Thursday, February 10, 2011

Brown-nosing All The Way To Parliament

How can you place the trust of the people in characters who won't even give a straight answer to a simple question? Asked whether he could be a People's Action Party candidate in the coming election, Ong Ye Kung said "If it happens, it happens."

Free parking at SPH
The 41 year old had just quit his high flying super-scale salaried career in the recession-proof ranks of the civil service because he "happened to meet" Foreign Minister George Yeo this week, who also happened to ask "if I want to accompany him around his GRC". If Ong really had it in his heart of hearts to serve the people, why couldn't he have joined the private sector and still "continue my work for workers" in the NTUC? His move to NTUC as "an employee" was obviously a safety net, in case he misses the extra $190,000 allowance as a member of parliament. Not for his kind the rough and tumble of the uncertainties of the private sector. When Mah Bow Tan lost his maiden and straight electoral battle with Chiam See Tong in 1984, he had SPH to provide safe harbour until a GRC ticket was handed to him at the next election.

Besides Ong, Janil Puthucheary who was moved from East Coast GRC last month to help out at MP Charles Chong's Punggol Central ward, was just as creative with the gainsaying, "Honestly, I have no idea." Another NTUC man, Ang Hin Kee, just appointed the PAP branch chairmanship of the Seletar-Cheng San ward in Ang Mo Kio GRC, a post almost always held by the PAP MP or candidate in the ward, also decided to act blur-as-sotong, "Only PM knows."

One would think potential candidates looking forward to be of service to the electorate would proudly and forthrightly declare their credentials to the people, so as to win their confidence and votes. Not hide behind innuendos and the protection of the established clique in power. But if this sample of the 240 potential candidates invited for "tea" sessions is anything to go by, they look like another batch of colourless apple polishers, specialising in puckering up to bless somebody's derrière. Frankly speaking, a taxi driver would make a better, and believable, election candidate. At least he's closer to the ground than these anointed effete.


  1. So these so called "candidates" are not prepared to serve the people, not because they cannot, but because the money and fame isn't guaranteed.
    Well, I would put a penny on them as good MPs then!

  2. What do you make of people who were 'invited' to
    to politics?
    I bet when things get tough, all these newbies would cut and run
    Haven't we had enough of robotic part-timers?

  3. Perhaps these "candidates" are still just candidates. Anything can still change between now and the election.

  4. patriot says:

    Does not know any of them, however, quite liked the upright and heroic characters Tay Ping Hui acted in television.

    As evidenced, almost for five decades, our PAP Politicians are indeed upright and as incorruptible as Tay Ping Hui had portrayed in his acting roles.

    For our prosperity and happiness, let's hope that these honest(no stealing, no cheating, no lying and cannot be bought over by huge rewards) and upright talents of PAP will be elected. Let us give them our votes!


  5. it's interesting to know tt there are people like patriot who actually Believe the flabby, one-dimensional characters in local TV dramas are for real. i wonder how many others are as innocent and naive.

    for the record, i'm told tay ping hui put up an excruciatingly painful performance as a hopeful, upright politican at a recent real-life dialogue organised by a group in the ruling party. but perhaps patriot wasn't watching tt little drama. after all, it wasn't shown on TV and it wasn't carefully scripted. this nugget was recounted by someone who attended the show.

  6. As a Singaporean, I can only hope that people like patriot are few in numbers. If not, the future of this country is really bleak.

  7. People like Patriot should live in India, where there are many like-minded people like him who worship movie stars and elect them into Govt thinking they can manifest their screen heroics
    into real life.
    Unfortunately these people are mostly uneducated poor devoid of rational thinking, perhaps much in the same mould of Patriot.

  8. Patriot is just making a sarcastic remark. Where's singaporean's sense of humour?

  9. another new bunch of yes-men to take over the old bunch of yes-men.

  10. These mongrels know only to lick the hands that feed them - they in no uncertain terms KNOWS who their master is, how to please him in order to continue with get their fat piece of juicy bone.

    They are their master's representatives, not of the people. They represent the pap, not the people. That's way they talk like that. We can all return the compliment by casting our votes the other way. QED

  11. Well, other countries have their colourful politicians, ex-movie stars a plenty. One even became the President of the United States of America. Closer to home we have Joseph "Erap" Estrada who is famous for his "Robin Hood" character robbing his people blind when he became the President of the Philippines taking kick backs from jueteng syndicates.

    Movie star politicians aside, these new candidates are all very pragmatic people who knows they serve at the pleasure of LHL and by extension his father. Their position is not secured as there are many who are fighting for such coveted posts. If you thing there are many bloggers here who are put off by PAP, I truly believe there are many more opportunists lining up waiting to be noticed by the power that be. That's the realpolitik in Singapore. Do not delude yourself to think otherwise.

  12. The art of double entendre is not easy to master, but patriot made a valiant attempt. Still, "Let us give them our votes!" is not funny, not funny at all.

  13. hear! hear! it's obvious these new candidates are loyal only to PAP, not to Singaporeans!

    It's also very clear that their hearts are not in serving the ordinary Singaporeans, but their PAP masters.

    Give them the boot! Vote for anybody but PAP yes-men!

  14. Reading the comments, the Anonymous Singaporeans have spoken! Vote out the PAP!

  15. "Let us give them our votes!" is not funny, not funny at all, unquote.

    Indeed, it is not funny at all. However, there are netizens calling voters to vote for the Ruling Party so that it will be given the absolute mandate to treat the people anyway IT likes. The call is done in the hope that when there is no one in parliament to act for the people, then the people may learn a good lesson themselves. Many do need to feel the pains before they realize or understand the sufferings of others.

    A wake-up call in disguise?

  16. Its time to vote them out

  17. Ignore Patriot he's just a PAP troll.

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