Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We Remember This

Commenting on the Wee Shu Min saga - superbly documented in this WikiLeaks account - , one blogger once wrote this:
"The saddest part of this episode is that she reminds me of the remark made by newbie Michael Palmer, "Before I joined the grassroots organisation, I never knew there were poor people in developed countries". Where does the PAP find such freaks? They are no better than the Hitler Youth, and our country can only be the worse because of them."

Yup, this guy is going to be the new House Speaker in Parliament. PM Lee nominated him, and what PM Lee wants, PM Lee gets.

In May 2008 an unemployed man was alleged to have threatened the Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC Member of Parliament (GE 2006) at a Meet-The-People session. He received a phone call to go down to Ang Mo Kio police station to "assist in police investigations", but he refused to turn up. Instead Mr Zuo went to the press with his account.

On a Monday evening, Mr Zuo Hong Bao — who told Today that he had gone to look for Palmer "more than 10 times" previously — met the MP and asked if he could borrow money from the MP to pay off his debts or "do some investments". Mr Zuo, 36, said in Mandarin: "I asked if he could lend me $20,000 ... I said I would return the money, plus interest, after three years. He told me: 'The Government doesn't do such things. Please go out'." Conceding that he was "a little angry" with the curt dismissal - just a shade off from the get-out-of-my-elite-uncaring-face type rebuff - Mr Zuo raised his voice and added: "I told him: 'You remember this!' "

Palmer, who claimed it was not he but one of his grassroots leaders who made the Police Report, gave his version of the encounter: "I told him that we don't lend money. I said: 'Thank you very much' and asked him to leave. So he uttered something."

This guy's a lawyer. Why would the police act if he, presumably aggrieved party, did not lodge the official complaint? Why did he have to say "Thank you very much" when Zuo was allegedly trying to borrow money, not offering to lend money to the MP? And what exactly was the "something" he claimed was uttered by Zuo? Was it life-threatening, defamatory, insulting or what? Hey, even two kids engaged in a kindergarten playground brawl will have a better recollection of their exchange.

In the summary of the WikiLeaks account referenced above, it is recorded:
"At times, the elite demonstrates astonishing arrogance and political insensitivity (e.g., MP Wee Siew Kim), which in other places might lead to real political problems. But the Wee Shu Min incident and the government's subsequent policy adjustments also highlight how adroitly the PAP manages the domestic situation and why it has been successful for so long. The government rarely if ever acknowledges a mistake. But once it has made one, it moves quickly and quietly to defuse and deflate grievances that might lead to wider discontent."

Unfortunately for them a new generation of Singaporeans has grown up, and they will be saying in chorus, "You remember this!"


  1. We have always known that elites from top schools seldom mix with children of lower class citizen. Many will eventually join the ruling party to become MPs or ministers. How much do they understand the poor? Is that their fault? There is no question that these are people of very high IQ (thing may have changed since the last elections where the qualit of some MPs are questionable)but seldom with high EQ.This make them good for top down rule but no good at listening to alternate views.

  2. I don't expect the Singapore elite to do anything to help the poor and helpless in Singapore. This is a fact of life in Singapore.

    What I never could understand was the undying love and support given to PAP by the poor, helpless and elderly.

    Maybe some Singaporeans are daft after all.

  3. Sad Singaporean9/07/2011 8:54 PM

    Its the brainwashing for the past 46 years. Friends and family members who dont read anything except local newspapers spout answers they read from the ST whenever there are discussions on local politics. PAP has been extremely successful in their propaganda in the controlled media.

  4. Dont know what to say, but what to do since the PM Lee wants it.

    Doesnt he knows what is happening or just act blur.

  5. No wonder MM stated in hard truth that its a great sacrifice for MP, minsters to meet the constituents and kiss the baby. Therefore, they need to be compensated with MILLIONs $$.

    How apt !