Monday, June 29, 2015

Shielding The Truth

The horrible person thought that by banning the private use of satellite dishes, he could maintain a sanitized version of world events. Thanks to the internet, we know there more important news than the rehash of the Phey Yew Kok blooper, whose train ride to freedom 35 years ago hardly raises an eyebrow. After all, he was the favoured trade union child of the day. A frustrated Dr Lee Siew Choh once pressed Jayakumar, then Home Affairs and Law Minister, for the amount spent on surveillance of Francis Seow in the United States when investigating officers only ventured out to Bangkok to hunt for Phey.

You'll never read about it in the 153rd ranked newspaper, but Taipei Times reported that on 26 June - International Day in Support of Victims of Torture - groups including the Taiwan Association for Human Rights (TAHR), the Human Rights Covenants and Conventions Watch (CCW), the Taiwan Alliance for Advancement of Youth Rights and Welfare and the Judicial Reform Foundation marched on Singapore’s de facto embassy in Taiwan, and called on the government to observe the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child that it has ratified and free Amos Yee immediately.

Wu Yi-cheng (吳易澄), head of Taiwan's Mackay Memorial Hospital’s department of psychiatry, said the misinformation dished out by the Singaporean government and the media about psychiatric disorders is “different from the psychiatry treatment guidelines we’re following now,” according to which patients “recover” rather than being “cured.”
“There are two sides to the [Singaporean government’s] deployment of psychiatry in this case,” Wu said. “On the one hand it seems humane to have those with mental illness receive proper treatment and maintain that they could thereby obtain lighter sentences; however, the [medical claim] could also be subjected to political machination and lose its altruistic essence.”

BTW, don't believe everything they are writing about Phey either. A "media consultant" by the name of George Joseph, is quoted saying "a riot took place at the PIEU office in 1974 when a university student and workers fought with union officers over failed union talks". Even judge T S Sinnathuray had stated in court proceedings that Tan Wah Piow was nowhere inside the room with overturned furniture ("You were standing across the road that day", AWAKENING, 1974, issue 19). It's a perversion of the "a person inside a polling station cannot be said to be within a radius of 200 metres of a polling station" illogic. No wonder the Straits Times is attempting a major rehash of their format this coming week.


  1. how I wish I can stand up and speak for Amos Yee too. But I really don't want to be thrown in jail.

    1. VTO wouldn't throw one into jail.

  2. Ha! There's no more commies n terrorists to trouble us anymore..there's only antichrist n those who insult the dearly departed...imh is the most powerful tool in the governments arsenal now...forget the isa..anybody can just walk out of Whitley rd

  3. Phey Yew Kok was slashed on the right cheek by 2 workers who were paid $500 to do it, so said the 153rd. Hasn't it occurred to the journalist to question why would workers want to attack or injure unionist who are supposed to fight for their interests?

    Uniquely Singapore. Only in Singapore can one find unions who are on the side of businesses and companies instead of fighting for workers. Only in Singapore can one find union chiefs who asked workers to work harder for less pay.

    Betterer, cheaperer and fasterer.

  4. He ( the 'orrible one ) disliked seeing untidiness.
    No PUB works till he leaves town.. especially between Oxley & Istana and parliament.

    So, with all those roof top TV antennas and dishes on balconies and windows... its NO, NO.

    Thats why we also have all electrical cables, including street lamps, telephone lines all buried underground. Reminds him that we are 3rd world.

    Thats why there is also endless digging.

    1. So the Google and Virgin Group ventures to offer broadband internet services via satellite - we can't even smell the advanced technology? Smart nation we'll never be with the idiots in charge.

  5. Our laws sure work in mysterious ways.
    You are excused if you are inside the polling station although its an offence to be within 200 metres of it if you are not a candidate
    But can be convicted of rioting within the premises even though you were outside across the road.
    I wonder what yardstick they use to measure level of guilt?

  6. PAP has become so sickening evil in heart in treating a 16-year old teenager whose mistake was to criticise the horrible old man. By the way, wasn't the old man horrible in his own wicked ways by any international standards ?

    And talking about international standards when our greedy PAP Ministers demand that kind of obscene 1st World pay for themselves and yet dish out such substandard 3rd World human rights even for a 16-year kid, are they not being real selfish pigs reserving the best rewards for themselves only ?

  7. Sentence first, verdict later. The system here follows the Anglo Saxon system where the judiciary is subordinated to the legislative branch, and appointed by the executive branch. In US, UK and even India, politicians either directly appoint supreme court judges or sits on committees to nominate candidates. In contrast, the major European democracies like Germany, France and Italy, the judiciary is a true independent branch. Senior committees of judges appoint new judges. Which system is better?

  8. If PAP Govt don't give a damn to the United Nations's request to release Amos immediately, does it mean the our Govt leaders don't heck care about international human rights standards for Singapore citizens ?

    Would you care to vote for such a heartless inhumane PAP Govt ?

  9. Judge: "I am not concerned in the truth of the matter as far as you are concerned."

    Wah, this judge real power lah. Can meh? Isn't it the job of the judge and the court to get to the truth? Otherwise, what is it? Isn't it the job of the state to look after it's people, especially the young and vulnerable, not fix them?

    “If state, party and social policy will not be based on morality, then mankind has no future to speak of.” - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

  10. This blogger is a mite too concerned with AY. Just like the TRE.

    No more worthy output?