Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Far From The Maddening Crowd

“The most the police can do is give chase and try to bring (suspects) into custody. Use of deadly force or opening fire is not an option in (roadblock breaches),” a former officer of the Singapore Police Force was quoted. Which makes it kind it hard to explain why Mohamed Taufik Zahar was shot dead by trigger happy gunmen wearing a blue uniform. Opening fire at a suspect is NOT part of police protocol for roadblocks.

Meanwhile, 16 going on 17 youth Amos Yee is remanded for 3 weeks because some judicial officer is unable to assess whether he is suitable to serve reformative training.  Yee was initially due to be sentenced on today (Tuesday), based on a pre-sentence report for an earlier request by prosecutors to explore the possibility of probation. Which makes it kind of hard to explain what kind of civilised country Singapore is.

Best response to the curious Europeans in this part of the globe with a history tracing back to the Ottoman empire is "me no speakee English".


  1. we are rock bottom

    1. Only?

      Not abyss?


      Feel very sad for the victim.

      Also his family and his new born :(

      May his family have the strength to quickly get over and face the future stoically and if necessary with helping hands in our society for those who still have the hearts at the right place to extend their support for those in needs and when and where necessary. ...

  2. Imagine for a moment that there was:
    - no drugs
    - no weapons

    but driven by a son/daughter ( or in-law ) of a cabinet minister.

    And driving without a valid licence at 430am.. out of fear of being discovered and putting the relatives in an embarassing incident, decided ( badly ) to attempt escape.

    And was shot dead...

    I think the person who pulled the trigger would be dragged through the machinery, slammed with so many infringements to protocols, rules, and insubordination that will see him/her being discharged, and charged for manslaughter.

    Described as :..". a former police officer.."
    Disowned and left to the dogs.

  3. Maddening or madding?

    I read it that you are mad at the 3 frenzied crowds above.

  4. First, the silly drug runners should openly expose the names of those big wigs whom they are clearly supplying drugs to in that upmarket place to be worthy of death by gunshots.

    Secondly, the vehicle was clearly going the opposite direction of the hotel where the summit is. So what clear and present danger was there to shoot when you could simply give chase?

    If your arguments is that they are protecting the citizens you should examine the facts. The people who are there are the politicians and military defense traders who are deciding to go to war or not to go to war with your lives. they have singlehandedly created more wars than you can possibly protect them from!

    All that talk about misfiring and miscalculation from the superpowers!?? Is the smallest state that is over killing and overeacting when it's crown prince feeling insecured about their safety in his own kingdom.

  5. Yes I looked at the map- he was driving away from Shangri-la, not towards. To link it to the event at Shangri-la is to pull wool over our eyes. Drugs were only found after he was killed. If there weren't drugs, is this still justifiable?

    You don't shot to kill over someone who's trying to run away from the police. There are many other ways to stop a car instead of shooting the driver.

    1. Driving towards Shangrila means got money type, driving away means no money type. So shoot first, ask questions later.

    2. Have you considered why they have a road block even for vehicles heading away?

  6. News report of the Shangrilla incident show heavy presence of Gurkhas soldier. The Gurkhas also showed their presence at the Little India riot.
    We have our own Police Force and armed force, why do we still rely heavily on mercenary Gurkhas?

    1. We have done away with Privy Council yet we have a battalion of Gurkhas in Singapore. And these Gurkhas are also guarding the Oxley Mansion. When some of these Gurkhas cause trouble in Singapore, things are hushed up. Question us why the P A P are not trusting Singaporeans.

    2. Do we trust Aliens more than our citizens to protect "our" (or is "their") assets?

    3. BTW cantonment police hq are protected by security guard

  7. It will be good to have Gurkhas as regulars in our Armed Forces.
    Our young men can be freed from conscription and be employed in productive works.

    The Gurkhas have traditiinally proven themselves to be loyal and good fighters. Definitely much better fighter than Sinkie.

  8. Moral of the story : Avoid the roads surrounding Shangri-la as our ministers and foreign government officials like to host events there.

