Friday, February 11, 2011

Scrapping The Bottom Of The Barrel

That Mubarak has to be ejected from office by the outpouring of citizenry onto the streets is stark reminder that politics is a serious business. The battle for the minds of the common people should have been fought in the august house of parliament. To demean this hallowed institution with the presence of a second-rate artiste from Channel 8 is to defile the blood, sweat and tears of pioneer parliamentarians like Goh Keng Swee, S Rajaratnam, Devan Nair. Real men, not reel actors, some of whom have languished in jail like Mandela to wrestle freedom from the colonialists so that Singapore could be born.

Thanks to the personal endorsement of court jester Lim Swee Say, we had a one term nominated member of parliament who's lasting image was, and probably still is, that of a bimbo accessory on the Wheel Of Fortune television program. The forthcoming outrage also lends credence to speculation that Jack Neo the philanderer was actually in the running for the GRC sweepstakes. Why else would he have on hand the direct telephone number of Foreign Minister George Yeo? His casting couch victim wasn't one of those foreign crows from China who needed help with her multiple entry permit (salacious pun not intended).

In his saner days, here's what Lee Kuan Yew said of the Singapore parliamentary system:
"It's different from the American presidential system, where you say,'I'm a peanut farmer, vote for me,' and they did.
Here, you have got to win the confidence of your fellow MPs, who would have many years of sitting down listening to you, arguing with you and forming their conclusions of you."

Perhaps even the powers on high are tired of the charade perpetuated, and decided to make official the wayang sessions that is the current state of parliamentary debate. While they are at it, why not add a dash of eye candy? "Bobbi" the ex-stripper who choreographed the opening ceremony of the World Youth Olympics in Singapore on August 14 had her 5 minutes of fame - maybe she deserves a seat in parliament as well?


  1. The PAP has become a joke. It will however become a tragedy if Singaporeans actually still support them.

  2. Thank God they finally decided to rope in professional actor like TPH...parliament sitting viewership is bound to shoot up. Hhmm soon we've to include a new catogry in Stars Award

  3. "Professional actor"? More like a mediocre wannabe in a single TV station country. Are we really that lacking in talents? What have the Miniistry of Education been doing all these years.

  4. Should had get a female actress with big tits.

  5. quite a lot of people were rather mean about ronald reagan, as he was just a b class actor too. he turned out to be a rather good american president. he certainly came up with reams of quotable quotes. in one, he pointed out that he couldn't have made it as a president if he hadn't been an actor. (sorry i cant recall the exact words.)

    whether tay will manage to rise above his fulltime job is another matter. word is that a recent dialogue with him organised by some ruling party members, was quite a bad soap opera. so if he does get into parliament, at best there may be some drama. but bad drama.

  6. Our political system is not a joke!
    We should now get a prostitute from a Geylang brothel to join as MP. Surely, this represents diversity and inclusive society, especially number of prostitutes has been increased substantially by foreign imports. Surely all males in red dot will vote for her if she is sexy and young (better than a male actor or female model?) Italy has a prostitute in its parliament. She is only prostituting her body. It might be much much better than those MPs who prostitute their souls.

  7. Tay ping hui thinks he has a lot if charisma. Couldn't be further from the truth!!! Puke puke

  8. Artistes like Tay Peng Hui, Jack Neo and Edmund
    Chen need to align themselves with the ruling party.
    What would happen to Tay's career with Mediacorps if he were to join say, SDP and
    stand alongside CSJ in his fight for freedom and justice?
    It has happened to 2 NTUC union leaders who were found out to be oppostion party members and asked to leave.
    Wonder whether these bodies really serve the customers and workers or the PAP

  9. don't knock prostitutes as political candidates. at least they know what it is like to be screwed.

  10. The fact that there are men who suggest to recruit prostitutes to run for election shows the shallowness of Singapore men and how much your thoughts and activites are driven by sex gonards and hormones. Hah!

  11. Yes, we need an Animal Farm in parliament to top
    the ruling party's acme of 'performance'!

    There was this cartoon poster I came across once where people seated around a meeting table was presented/caricatured as members of a menagerie of domesticated and wild critters!

  12. Never underestimate the "auntie killers" TPH. He can garner these chinese voters , young & old. Is all a strategic game ! Beyond the eye candy, there's very little to say.

  13. All form and no real substance...

    Some people have no shame living off from others honest sweat, blood and sacrifice monies...

    And these people repetitively states they are doing it "for the people"...

    All lies and more damn lies...

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