Thursday, October 4, 2012

Extreme Ethics Needed

Way, way, before Steve Wozniak designed and built the Apple II, he and the more famous Steve Jobs produced and sold a digital "Blue Box" that enables one to make free international calls over an ordinary telephone.

Wozniak got the idea from an article about "phone phreaks" in the Esquire magazine. What really appealed to him was not just the technology, but the part that talked about the ethics the guys supposedly had:
"That it wasn't just about free calls. One of the guys said he was basically trying to do a good thing by finding flaws in the system and letting the phone company know what they were."
("iWoz, Computer Geek to Cult Icon", Steve Wozniak with Gina Smith)

Not everyone appreciates hearing the bad stuff. NKF volunteer Archie Ong (1997) and aero-modelling instructor Piragasam Singaravelu (1998) were hauled to court for letting it be known the CEO had "squandered monies" by flying First Class. More recently, a blogger was nearly crucified for making mention of a letter of support an Archbishop had, on his own volition, transmitted to the organizers of a rally regarding the Internal Security Act (ISA). The head of the Catholic Church could have easily quelled the speculative fever by simply releasing the correspondence. If the message is wrong, surely he knows where the confession box is. The rest of us heathens can only wonder what other flaws in the system lay hidden.

Wozniak said his father believed in honesty. ("Extreme honesty. Extreme ethics, really"). He was told that it was worse to lie about doing something bad under oath than it was to actually do something bad, even like murdering someone. It must be tough to raise kids in our society when everybody makes a habit of stretching the truth - lawyers, law enforcers, physicians, plastic surgeons, academics, parliamentarians, ministers (men of the cloth as well as men-in-white). Anyone else we missed?


  1. Apparently moral education in schools has not yield positive results. Liars, oops Lawyers, Law enforcement Officers, Religious Leaders and many other top dogs like to tell half truth. Result of our desire to push for GDP growth ay all costs? What do you think?

  2. journalists, principals and the IT sales manager

  3. The 60%. Basically.

  4. You have to exclude moral leader PM Lee. According to Sim Ann in her "Wrongful Pride And Prejudice" article (ST Sep 7, 2012), he has shown moral leadership. What do you think?

    1. Can Sim Ann claim she is trustworthy because 'only' 40% sporeans do not trust her ?

      The day PM Lee has moral leadership is when people like Dr Chee, KennethJ, LowTK, SL, etc, etc, openly say so...including majority of 40% who did not Vote for PAP.

      About time Sim Ann understands that respect is truly earned when it is given by your opponents....something she will never be able to learn from PM Lee.

  5. During my son's time at primary school, there were days that all pupils had to wear a tie.

    On one occasion, another pupil forgot to bring his and the teacher asked the class if anyone had an extra tie. My son volunteered to lend his extra tie.

    Days passed and we asked our son if the tie was returned. He said no. We suggested that he approach the teacher for help in securing the return of the tie.

    Guess what? teacher said it was a small matter and should not be pursued. What the FK?? these ties costs $10 each and it was loaned to another kid under the auspice of the class teacher!

    Where is the support for ethics, promise and integrity? What impression did the class have?
    38 young minds now believe whole heartedly that it is alright not to return items that did not belong to them! For the reason that " its a small matter"

    Now you know why singaporeans behave nonchalantly.

    A gov-aided mission school... crap

    1. I suspect teaching is not the first choice for these teachers. MOE pay high salary and that attracted all sorts of quality. Money is the prime motivator. FK the rest!

    2. I helped my son make a working telescope with Pringles cardboard tube and a couple of magnifying glasses. Teacher "borrowed" it for exhibition and never returned it either. Supposedly "premier" school at Dover Road.

    3. Sorry to hear that.
      Was from a CBS myself decades ago, when there were still Brothers among the teaching staff, and
      a Brother Director as the Principal.

      I guess, morals then were of a higher standard. Yes, even among the ruling party . Now?

      Monkey see, monkey do.
      Not poorly paid monkeys, incidentally

    4. Foreign teachers teaching in Singapore too. Plus the Principal.

      Last December, when a british born teacher from Pioneer Junior College mismanaged the organising of field trips to London, with students at Heathrow Airport on one plane (with no teachers) and the teachers came in another plane many hours later, there was no enquiry and punishment for the foreign talent.

      When a Singaporean teacher made a small mistake, the whole school knows about it, and he got the D report.

      Where is the fairness? Who had the bigger crime? The one who made our children stranded in the airport (for many, it is the first time out of their country) waiting for their teachers to come a few hours later? Or the Singaporean teacher who was constantly looked down by the Principal because he is not the "suck up" type.

