Friday, July 3, 2015

Priceless Quotes

It's always fun when the prime minister has to face foreign journalists like CNN host and Washington Post columnist Fareed Zakaria. Instead of the scripted and redacted "dialogue" with local media, there's always the expectant mee-siam-mai-hum moment that provides priceless peeks into the guy's psyche.

"And if we take the view that if you voted against me, I shall help you first, because that shows my largeness of spirit, then I think we will go extinct as a Government."  That should explain why his grassroots supporters were given free rein to scheme to get first bite of the steaks provided by the Australian High Commission. And ruin the Aussies' fine gesture of real hospitality.

Headgear fit for royalty
"But if you don’t have a certain natural aristocracy in the system, people who are respected because they have earned that and we level everything down to the lowest common denominator, then I think society will lose out .." His horrible papa wanted to be feared, he wants to be worshipped. Maybe even Queen for a day.

"We worry all the time. People say we're paranoid, which I suppose we are.." Perpetual justification for fixing the opposition and what medical professor Paul Tambyah refers to as “minor players, such as a rude and insensitive teenager ... (and) the son of a chai tow kway seller who wrote 400 blog articles”. Obviously he's not getting the extra egg with his hawker fare serving that papa was accustomed to.

"It is not possible for us to codify in a set of statutes exactly what is permissible (and) what is not permissible conduct.” Confirmation that the shifting Out-of-Bound (OB) markers are now going down the slippery path to a lawless cowboy town. Rule by law is bad enough, but "flexible laws"?


  1. Uneasy lies the head that wears a balloon crown.

  2. Priceless quotes? They represent the price you pay for dissent. Things are going really nasty from now on.

    1. More like priceless stats.
      Did you see the 10/25/50 years shown at SMU, all that negative productivity and labor growth under his decade watch and governance is truly "illuminating" of how exam smart leaders are scoring for an utterly abysmal test.

  3. LHL “If you can’t redress defamation, how can I clear my name when somebody defames me?”

    Sounds a lot like the usual "No Politicians left behind" from Papa's dog-gone era. A full million dollar employment device for otherwise under-employed politician.

    An honestly held opinions/fair comments no longer can be tolerated unless everyone holds the 'right opinion', interpreted by PAP.

    Singaporeans, it is whispered internationally, are so tolerant that they are masters in tolerating injustices (done to themselves).

    1. HL “If you can’t redress defamation, how can I clear my name when somebody defames me?”

      The answer to that would had been - use the blogs and Youtube to respond to those people like what they did?

      I think, LHL would rather use the legal system which biases people who are rich enough to engage the best lawyer(s)?

      Like father like son - fight in the unequal playing field and calls this 'defending' myself. Pffft

    2. He is the world's highest paid political leader and yet he doesn't even have a heart that is as big as his salary. He had to stoop so low to spend his expensive time dealing with a 16 year kid as well as a young blogger.

      What the fuck did you ask for that kind of obscene pay if you are going to deal with petty issues ?

  4. //Perpetual justification for fixing the opposition..//

    The fixing spheres has extended to citizens and bloggers alike.
    From Alex Au (super articulate and clearly careful in his thoughts) to Roy Ngerg and now 16yo teenager. If you were to put each of these on a scale of 0-10, rating skills and substance of communications and personal opinions, you can find them well spread out from a 3 to a 6 to 9 perhaps. And yet, they are all being "fixed". What does that tell you?

  5. Instead of focusing on big issues like climate change, ISIS trying to do its thing in Asia and working out a plan together with other states, extinction of animals in key bio chain which will ultimately affect human kind...and many more....we have a PM more focus on minor stuff and keeping the status quo...Oiii...the world is going into a back slide...are you going to do your part to prevent that...or just waste time on minor stuff...your grand kids gonna suffer too you know..sure they will last longer cos of the wealth accumulated on others backs..but they will still die in the end with the rest of us....zzzz

  6. Resident Evil7/03/2015 1:24 PM

    wow...what aristocracy spiel is he yakking about.
    Must be some sort of new world order subliminal messages meant for the fascists, banksters and aristocrats' ears. Please don't stop shipping your art collectibles, gold and hidden treasures into our massive T5 bunker vault equipped with private runway?! Not to mention your billionaire elite island off the cove is protected and sequested safely by our well conditioned Spartan soldiers. Therefore, paranoid we must or it will be stripped down to the common denominators aka peasants who unlike you, did not earn them. But we can bribe them to vote for us so we are the only single dominant party that is good for all, but clearly members has its privileges.

    Gawd, you can't make this shit up. Hot-air headgear notwithstanding, he is selling the sizzles not the steaks!!

    That is waaay more up-manship than Georgie's Heaven & Your peasant's place on Earth.

    We don't know what brand of strawberry fields he is smoking, but we do know that someone else is agonizing in his mental cell of a different kind of strawberry fields which spells BULLYCIDE due to the shrinkingness of his evil spirits.

    Lord praise the Saint-lee God.

  7. Aristocracy? What happened to meritocracy? Or have we reached a new level of doublespeak under a self-appointed queen of see hum?

    1. Next HRH must have Lee surname? Chinese? Or just blue bloodline that does not curdle huh?

      Fareed very witty leh.

