Saturday, October 30, 2010

Spoken From The Heart

Goh Chok Tong had his ostrich head stuck in the sand for so long, he was utterly clueless. Student Lim Zi Rui's spoken words must have jolted him up from his Rip van Winkle slumber, "If this is happening, it is very serious."

Mr Lim's message at the NTU Ministerial Forum on night of 29 October is the writing on the wall that marks the watershed for a new Singapore in the making:
"When I was younger, I was very proud of being a Singaporean. But that was about five, 10 years ago. Five years later, with all the changes in policies and the influx of foreign talent, I don't know what I'm defending anymore."

Many of his men in the SAF had to compete with foreigners for jobs:
"I feel that there is a dilution of the Singapore spirit in youth... We don't really feel comfortable in our country anymore."

Comparing his personal attitude as a SAF officer with his foreign friends:
"I tell them, this is my country. I can't just leave here whenever I want to. You can come and play and work here, but I have to stay here."

Responding to Goh's lame excuse about workers to build HDB flats:
"My friend got engaged, but lost his engagement because he could not afford a HDB flat."

Goh must have been stoned out of his freaking mind when he claims that Singaporeans don't want to reject foreigners:
"My question was, how are we going to help the younger generation feel a sense of belonging to Singapore? I don't think it's about integrating foreigners."

And in case the Senior Minister still wants to play deaf and dumb like the frog worshipped by Lim Swee Say:
"For my part, don't worry about me. I will definitely do something, if I can, for Singapore. But I can tell you honestly that the sentiment on the ground is a bit different."

Those last words must have finally sunk into Goh 's dense skull of his: "If the majority feel they don't belong here, then we have a fundamental problem. Then I would ask myself: What am I doing here? Why should I be working for people who don't feel they belong over here?" Hey dumbnuts, you were never wanted as a seat warmer here in the first place, and you should really be way over there, far away, maybe with your quitter daughter in the UK.


  1. Yeah Lim said what needed to be said. Good for him.

    But the question is this: Will his frustration result in a vote for an alternative vision for Spore as represented by other political parties than the one in power?

    Sadly, the answer is, NO. Lim will continue to vote for the ruling party. Perhaps I am wrong because no one really knows who Lim will vote for. I've heard all these complaints before. They dont really change voting patterns.

  2. All Sinkies need to do is to ensure when the ship sinks, the commanders of the ship must sink together. That's all that's needed to be done.

  3. I just wonder whether he is trying to be sarcastic like his infamous 'peanuts' wife with these kind of really no-brain comments :-

    "As someone once observed, Singaporeans are strange people : They work so hard to buy their dream home but have no time to enjoy it."

    Stupid, we are somehow forced to work hard to pay for our dream home and are you not even aware that some family's breadwinner died recently of exhaustion because he had to keep 2 jobs to feed his family?

    "My reply has always been, 'Yes, how come I've never seen you ?" when questioned how come he is seen only at election time. He must be our greatest Tai-chi master in action.

    "Without foreign workers in Singapore, would your hall of residence be built ?"

    Come on, don't try to be so cunning. Who is worried about our foreign Indian, Bangla or Thai constrution workers ? We are talking about the influx of foreign talents replacing and taking our PMET jobs besides those in the customer services, technicians, sales, etc.

    The best part of it must be when he tried to be the actor he never was, expressing his surprise when one participant told him "I don't know what I'm defending the country for".

    "If this is happening, it is very serious". You mean you don't know even what are the ground sentiments ? And you are paid a few million a year not knowing what is happening to our country ?

    Do you deserve to be shot ? (Please remember this is a metaphor, kindly refrain from detaining me for further questioning as if you have nothing else better to do )

  4. Lim Zi Rui certainly spoke with more passion and sense than the cockanaden he was talking to.

  5. SM Goh SHOULD'VE "reminded" lesser mortal Mr Lim of NET HAPPINESS

  6. "Then I would ask myself: What am I doing here? Why should I be working for people who don't feel they belong over here?"

    Goh Chok Tong can stop doing everthing, anything including breathing and no Singaporeans will feel any loss or difference.