Monday, June 22, 2015

Man Shoots Cop

Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister Teo Chee Hean said the use of any firearm is taken very seriously, and that police are investigating. Nope, he is not referring to the shoot out at Shangri-La when a panicky gunman shot dead a motorist who was afraid of being caught without a driver's licence. The latter alibi cannot be established in a court of inquiry, since dead men tell no tales. Plus, the police shooter got away clean. Even Jason Tan, the avowed child mutilator, was slapped with a "stern warning in lieu of prosecution”.

The one-way exchange of gunfire at Ardmore Park was the first in 7 years that police was reported to discharge firearms in a non-combatant zone. The last incident involved a knife-wielding man who advanced on an officer at Outram Park MRT station in 2008. It must be a very scary blade that prompted the policeman to fire at point blank in a very crowded place. And probably messed up his underwear as well.

Holstered and secure
Teo was talking about the 24 year old who, while under arrest and armed escort at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH), managed to grab hold of a police officer's firearm and wounded him in the thumb and foot. Apparently they only hand cuff and leg shackle 16 year olds. 6 year olds are hand cuffed only, since their little legs can carry them only so far.

Since the focus of the investigation is most likely on the man who attempted to escape, we'll never get to know other important details. Such as why the holstered revolver's retention device - the thumb-snap that must be unclipped in order to draw the weapon - was not secured, and why the safety catch was not activated. It took three rounds to rouse the surprised cop from his revelry, probably day dreaming about the Kate Spade he could buy his girl friend with the free $500 already in the bag. Maybe he should ask for a transfer to ticketing funeral buses parked illegally.


  1. What we read about the KTPH shooting incident is but one side of the story coming from the police and the MSM - not exactly reliable sources. We may never know the truth. But nothing stops us from making a good guess. You are right that it is not easy to grab a policeman's revolver which is normally secured by a thumb-snab and safety catch. The grabber must also know how to use the revolver and unlock the safety catch in the split second that he has. So, the most likely scenario is that he snatched the baton from the policeman, who then drew his revolver to defend himself. In the ensuing scuffle, the policeman shot himself in the hand and foot (pun not intended).

  2. No comment on the firearm but I have issue with the policeman who disturbed the peace of the death. I understand there is traffic rules but the funeral van obviously did not blocked the path of other motorists as there is ample space available. Traffic Police should brief its officers to be humane. Summon those who deliberately flouting the rules and be sympathetic to others e.g. wedding, funeral, religious worshipping etc. as long as they do not totally block the road use.

    1. "What's wrong with collecting more money?"

  3. Knew little about the Shooting Case at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.
    As for the Cases at Ardmore Park and
    The Ardmore Park Case Shoting was most uncall for as the Car was not near anybody or property. Nor was there any sort of offensive action from the Occupants of the Car. If anything, the Only Indication was that they were fleeing from the Place where they were checked.

    The Outram MRT Shooting was just as unwarranted, the Officers could have used their Tasers or batons. There were more officers than tge Lone Offender.

    Maybe those who signed up to be Polixe Officers should be tested and trained to use the Taser and Baton. The Revolver should ONLY BE USED AS A LAST RESORT.
    Discharging a lethal firearm MUST BE
    Anyone officer found to have used their firearm unjutifiably shoukd be punished and sacked.


  4. Two out of three shots hoit hand and foot.
    Had the missed one hit mouth, will be dubbed hand foot mouth disease.

  5. May not be a policeman. Could be CISCO or ATOS. They are the ones normally use for escorting prisoners to hospital. The holster may be different.

  6. Spin doctors getting better: after the Sabah KK disaster, they spun it as natural diasater instead of asking why 12 year olds were sent on treks that challenged their "limits"! Now cop cannot even guard his own "wife", losing it to a shackled and handcuffed cookoo bird and big nose pinnochio was asked to say (bcos the pinnochios can't think, or can they?) criminal used firearm? When we were in BMT, you lose your "wife" you get 3 extra duties. How times have changed!

  7. Second Minister for Home Affairs Masagos Zulkifli said that the authorities will have to determine the kind of “correction” that will need to be taken to mitigate against a future occurrence. Is he admitting the police officer failed in his duties? Or they that they handed out the $500 too quickly, without confirming the recipient is deserving of the bonus?

  8. The good second minister already has in mind the corrections required. He was pictured with some sports scientist and sports program promotors and declared that he would get the home team officers to partake in these programs to strengthen their physique

  9. Since their Little India "Retreat and Regroup" fiasco. SPF has been very sensitive when their courage is put into question. We will likely witness more of these "Happy Triggers" in time to come. Least we forget their policy of "Prevention Through Deterrent", what better way then to charge with gun blazing ?