy And Peaceful

    Lunar New Year.


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    生 活 愉 快

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