Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lust, Power - The Movie

Director Huang Jianxin did a great job with "The Founding of a Republic", produced by the state-owned China Film Group (CFG) to mark the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China. Despite the obvious propaganda overtones, it’s arguably good movie making, having a bounty of good acting, good scenes, and an inherently intriguing historical storyline. Tang Guoqiang bears an uncanny resemblance to Mao that has to be seen to be believed, and you come away loving the guy and forgetting the millions who starved to death during the Cultural Revolution and upheavals of the subsequent years.

Will Tony Leung Chiu Wai (梁朝伟) have similar success in playing PAP supremo Lee Kuan Yew in a rumoured Singapore film "1965", as reported by Kwong Wah Daily (13 July 2011)? The Hongkong actor has starred in roles lusting after ladies on celluloid, but can he exude an unbridled lust for power?
Doing translation work for the Japs during WWII
Giving orders to lock up "Marxist conspirators"
Crying after kena turfed out of Malaysia
Reacting to JB Jeyaratnam's win at Tanjong Pagar
Getting inspiration for building the casinos
Vetting new party candidates at tea session
Welcoming foreign talent from Northern India


  1. Why specificly Northern India, pray tell?

  2. mebbe they are of the aryan race?

  3. Poor Singaporean7/17/2011 11:44 AM

    hahaha, Singapore Notes, this is the BEST post I've read here. Its magnificent!

  4. agreed. Dont even need to reshoot the mv!!

  5. To answer the 1st question : Northen Indians more elites, Southern Indians poorer and more troublesome like the Tigers ?

    Remember the controversy for his remarks just because he happened to talk to only one person for his made-up opinion ?

    That's how politicians bluff their way through and I'll stand corrected if I am wrong.

  6. Is reported that Tony Leung is not the one playing..roles not casted yet.
    But anyway for the fun of it, I think Ng Eng Hen will be a good look-alike. Failing which, Lim Kay Tong have that steely look but not the physic. Hard lah..but i'm sure if they go back to china hakka region, they will find many mini LKY..or even lanfang republic? Oh..forgot it doesn't exist anymore!

  7. I like the film Lust Caution. But it will not be the same for the coming 1965. Who really care about Singapore history? Obviously, another waste of public fund project trying to worship someone as god. Already, many boot or ass licking elites here are talking about founding father of Singapore. It is a shame. Singapore made film? Even pull in the HK talents? This has been tried 10 years back and was a total failure. Tony Leung should avoid association with this type of political filming. If he were to act as LKY, I will never see his film again.

  8. I think I am starting to understand the meaning of the Chinese term, "人神共愤" (both the gods and men are angered), just looking at the way China is immortalizing someone who is hated by Singaporeans and feared more than loved.

  9. I love you. You are simply marvelous.

  10. Will all school children be made to watch the film? Maybe also write a movie review? What about civil servants? Will they be "advised" to bring their families to watch too? Will the hordes of sycophants bid $10,000 a ticket for the premier viewing? Looks like the yet to be made movie is heading for box office record already. I can already imagine the movie will be placed on the top of the list on all SIA inflight entertainment system.

  11. Probably MOE will buy tickets for students..similar to YOG

  12. A grand waste of taxpayers' money if the MOE does that.......

  13. The akan datang movie on LKY is to give the old fart one last climax before he departs...
    a fake story begets a fake climax.

    I am already looking forward to a remake that is vetted by "History Channel"
    with befitting titles such as
    Lee Con You the movie
    FamiLee dynasty
    The greatest Chinese conman
    Leegalised corruption

  14. i think Tony Leung resemble more like Lim Chin Siong.

    A scene from an alternate universe: the lift door opens, Lim Chin Siong (aka Tony Leung) standing with a bullet hole to his forehead...and finally collapsed onto the lift floor...the shooter is revealed, behind him is you know who...Andy Lau ! hahahaha...