Monday, June 3, 2013

Case Closed

The horny law professor from the National University of Singapore (NUS), Tey Tsun Hang, has been sentenced to a jail term of 5 months and ordered to pay a penalty of S$514.80, a figure presumably rounded to the nearest 10 cents, since nobody in Singapore accepts the 5 cent coin anymore.

The precision of the fiscal punishment to two decimal points makes you wonder what kind of judges are sitting on the bench. The amount reportedly includes the balance of a dinner bill and the cost of two tailored shirts. First off, has the GST been accounted for? Assuming the tailored shirts were really made to measure, their quality (material and workmanship) will have to depend on whether the dinner was held at a hawker center, food court or fancy restaurant. Some press reports mention a Garibaldi dinner, but kopitiams are so up market nowadays it's hard to tell. And whatever happened to the iPod and Mont Blanc pen?  The duty free shop at Kuala Lumpur International Airport departure terminal (at Gate C) had a special offer for the latter at $400, but the Raffles City outlet carries more expensive models. Maybe the portable media player and writing instrument turned out to be made in China variants, and could explain why the prof gave her a B grade instead of an A. And why it would be embarrassing to record in the court documents cheap knock-offs are still being sold in Singapore shops.

Earlier the good judge said Tey's corrupt intent hinged on, amongst other things, a balance of power, highlighting that he was 38 when he took advantage of a student at nearly half his age, "just shy of her 21st birthday". To emphasis the point, the judge said she was about 6 years older than Tey's 14-year-old daughter. Okay, the math works here. Power corrupts, we have seen enough daily reminders of that, and we are told he had great influence over her, the future was in his hands. By same extrapolation, didn't Michael Palmer overwhelm the PAssionate grassroots leader with his "past achievements" too? We can only speculate whether Mike sought out to impress Laura, resulting in the homage of mangoes. Only a corruption case in open court can enlighten us further here.

It is doubtful whether anyone in the legal fraternity, or anywhere else on planet earth, will shed a tear for the philanderer. He was dumb to be his own lawyer, but it was downright cruel to cause her to undergo an abortion at such a tender age. Maybe the earth didn't move for either party at the interlude on his office couch, but he should at least have given her an A for the effort. Only then, can we truly file this away as a sex-for-grade case.


  1. //but it was downright cruel to cause her to undergo an abortion at such a tender age.//

    Agree. Totally disgusting and inexcusable.

    1. "An exceptional tutor who incalcated a strong moral foundation" ...

      The student had to fork out $2000 to pay for her own abortion!
      And she is not well-off. Enough said.

      Prove the adage is true - Those who can, do. Those who can't ,teach.

      This should be a heeding warnings to all the students out there who think they can sleep their way through favoritism.

    2. Nope. This doesn't serve as a warning. Ko get to keep her degree despite what she had done. She is no different from the underage prostitute that got many men snared.

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  2. I can only jump to one conclusion that is they wanted to nail him down by hook or by crook.

    PAP is not famous for such spitefulness for nothing. It is a lesson for those who want to be running dogs & cronies to be aware that such fate may fall on themselves if they are not careful.

  3. oddly moralistic piece from you. was he really guilty?

    as you point out, what happened to the bill for the pen etc, which he pointed out he paid for, but the evidence wasn't allowed? ditto for her B grade. (all that and now this, and for just a B. waste of effort on her part. she should have sued him for errr breach of contract.)

    lecturers and students have been having intimate meetings for whatever reasons, for DECADES! unlikely it will stop.

    abortions at an early stage in pregnancy have been simple, safe procedures for women for at least 35 years now, thanx to a discovery/research in spore by a former Ugandan.

    tey was damned irresponsible, and so was she. tt's why she got pregnant. nasty that he urged her to get an abortion, but when she looks back, am pretty sure she'll be glad she did have it. this court case wld be FAR more traumatic to her than the abortion.

    1. real justice can prevail for Tey by housing him with inmates who are likely to be damned irresponsible.
      Tey ought to be thankful he will not need an abortion.

  4. He did abuse his position and break his school's code of conduct. But I don't see this case as corruption. A disciplinary action from NUS by sacking would suffice. Then maybe someone out to nail him and Ng Boon Gay. Btw waste of taxpayers money. Now would CNB restore his position or find some excuse to remove him?

