Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Tale Of Two Corrections

Associated Press (AP) was taken to task for its article ("Singapore police protocols flouted in US death") by ambassador Ashok, who called it "inaccurate, misleading and mischievous". Read AP's statement in response (italics mine):
"The Associated Press erroneously reported that police admitted violating or flouting official protocol in their investigation by not seeking fingerprints or DNA samples, and by examining the contents of a laptop in the dead man's apartment.
"Rather than admitting to any incorrect behavior in testimony, a police investigator simply recounted his actions, which he described as permissible under the guidelines."

Of course the Singapore Police Force will never admit their mistake, doing so will confirm its procedures fall short of FBI standards. Thanks to the "correction", the whole wide world now knows how the cops bungled the handling of evidence at site. In first world countries, tainted evidence will have a case thrown out of court easily on technical grounds.

The National Environment Agency's (NEA) political foray into a town council's custodial duties was more easily debunked. NEA said the town council sought to charge hawkers for scaffolding needed for cleaning purposes. The smoking gun email from NEA has this bit:
"... the hawkers association will make the necessary arrangements with their contractors on the scaffolding erection/dismantling during the spring cleaning period."

The hawkers did approach a contractor for the scaffolding quote. Doing so, it was de facto confirmation of the competence of the partisan elements at NEA. "Inaccurate, misleading and mischievous" would an apt descriptive.

But all is not lost. NEA can hire the writer at AP to craft a response statement with real bite. Let the war of words begin.


  1. Hey, instead of stopping there, the PAP govt actually made it worse. Now the whole world knows that Singapore police do not follow protocols at all.

    1. Where got? Using discretion is allowed what. You must be reading the 'wrong' things lah.

    2. Thanks for the heads up!
      Is good to know Singapore's SPF don't always dust up for fingerprints and seal off the scene.
      Makes my stage job very easy.

  2. It is one of those face palm moments for PM Lee. LOL. Hope he did spew his morning tea reading the papers today.

  3. Wah, Vivian Bala went from gutter politics to ceiling politics now is it?

    I almost spilled my coffee this morning when I read how one MP & facebooker were boasting how their hawker center in Tampines is so clean, but found out later that Tampines is the mother of all highest Dengue clusters (over 200 cases now in record!) right in their backyard!

    NEA sure knows how to play its priority cards. Let see they break the 10,000 dengue record cases by end June.

    1. Perhaps trying to distract the public for their lapse in controlling the Dengue outbreak. Or maybe mosquitoes must have license to lay eggs before NEA will clam them down. Meantime, the mozzies are the ones with the real bites.

    2. Dogs that Bark6/04/2013 3:16 PM

      NEA CEO, Andrew Tan, former PPS to LKY.

      Repent, anyone?

  4. Although death is a natural progression. SPF do not treat all unnatural death are the same. Thru experience or self conceit of the investigator might treat the evidence with disrespect , nevertheless evidence found still permissible under a broad guideline. If anyone not happy and voice out, might ganna contempt of court. To bad we are a nation divided by many things.

  5. Why need another round of war of words?

    Anyone who read the right things, have a brain to sort the wheat from the chaff, will know what all that fuss is about lah.

    NEA contract say cleaning must be done "minimally" once a year. some hawkers want it done quarterly now? And how come only that two hawker centers got trouble, others under the AHPETC doesn't have? Might they be card carrying cadres members of previous party huh? Lost their core business is it? NEA got no mosquitoes to catch is it?

  6. I have always enjoyed your pieces but this one should be viewed against the "big picture", namely,the politicisation of the civil service and other organs of state. The targettting of WP held constituences is no accident and is to be deplored.

    1. I agree with the above writer. It is outright deplorable and cowardly of the pap to use the instruments of the State - MND, NEA, PA - to fix the Opposition. Then again, the papies are true to form, they have never fought a fair fight.

    2. Sounds like the case of sending in MOM to do the defending work for MCI & MDA on talking point. Machiam sending the fireman to fight the soldier's war. I mean, isn't it MDA + MCI who came up with the $50k license bond to fix the internet? Can't the CEO of MDA stand by their decision and do their own defense? Ms Koh is harvard graduated right, surely she can articulate very well, can't she? Pity Tan Chuan Jin, got to do more 'Acting gigs".

    3. HEAR HEAR @10.58.

      do you all get the feeling that some are rather sore at not scoring in AIMgate? as such, the errr Empire is striking back...

      whatever it is, the NEA needs to stop politicising cleaning. if it's allowed to do this, what next? what other govt dept is gonna start politicising its areas of supervision as well?

      if they are all going to be busy playing politics, who's going to do the work? look at how poorly the Popn White Paper was written, and now this new MDA ruling, which won't tell people what the rules actually are. more info that's too sensitive to reveal to the public?

    4. Spot on Anon 10:58am.

      Speaking of organs of state, MDA is a parasitic tapeworm in the internet's intestine.

      Funny how TCJ on his tweet has likened himself to be the Ewoks. George Lucas created the Ewoks because he wanted to feature a tribe of some primitive creatures that will bring down the technological Empire. Enough said.

  7. Am surprised a 20 some year old investigator and sgt has so much discretion in a case involving a dead person. How many years of experience does he have ?

  8. China practices "One country two systems". Ours "One country two standards" meh?

    How is it they seems to keep making trouble for Aljunied/Hougang constituents ... part of the repentance threat being carried out now ?

    They have just added Sexual penetration as a punishable corrupt offence under our dictionary of law. But they also want us to believe the Palmergate affair no sexual penetration. But what if it is mutual masturbation, not corrupt meh if it ultimately this gave Palmer some sort of sexual gratification ?

    Clearly 2 justice standards, no?

  9. Who erected the scaffolding FOC?

  10. A strategy to


    And yet keep focus ( for public )on Worker's Party
    rather than focus on AimGate.

    All this is possible only with co-ordinated efforts of media corpse... only that they decide what you should know.

  11. Hear the latest Shane's story from family by TRE.
    Looks like no amount of co-erced corrections will make this go away.
    Some questions look very legit and I don't recall being addressed in the MSM.


  12. The war of words update as of 7 June:
    When NEA e-mailed AHPETC on Feb 7 saying the hawkers would make "necessary arrangements" for scaffolding for the cleaning exercise, NEA is saying that it was referring to scaffolding used to put up canvas sheets over stalls, and not for the cleaning of high areas.

    Hello, you can put up canvas sheets with a ladder, but higher difficult to access areas require the more expensive scaffolding. NEA must be staffed by idiots.