Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Only You

Only you
Can make this world seem right
Only you
Can make the darkness bright
Only you and you alone
Can thrill me like you do
And fill my heart with love for only you

She must have had the Johnny Mathis record on the turntable when our founding lady of Singapore literature was inspired to pen her eulogy. Too bad it wasn't set to verse, maybe some rap artiste of Eminem calibre will update the crooner's classic into an iTunes hit download.
  • If only you had done so without so much human cost.
  • If only this single-mindedness had not blinded you to the need for change in the evolving political landscape of Singapore.
  • If only you had shown one more attribute of great leadership—the ability to acknowledge mistakes made and the humility to say sorry for policies that had caused pain and hardship to others.
  • If only this deep sense of family closeness and love had been paralleled by a sense of compassion for the families of those political dissidents who were jailed for decades or had to flee into permanent exile.

And to the touchy feely part about devoted bedside duty for his ailing wife, we may add:
  • If only you understood the Sonnets you read to her, the Bard's words refer to a human heart of love and compassion, not a mechanical pacemaker contrived by scientists without soul.

Three days have not yet passed, and already a 17 year old has been arrested. No wonder they always say,  it ain't over till the fat lady sings. Writers don't count.


  1. Given the LKY worship extending to India and beyond, I won't be surprised if the Tamil song; "Unnai vida indha ulagathil osandhadhu onnum illai" is dedicated to him. Translated as 'There is nothing in this world greater than you'.
    Sigh, the madness continues on...

    1. So when the next bollywood blockbuster of the founding father?Shah Rukh Khan as the young version of papa and Bachan as the old white haired version? Maybe Jack Neo would be producer?

  2. There will be figurines ( posed with arms raised in front of microphone) busts, porcelain pieces, digital audio & video, books. Heck they already have a movie made.

    Wonder if copy rights be granted.

    There was a time that a mausoleum was to be built... fort canning. Suppose that has been put on a back burner.

  3. Brilliant, Tattler. That sentimental edge in Catherine has blinded her to the enormous damage done to the soul of Singapore - like the woman in love in the ditty.

  4. If any of us has any brains left, I am sure we can see for ourselves that Amos & Catherine are both self thinkers with a very independent mind of their own and willing to call a spade a spade.

    We should all respect them for their opinions even if any of us don't agree with them.

  5. Problem is the conformist bunch...dun believe in independent original thinkers...

    At this rate with these bunch of short term gains vision...the human race will die on this planet...and the only planet so far able to support humanity...

    Looks like 3 types of bird air view here people - 1st is like a hawk who sees far and act accordingly, 2nd is a bunch of small thinking self centred pigeons with corresponding tiny brains...and last is the head in the ground ostriches...zzz...oh humanity...sad.

  6. Platter's song....not Johnny Mathis. just thought i'll mention it........