Saturday, February 12, 2011

This Is A Joke, Right?

In the movie,  December 21st of the year 2012 is the day time as we know it will end. Government types secretly built huge arks to survive the floods that will wipe out all humanity. Those with money are allowed to buy tickets and party on board while lesser mortals drown. Oh yeah, some are even given free passes.
There was a heavy downpour in the afternoon, but surely the Chingay route can't be flooded?
What do you know, the Minister of Floods is at the bow. No wonder he didn't bother to spend money on the drainage system.
"Drown, you miserable rats, drown! Who's having the last laugh now?"
MM said to be less strict on religious observances, guess it's okay to party like there's no tomorrow.
What to do, happened already.


  1. Minister of Floods, what an apt appointment.

  2. I love your blog.
    Great sense of humour. Sarcasm is direct and
    Too bad Mr Lucky hardly write in this style.
    Perhaps, he too no longer see anything funny
    about the way MIWs are running this place.