Thursday, September 22, 2011

Too Close For Comfort

"We enter this world alone. We leave it pretty much the same way. And in-between, a dance we call life. Problem is it takes two to Tango. So we look for signs; something to help us to find our perfect partners. A smile, a wave. But we have to be careful; because while some signs can be misinterpreted," so said Chuck Fishman, of the Early Edition American television series. Then you run into a critic like George Bernard Shaw, who declares "Dancing is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire".

The flora and fauna in nature use colour and plumage for the precursor to mating rites. If clothes make the man then feathers make the bird. The confusion starts when the birds, at least the human kind, adopt attire that expose various parts of their anatomy to draw the attention of the male. If the end result is an increase of the Total Fertility Rate, then we can say it was all for a noble cause. But if the signals are deciphered wrongly, the guy would be in for a rude shock. That casual body contact in a crowded dance floor with flying body parts could lead to a police report. Not everyone has the financial resources for fancy lawyers like Dominique Straus Kahn, who is emboldened to describe his interlude with a New York City hotel chamber maid as "an error but not a criminal act". DSK insisted that he did not, as the chambermaid had claimed, throw her to the ground, try to undress her and put his hand in her underwear, "In this encounter, there was no act of violence aggression or violence."

There was no photographic evidence of acts of aggression or violence at the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)-University of London's Orientation Camp. The participants were the "lucky lot" who were balloted for the opportunity to participate in close proximity "bonding" activities like sharing a tiny biscuit dangling from pursed lips and emulating Michael Jackson's dry hump dance moves - with a live female lying prostrate underneath. Apparently the organisers of the fun and games are given clear guidelines and are "reminded that safety and modesty should be adhered to". What is not clear is where the line for private space ends and the law for intrusion starts. George Bernard Shaw may be a relic from the past, but like minds still abound.
Watch it guys, this could be jail bait


  1. Very nice posting!

  2. Poor Singaporean9/22/2011 3:00 PM

    Maybe the organisers wanted to help Singapore with the TFR by getting these youngsters to procreate sooner.

  3. If time can go back, i think i will strive harder to be an undergraduate.

  4. Teach undergrads some law.