  8. We went overnight from meritocracy to aristocracy, aiseyman.

    HRH must be inspired by the 10m cove sale in that promised land. So can one deduct that PYK timely arrival must be proof that lowly paid with peanuts leaders turned corrupted fugitive is justufication for continued high pay.

    1. LHL's Aristocracy = Meritocracy Mai Hum

  9. Ok, I got the hint, I am going to change my surname from "Tan" to "Tun", then everyone will assume I am royalty in the brave new world. And I copyright "Tun" so everyone pays me royalty.

  10. Welcome to the third Reich.

    A city whose potentate, panjandrums and poobahs all vying for knightships and shot at throne. Sounds very orderly to me.

    ..did the child miner forget to limit his TV intake.


    Natural vs artificial aristocracy. He is merely parroting what his master wants to hear.

  12. He just missed his golden opportunity to call for an election by occupying himself with a 16yo and an ex-hospital worker/blogger. What a narrow minded political princeling who will lead his father's party into first defeat at the polls in 50 years.

    Now that the Chinese stock market/economy is crashing, Singapore will be in deep trouble... That is karma for him.

  13. His dad might have been an asshole to many of his opponents, but he did really achieve something for the masses.
    The clown like to follow his footstep, achieve nothing substantial and could only take on unemployed bloggers and outspoken minors to become a laughing stock

  14. Lee : Govt will go extinct if it helps opposition supporters first.

    Society : Singaporeans will go extinct if it helps PR/FTs first.

  15. @Anonymous7/03/2015 7:36 PM

    LHL is a walking PR disaster to the point where even staunchest of PAP loyalists will place palms in their face.

    I doubt he now remembers how 30.6% of his own GRC voted for complete jokers, or how his seat warmer GCT barely scraped through with 56% despite all the sheer advantages he had at his disposal.

    All that happened before the post-GE2011 fiascos too, and the GRC system the PAP has exploited for so long for disproportionate Parliament representation is already at the critical point where every 1% drop in overall votes can spell increasingly exponential disaster. Going by the ground sentiment, I estimate at least another 5% drop by next GE.

    Blind obedience to LKY's PAP is really nothing more than rationalists getting money in wallets in exchange giving up political freedoms. Now that that former is gone, the same crowd isn't gonna hold back for the latter...That's a brutal lesson he's going to learn.

  16. His Pink Highness ?

  17. Now we see his true colours, like his "fix" the opposition moment. The government of the PAP, by the PAP, for the PAP. Wake up, people.

    "I make no apologies that the PAP is the Government and the Government is the PAP" - LKY

    1. In code speak, LHL is saying PAP will go extinct if no talents will run in his party...sorry state eh.

  18. "I make no apologies that the People is the Opposition and the Opposition is the People."
    - this is something no PAP politician will ever say.
    - True or not?

  19. In Confucian's social order, only tien sze or son of god can rule the kinagdom. The tien sze is a social autocracy and is passed down from father to son. The rest of the populace was known as len min or peasantry.
    A peasant must bow to the son of god'
    A woman or wife must walk 8 steps behnd the man

  20. If HL goes and fight in Youtube with these guys who have nothing better to do then I think Singaporeans be in trouble because the PM go low with these guys and he will be busy with youtubing everyday and people who cares about the future of Singaporeans will say this PM is doing nothing but answering to these Bo Liao people instead of serving the rest of the nation.

    If he wins the YouTube battle people will also say not fair because he probably had his aides do most of the work.

    His papa may have erred in the view of some or many people but they also feel that they are mostly better of than many other people in the region and the world. Many from other countries may have wished LKY was their PM.

    Other people envy us and some of us envy them but nobody really want to give up what they have here for what they envy of others.

    If they really want to be like them and think net net it is better then they should move on.

    Some FT think SG is better than their home and they gave up and settle here. I don't like that too much too but they have the guts and conviction to do that.

    If you are half as good as the FT and you think that some where else is better, you should make the decision faster to move on instead of making noise you can make decision faster and better than FT.

    If you worry you get no better job some where else if you leave then you weight the freedom and you think its OK, then go.

    I think the door is open...both ways.


    1. I agree.
      Not happy? Vote Opposition lor!
      Why migrate? So much work.
      If you think PAP is no good, go join an Opposition Party.
      Don't sit around the internet complaining.

    2. Yawn, tiring rhetoric is tiring. Everybody can care less about epic rap battles between Roy & LHL on Youtube than complete accountability of OUR hard earned CPF money held by the government paid by OUR taxpayer money.

      His father and FTs? Do you even red herring, bro.

      Of course, like you said the the door is open both ways...LHL & co can always choose not to enter the next GE because its the oh-so-unrewarding "bo jiak" job in this world like Singapore Pools.

    3. If I am a PAP politician, I will follow Khaw's advice and hara-kiri if I lose.
      Emigration to another country is too soft an option for a PAP politician.

  21. Peasants! Listen up.

    You've heard direct from the aristocrats's mouth, that its his birthright to lord over you. And should you have to audacity to vote out an unmeritorious leeder, he would have his generals declare it a freak election result and have him, the aristocratic, rightful ruler reinstated.