Friday, December 14, 2012

Importing Violence

Willie was a diligent member of our engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning (EPIC) team. He came in useful when we bidded for a mounded gas tank project in Batangas. After the site survey and meeting local subcontractors, he wanted to check on his brother who was running his business, delivering additives for Coca Cola, while he was working in Singapore. For protection on his routes, Willie said they always carried a grenade in the glove compartment. Like most Singaporeans, we were not used to sighting live ammunition outside military installations.

One day Willie was not his usual self at the office. His brother was shot dead in a bar brawl. He was always hot headed, Willie told us.

The guy checking out his hardware collection is working at an ice cream outlet here. According to his Facebook CV, he studied at the Management Development Institute of Singapore in 2010, one of many private schools providing education as an excuse to enter the country. He is supposed to be enrolled at Southern Cross University in New South Wales. He also promised to kill all Singaporeans visiting his country ("go to philippines and I will kill u all"). Apparently he is motivated by the defence of another Filipino, a Seagate Techonology employee against whom the firm is "planning to take the necessary disciplinary measures where needed" for an online posting that is derogatory. One Singaporean is so scared by the threat on his life, he has lodged a report at Bishan neighborhood police post (Police Report (NP299) No. E/20121211/2119).

Fortunately for Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew, Singaporeans are not as emotional or incendiary as hot blooded Filipinos. Writing in TODAY, someone going by the monicker of Avi Liran, a economist supposedly living here for past 15 years, expressed support for the Filipino extremes ("What S'pore can learn from emotional Philippines", pg 14, Fri 14 Dec 2012). Mr Liran doesn't sound very Singaporean.

Hell bent on taxing the threshhold of our emotional limits, Lui (tuck you! tuck you!) expressed determination in his own conflagrative Facebook posting to increase bus fares. Calmer minds at Workers' Party (Aljunied, Hougang and maybe Punggol East) reminded him that "the Government should not assume nor suggest that this cost increase must automatically be borne by commuters." Perhaps, with more foreigners taking up citizenship in line with Government plans, Lui may one day end up with more explosive responses. The kerosene bottle that ruined Seng Han Thong's evening could do worse if it was a Molotov cocktail. Is the minister planning to fiddle while our city burns?


  1. Someone posted that Minister Khaw(MND) might retire away from Sin due to unfavorable angst from the Citizenry.
    It appears that many more of the politicians might have to do the same.
    The people are indeed enraged beyond their threshold.

  2. Who will fill the vacant posts? More army generals? Sigh!

  3. The PAP selection process is intensifying even as the old fart linger on his last breath; factions falling over themselves to prove their mettle to the near senile great leader. With every scandal, the attitude hardens, it reminds one of the last days of Soviet Russia, or how North Korea shelled the South Korean Island when Kim Jong Il was on his death bed. The factions are struggling, fight Pigs fight, the losing faction will pay dearly, but the winning one might not survive 2016 anyway, so short term calculations need the latest Chinese Cray CPU to compute the odds, and you and I will have to pay the price ...

  4. While we spent millions on defense, we forgot we had indirectly imported potential danger from the hordes of foreigners in our midst, think Trojan Horse. They can easily overun us on our shores. What were our MIWs thinking all along while they have the Gurkhas guarding them.

  5. One of these days PAP will have to pay a heavy price when all the new immigrants (including myself) realized they have been duped by all the fake propaganda that shows the true colors of what are leaders are really no better than their any of their counterparts in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Phillipines, Taiwan, etc.

    All are just a pack of wolves in differing styles of sheep's clothing, working hard to perpectuate their grip of power and how to enrich themselves only, legally or otherwise. How has we peasants improved on our standard of living comparatively with that of our leaders, we should ask ourselves honestly?

  6. "Someone posted that Minister Khaw(MND) might retire away from Sin due to unfavorable angst from the Citizenry."

    Ha! Ha!
    So who can afford to buy over his landed bungalow?
    Serves him right.

  7. This is what happened when you throw stones at others not realising you are living in a glass house!

  8. When the city burns, the super rich ministers will be the first to fly off with their family using sia first class to somewhere luxury leaving the people behind to be burnt and destroyed.

    1. This is to be expected.

      National Service is redundant,
      call for it to be abolished.

  9. Better for all of these scums to leave our Singapore. We can build again.

    Dont allow them to die here even.

    1. If those white scumbags had real ability, they would have left Singapore a long time ago.
      They are certainly not hanging around in Singapore to better our lives or to defend Singapore.
      They are in Singapore becos no other country can give them such easy money.

    2. Sinkies made PAP great.
      Singapore made PAP great.
      Not the other way round.