      What kind of principals do we have?? Who appoints them?

  6. My late father bless him you to say lawyers are not liars........but they choose not to tell the whole truth...............

  7. There are some fields in which we encourage people to change their minds, or at least to be open to changing their minds.

    Scientists, juries and doctors. We recognize the huge public interest in allowing people to examine new evidence as it arises, to react intelligently to changes in circumstances and to backtrack when they have good reason to do so. So we should allow our politicians the same indulgence, as long as they have told us a good enough story about why they did so.

    Do these people do it? If not why not? Remember, nothing is politically right which is morally wrong.

    1. You talked like a politician. To me, a politician must be someone who yean to serve the people, making their life a little better. Not picked from civil service and armed forces top dogs who happened to be top students in schools.


      So what do you call this? When you have new evidence backed by data and anecdotal examples to show that your stupid policy is not working, but yet they still refuse to change it, instead, they increase surcharges and punish the customers even more!! What do you call this grand stupidity or extreme lack of ethics and morals, displayed by some leadership?

  8. I Repeat : - Do these people do it? If not, why not?

    If everything is politicized "to be right", then nothing is "morally wrong" for them - isn't it? What do you think?

    1. Wah! so cheem! how to discuss lidat??

      I think you are part of the elite no??
      spin around until no body knows where is head and where is tail.. eventually give up and line up to play toto.

  9. Seems strange that figures cannot be revealed because of commercial confidentiality. But isn't tax payers money being used for this silly race ?

    1. I agree.
      Don't want to tell us, just say so.
      Don't lie.

  10. "ministers follow the civil service rules", can we have a Singaporean National Referendum ?

    "Mr Steve Chia Kiah Hong: Clarification from the Minister. Does any serving minister who turns 55 actually receive both salary and pension at the same time? If yes, should he be serving?

    Mr Lee Hsien Loong: I believe the answer is yes. That is the rule for the civil service, and the ministers follow the civil service rules.

    (This may be the "rule", but is it morallyright?")
    (Source: Parliamentary Debates, 2004)" unquote.


    Constitution of The Republic Of Singapore

    Disqualifications for membership of Parliament

    45 - (1) Subject to this Article, a person shall not be qualified to be a Member of Parliament who
    (c) holds an office of profit

    Penalty for unqualified persons sitting or voting in Parliament

    50. (1) Any person who sits or votes in Parliament, knowing or having reasonable ground for knowing that he is not entitled to do so, shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding $200 for each day on which he so sits or votes.

    (2) The said penalty shall be recoverable by action in the High Court at the suit of the Attorney-General.

    (Singapore: Constitution of The Republic Of Singapore)

    (Office of profit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

    (Ministers get pensions too -

    (TOC News » Pension for ministers – more disclosure, please)

    Joshua Chiang

  11. "The closing date of the tender was extended by URA from the originaldate of 31st January 2012 to 13th February 2012. The next question that
    should be asked would be why URA had extended the closing date of thetender, given that they had not made changes to the tender
    specifications despite the extension period. However, if one does a
    check on the tenderers, one would discover that Leisure Empire, thejoint venture partner of Global Yellow Pages, was only incorporated
    after the original closing date for this tender. ......"unquote.
    search google, Duck Cries Foul – Another Government Tender to be Scrutinised?

    (DUCK & HiPPO wrote to PM Lee asking for a review of tender) Water Taxi

    (Outcry of Kelong at Water Taxi Tender [Archive] - Sam's Alfresco ...)

    Joshua Chiang

  12. Is performing oral sex against the ethics or a corrupt act ? Some people seems to think so.

    It has now been revealed in court that the principal witness for CPIB has performed numerous instances of oral sex for the defendant. Isn't it one to many to still insist one was forced ?

    Did she make the CPIB & the Prosecutor's office look like fools now she is now refuting the statements she made ... especially when it was reported that her bodyguards are provided by CPIB themselves ?

    Was it a case of a witch hunt, a corruption setup or simply a case of a jilted lover ... looks like their public image is more important than the truth ?

    1. This must be the Singapore Brand that we keep throwing taxpayers money at.

  13. PAP-MIW Blowjob Joke

    Q: How do you circumcise an MIW?
    A: Kick his sister in the jaw.

    1. Q: What do you call a female MIW with 2 brain cells?
      A: Pregnant.

    2. How can that kick to jaw circumcise when they have already been neutered to serve as eunuchs to the little emperor?