    1. //Now would CNB restore his position or find some excuse to remove him?//

      Indeed, that's the interesting question.
      IF we always say "Innocent until proven" and since his innocence is proven, then surely his role must be restored. Imagine if a woman is sexually harassed at work, and an aggressor is proven guilty, surely her job and dignity should be restored. Its the culprit that must be fired! In uniquely singapore however, hard to say how it will turn out.

  5. There is no doubt that what Prof Tey did was unethical but it is not beyond a reasonable doubt that he abused his position to obtain sexual gratification:

    (i) The defendant is an adult and is capable of understanding what she is doing with Prof Tey.

    (ii) Even if this situation is one of power play that is biased in the hands of Prof Tey, as the Dean of Law Faculty and President Tony Tan's son-in-law, Chesterman stated - there are adequate channels and MANY opportunities for the students of NUS (and by extension the defendant) to report this type of abuse. Why didn't the defendant do so?

    (iii) It has yet to be PROVEN that sexual gratification did RESULT in an improvement in grades of the defendant.

    It is very clear from this entire judiciary process that the establishment is out to get Prof Tey and exaggerate his motives to be more sinister than it is.

    1. Agree. Willing buyer; willing seller. No grades affected. Similar to Palmer and Mango. If charge him for abusing his authority, what about Palmer? Mango's sister did get a PA post. That considered gratification?

    2. #Freemyinternet6/03/2013 4:50 PM

      Agree to point 1 and 3.
      My view is that she has a genuine crush on the Professor, and the latter simply seize the opportunity in moment of lust.

      All said and done, it doesn't take away the fact that he was/is very brilliant with his job. I appreciate and thank him for the bold and outspoken academic works (which is rare or non-existent) where he has contributed to the citizens of singapore, particularly this piece In light of the recent MDA fiasco. It should be a must read for all SGreans, PRs and Foreigners working here there are more than meets the eye in the superficial all-is-well Singapore.

  6. Actually not sure in the end if this was a sex-for-grades or sex-for-gifts case. If NUS said its grading system was not compromised, and she got a B not a distinction, and with the small fine and weeks jail, it sure as hell doesn't look like a corruption case. More like he may have a loose and corrupt mind to take advantage of her, but that is his moral failure. How is that still a corruption? In the scheme of things, those fines were pretty petty, just like the CSJ courier fee. When we look back 10 years from now, we will be laughing at it once again.

    1. Handsome man...6/03/2013 5:13 PM

      Sure, we can all laugh.

      Except the one who had to go through the process. These cases are the result of someone high up the chain who thinks morality is the singular trait that must be upheld.

      Regardless if both male & female are willing parties, the male will always be punished and very visibly too. These "inquiries" are held often within companies particularly Temasek linked ones. They seem to have a template to handle these cases and the results of the "hearings" are similar too...the male will be booted out and ostracised.

      Unless you are of the same breed as a retired speaker of parliament.. you will be hanged, cut and dried.

      Take note: morality and ethics is different.

    2. TLCs except SingTel whose CEO went on to F&N to monetise Temasek's investment.

  7. So now that all the professors who dared to stand out (and at least one stood up) have been fixed, can the holy penang Cow grant the highly independent judiciary the chance to hear some juicy details of bromptongate? I would consider voting for papigs if the details are juicier than blowjobs, quickies and baskets of mangoes. How?

  8. I just have 2 questions for tattler:

    Did the girl's grades show a "marked improvement" as a result of this liason relative to her grades before her affair? Did the prosecution show evidence of this?

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  10. He told her 'to get rid of it'.

    Is that in writing? Or some other black and white media?

  11. It would not be fair if the Senior District Judge happened to work with Tey previously - they might have some bad blood between them.

    And his bold articles?

    Why do only the men get it?

  12. The charge is getting sex to give better grades.

    The charge is not about the person's character. The guilty verdict is just that, yet the person's character is further demonised... for the fun of it.

    Such is the hallmark of our system.. to appear absolutely moralistic. Once the focus is on the charge itself, the image of the person will be different.

    What about the character of the accuser? Angelic I suppose? Lets have a balanced perspective.

    It takes 2 hands to clap.... otherwise it would be charges of rape and molestation.

    The purpose & intent of these proceedings is to put a permanent stain on the person... not about truth and justice.

  13. Too many people are missing the red herrings for the real things.

    Was Leslie Chew arrested for those TWO cartoons that were highlighted, or for the other more damning cartoons?

    Was Prof Tey hounded because of sex? This is the guy who published "Legal Consensus: Supreme Executive, Supine Jurisprudence, Suppliant Profession of Singapore". In my view, the very title of this book is enough to get the Prof into hot soup.