Friday, September 16, 2011

Debunking A Bad Rap

Fed up with the misrepresentation in cyberspace, some netizens have set up a Facebook account to defend Adolf Hitler. The first topic to take to task is whether his son will or will not serve national service - i.e. sign up with the National Socialist army, better known as Nazi (Nationalsozialismus) in the German vernacular. You know, the organisation where all the elitist generals stick out their hands and shout "Sieg Heil" - or "kee chiu" for those more proficient in local dialects.

It's all hypothetical, of course. Hitler and his wife Eva Braun never got to do the procreative thing and help raise the Total Fertility Rate for the nation since both blew their own brains out in the underground bunker on 30 April 1945. It's always easier to debunk a fictitious story, how can you prove or disprove something purely speculative?

A real controversy would be about the birthright of Adolf Hitler. Hitler was born in the municipality of Braunau am Inn, Upper Austria, and not Germany. There are even claims that Hitler had Jewish ancestry. It was on 25 Feb 1932 when Hitler was naturalized after being appointed as a civil servant in the then-free state of Braunschweig -- a crucial step for the continuation of his political career. Almost 62 years after his death, German politician Isolde Saalmann, a Social Democratic member of Lower Saxony's regional parliament, wanted to revoke the Nazi leader's 1932 naturalization -- as a "symbolic step." It's easy to understand why politicians are sensitive about the origins of their family's citizenships.

A tougher call would be to tackle the Holocaust topic. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may have called the extermination of 6 million Jews during World War II a "myth" in 2005, but there are volumes of literature out there to debunk his version of "truth". Some survivors of the abomination are still alive, just as there are living victims of the wicked ISA detentions. Try calling them liars.

Charles Colson wrote in "How Now Shall We Live":
“Debate can be unpleasant at times, but at least it presupposes that there are truths worth defending, ideas worth fighting for. And if there is no truth, then we cannot persuade one another by rational arguments. All that’s left is sheer power–which opens the door to a new form of fascism.”

Law academic Eugene Tan is quoted saying "these sort of (Facebook) efforts are good for leaving it to Singaporeans to decide for themselves where the truth lies." And if the dream isn't real, is the lie worth defending?

But sir, it clearly says "venomous religion" in the cable


  1. When India's Queen Of Corruption Mayawati debunk wikiLeaks on the latest assault, Julian asked her to take it up personally with Hillary Clinton.
    Lao Lee should do the same. The SG or muslim population have no doubts in their minds whose words to take. His-story is not on his side judging by his track records.

  2. Hahaa... It's all about defending the broken track record. Wonder how all that sounds when translated to Chinese.

  3. It is either he is a liar or either he is not.
    But if it is true, what is really there to defend ? Especially if in the eyes of many people, he is capable of doing it.

    Remember TT once sued somebody sucessfully for 'alleging' that he travelled 1st class at expense of NKF charity funds. So winning the lawsuit doesn't mean if he didn't lie in the first place?


    People will do WHATEVER it takes if they have every intention to cover up or simply erase their tracks, especially if/when they have an army of ki-chiu resources to do that for them. The speculation that Hitler is 1/4 Jews is as much a myth since it cannot be verified now. But his half-nephew William Hitler has since gone on to change his surname twice after defecting to US. And William's 4 sons have a pact not to leave any bloodline since their karma and conscience had done the right thing for all human kinds. Ironic isn't it? To believe a great man like Hitler who's a firm believer of his superior aryan genes ended up not having any superior or bright bloodline to prove and validates his eugenics -- only goes to show what kind of crap people will believe. The Red Army Guards in Mao's era is another great history example, but apparently our Youth Leagues are not learning the lessons, merely copying the deeds.

  5. Translated to chinese can be both 硬道理 or 阴道理. The latter one is more appropriate. Is all about his crooked logics and reasonings up his ass.

  6. truth in Spore is a full stomach.

  7. @komalikoh, how sad, pragmatism devoid of idealogy.