    1. For my own personal safety, I think may be I will steer clear of the Shangri-la area.
      Who the hell knows when they will host another high security event?
      One day, if and when one of the residents nearby is accidentally mistaken for a terrorist ... then we'll see.

    2. It is naive to believe what happened near Shangrila will not happen elsewhere. The questions are "Were the Rules of Engagement followed?" and "Did the SPF screw up?"

  9. I think there is no drugs, just no licence !!! Just blame that there are drugs to cover up big cock-up. Just the same as blaming alcohol in Little India. Blame left over food for strays, blame commuters choosing to travel at the same time, just blame, blame, blame & blame.

    1. Where is Singapore's Greatest Sniffer Dog "I can smell the alcohol" Lui ?
      - I wonder if he can also smell the drugs?

    2. I was of that opinion too. Would 3 drug traffickers taken all the risk and just push for just 9 gm of substance?
      Is that likely for the Dirty Harry style of execution?

  10. Sadly the rot has set in. The Home (Goon) team handcuffed a 9 year old, shackle a teenager like a criminal, beat up an ordinary citizen for trying to read out for their overturned badge etc. and now US style policing... shoot first and ask questions later? Go to this link and we are not far from them'


    We are going to be next by the way things are unfolding


  11. Little India Riot: > 400 rioting, police filmed fleeing the scene head and body covered in white coats, several police patrol cars burned and ovweturned but No danger perceived so no using of firearm ....?

    Now what happen?

    So dangerous need to draw and shoot fatally?

    Rioters cannot shoot in case have consequences with?

    This shooting no consequences?

    Where is the consistency?

    Little India Riot police handling cfm likely many votes

    This shooting lagi worst?

    Where is the meritorious minister?

    Nothing to say?

  12. Is it true? Singaporeans can be shot because Singaporeans will not riot?

  13. It had been said that the Escaping car was driving away from the Shangrila Hotel. If thst was the Case, what threat did the Three Occupants and the Said Vehicle pose to the Shangrila Hotel, its occupants and Others around it?


    1. 'was driving away from the Shangrila Hotel' to be corrected to 'was was moving away from the Direction of Shangrila Hotel'.

      My sincere apology.


  14. Singaporeans already " defanged"?


    Everything also scared?

    Kena whacked by Ang Moh also their own faults?

    Little India Riot also their own fault according to "Mr Dog Nose Sniffer"?

    Now what?

    Driving without licence punishable by death?

    New law?

    Police state?

    Or worst?

    Rule by law or "suka suka law"?

    No need COI?

    Bcos special contingent ( aka foreigners ) managed shoot local "bad guy"?

    Little India Riot no bad guys so no need shoot cos burning police car nothing serious? Rioting nothing serious?

    How many face palms?

    You decide .....

  15. "Litmus Test"6/03/2015 7:30 PM

    Before Little India Riot, there were alleged rumours of "snap poll" but indefinitely "called off" subsequently?

    After this "fatal shooting", if "no snap poll" in coming months, what does it show?

    99.999999% swans are white ......

    How many "black swans" already appeared since 2012?

    Easily already exceeded all the fingers and toes on a human bean and counting?

    In history, when mandate is over, "black swans" appear like a locust. ...... until light triumphs over darkness, good over bad, righteousness over evil .....

  16. Teochew Uncle Vs "Hakka Ah Chek"

    Watch from 12 min onwards: " call a spade a spade", "if you are wrong, say so" ......


    Will they call "a spade a spade and not ......?

    Will they "call it a spade and say so"?

    You be the judge ...... when the "delivery is due" ...... since the "cunt-ry" is heavily "penetrated countlessly" since ........ by "loose loose open legs" and "impregnated ( "bastardised") with great discomfort" ..... "labour may be bcos the foetus legs are facing downwards" ....... looks like " cannot natural birth but c-sect"?

    What does this portend?

    Will sinkieland end up being "embargoed by the world" and really "sinked" due to "difficult labour and "complications ""?

    Can the "cunt-ry and baby(bastard)" "tahan" the potential "difficult labour" and "no complications".......?

  17. Co-Drivers Snoring. ......6/03/2015 9:50 PM

    Mr Teochew, where r u?


    How do u define co-drivers?

    Pray tell .....

    Pls wake up before u find your team "kena slept" by the passengers. ...

  18. The circumstances notwithstanding, hope the (books smart) scholars proactively and holistically take their (often reactive) thinking many steps further and analyse the long term implications.

    So far, what many have seen are ( quite far below par excellence and ) not worth the millions.

    The potential ending ( if there is any further thorough and thoughtful attempt ) is likely to affirm past outcomes.

    Nothing short of ( a 101% convincing and thorough "dichotomy" of the event and ) "an independent inquired report guaranteeing full transparency and accountability" suffice.

    The world especially "the passengers" are watching. Co-drivers ( aka like those young mrt train commuters sitting but pretending asleep and ignoring those heavily pregnant women as well as frail old aunties/ uncles around/ beside ), pls "stop kooning" and walk the talk ......

    Drivers are supposed to be "slapped" when they dozed off, and not supposed to be "slept" ( "in cozy warm close comfort" ). Mr Teochew, during GE 2011, did you mean the drivers will be "slapped" or "slept"?

    Which will lead to your so called "First World Parliament"?

    Pls pray tell ..... Mr Teochew.

    Are you not putting all the passengers at great risk when as co-drivers, you are either "falling asleep", "being lame duck co-drivers" or worst "crippled duck co-drivers".

    Having "Pimps And Prostitutes" is already unbearable. Alone, Sinkieland would likely sink sooner than later. It doesn't need to be exacerbated by "Whores Pimps" to "further screw" the sinkies till tak boleh tahan.

    Your "First World Parliament" election rally cries "sound horribly hollow". With 60% "loyals" in your Aljunied team, would they be living up to their training and do the "right things and ask the necessary questions like trained-lawyers " or the "politically correct first world parliament loyal slept-ping"?

    1. the more we read about such things, all the more we know PAP is getting less confident about the coming election

    2. Exactly my sentiments,. The so-called First World Parliamentarians , having been given with no fewer than 8 members to the Rubber Stamp had never taken the intiative to hold the Pimps and Pros to account despite the many screw-ups by the latter.
      Instead what we have is the sad spectable of them being caught on the defensive many a time
      Mr Teochew's leadership is meek compared to his fearless predecessor

  19. "FIST WHORE BARLEEMENT"6/04/2015 12:33 PM

    There is a spectre of "cynicism haunting a Fist Whore Barleement", the spectre of "dryvers" being "SLEPT by co-dryvers" ......

    P(D)a(ff)ssengers "UNITE"!

    You have nothing to lose except the shackles ( labelled "DAFF" ).

  20. After 30 odd years of Group-think, cronyism and having sycophants around , these "in-breeding" has terribly weaken the servitude DNA of our ruling politicians. Time to stop these selective in-breeding and incest within the political arena. The sooner we expose this anomaly the better chance of our final survival as TBS.

  21. In a normal roadblock (especially those at night to catch drunk drivers), shooting is not allowed, unless the driver is trying to drive over / hit people.

    In this Shangrila Hotel convention, the police SOP has been changed to make them more trigger-happy. This is becoz of all the so-called big shots attending this annual event, especially the US & China representatives (S'pore's 2 biggest economic trading partners & biggest arms dealing partners).

    Those 3 malay jokers were basically in the wrong place & the wrong time, doing things against the updated trigger-happy SOP.

    80% chance also that the "police" that opened fire were actually Ghurkha personnel.

  22. Mad emperor, maddening crowd in this red dot. PM Lee: "Matter of time before Singapore sees first Mers case." Yah, like the 2003 SARS outbreak. But then, we had more than one million less people. This red dot is now a hot-house for these viruses. Bring it on, the 6.9 million and the Population White Paper.

    1. Never mind MERS.
      Tuberculosis is already here and we have rising incidence.
      Most TB cases are detected among the new citizens and Aliens.
      I can't tell you where to find the official statistics in case it "disappears" from the public domain.

  23. Tattler hasn't posted for almost half a month, very untypical. Hope the dark evil forces haven't got to him. Stay healthy and safe, Tattler. I miss your wit, humour and incisive comments.