Friday, October 25, 2013

Properly Fixed

Hours after being convicted for 6 charges of corruption and sentenced to 5 months in prison, law associate professor at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Tey Tsun Hang was dismissed by his employer. Tey claims that Dean of NUS Law Faculty Simon Chesterman had telephoned to apologise a few days later, saying that he had merely been the executor of orders from upstairs.

It would have been nice to have Lieutenant-General Desmond Kuek apologise for the sacking of blogging trainman "Gintai", citing similar lame excuse of merely being the executor of orders from upstairs. It would fit nicely into the template of rule by law, not of law. Really langgar.

SMRT Director for Media and Marketing Communications Ms Boey said that his "misconduct" would have compromised the public as well as his own safety, giving impression that Gintai was a recalcitrant repeat offender. Boey would not divulge further how many times he was counselled and how many warning letters he had ignored. Apparently entering the train via the rear cab instead of the front one was deemed an act of "compromising safety and security breaches." By those draconian standards, the CEO who stinged on maintenance to maximise bonuses should have been sent to the firing squad.

Gintai may have dedicated 18 years of his working life making sure the trains were launched on time, but he compromised his own safety and security when he blogged from 20 Oct 2011 to 20 Oct 2012. Unbeknownst to this innocent soul, his career was already derailed when some Benedict Arnold of a grassroots volunteer delivered him to the den of K. Shanmugan over a post on affordability of HDB flats. Be aware of smiling tigers. The Bard had warned:
Where we are,
There's daggers in men's smiles: the near in blood,
The nearer bloody. 

Gintai was also accused of passing an underground station without stopping, but the experienced train officer knew it was on auto mode. What he is learning the hard way is that the executing hands are always in control, always on the look out to fix the opposition. Whether the SMRT CEO was another pawn, like Simon the law faculty dean, or the one with finger on the firing button is another addition to the skeletons in the cupboard. On the day of reckoning, those with stained hands will have a hard time hiding:
"Here's the smell of the blood still. All the
perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this
little hand. O, O, O! "


  1. If there is any pawn around
    I must say that they are the
    Most willing pawns around.
    why not with hundreds of thousand and even million
    Sin Dollars as annual incomes?

    Even if they have to hide in their
    Ivory towers and not be seen outside it for fear of others spitting at their stench, they will do it.


  2. And to think that CPIB Director Eric Tan was merely redeployed to other duties for his supervisory lapses in the misappropriation of $1.7 million by his Assistant Director Edwin Yeo Seow Hiong. Recall how Chee Soon Juan, a few months after joining the SDP in 1993, was dismissed from NUS over a $200 postage charge. There was a pawn here too. If they want to get you, they will find a way. Here the punishment do not always fit the crime - such is the unseen hand.

  3. And they have him sacked in the midst of coming up with the Fair "whatever-U-you-want-name-it" except that it was nothing that was fair in the first place in the eyes of the public.

    What to do, when we have hypocrites in governance?

  4. Its easy to "do people in".

    First, create a culture of 'tell tales'
    Second, promote the back stabbing ( by non interference)
    Third, wait for the opportunity to record the 'misbehaviour'

    Unless you are in the good books of the 'hidden' hand.. you are a dead duck. Such is the work climate that is run by close affiliates of the same school.

    It seems to happen to lots of rank & file.. with the rare instances of Chee SJ.. Teh.. these will often take more elaborate techniques... but the approach is the same.
    Remember the Far Eastern Review journalist.. Ho Kwon P??
    The drama just to silence... tsk, tsk..

    Its a pit full of snakes I tell ya.

  5. If other train drivers enter the rear all the time, then why is he the only one sacked?

    It sounds like personal persecution from the highest order, much, much worse than the sacking of the pregnant church worker?

    1. By the way, maybe the SMRT PR need to explain why entering the rear is so offending like the 377A law?

    2. The MIW use the rear entrance all the time - the filthy GRC opening. How else did the keechiu general become minister without a single vote of support from the electorate?

  6. Haha.....

    The Rear Entry or enter by the back door hanging onto the Coattail had been in vogue since GRC was implemented. And there was no need for the people to keechiu to get into the Cabinet.

  7. They are not interested in fixing the trains.
    They are only interested in fixing the people.

    1. you've hit the nail on the head!

      it is said that when an elephant is dying, it flaps and flops around ALOT, and makes a lot of noise.

    2. I am sure they are interested in fixing the train,
      But how to with 5.5 M expanding to 6.9M ?
      They know many of the 60% no matter how daft will abandon them in 2016 if things do not improve.

      Fixing the people is a two way sword.
      It can create fear but it will also create hatred and hatred will eventually lead to tragedy for MIW

  8. this is the conduct of CPIB and it is very questionable.

  9. I think the key is not whether Teh or Tang or Chee were sacked after they were "discovered". Its the entire espionage network that spies on everyone, from your whatsapp SMS (to whichever underage or overage pleasure worker) to your comments on blogs, to the photos you post on fb to the very websites you frequent. You better believe that red dot is an integral and indispensable "benefiting" partner of PRISM. If you're wondering where the home team water carriers have all gone, just look at their imposing building totally jam-proof doing signal intelligence on your every word spoken or typed.

    Sheeple keep missing the big picture on blogs like this, the threat is not the punishment, its the big brother society you live in, its your imprisoned country which is actually nothing but a bird cage - there will be no leegime change unless.... next time you wonder why your nice missed out on a chance on a job she was very sure of landing after a great interview, you just need to go thru your comments here.

    Oh, we might as well welcome back the pap trolls and their 50cts commenting brigade civil servants monitoring social blogs, yes you there! please feel free to share the establishment views, at least we know you're watching, makes us feel we are being taken care of. Thanks.

  10. Why complain? They have made it plain that carrying out the orders of the powers that be is the order of the day didn't they? It starts from the top - the President shall act in accordance with the "advice" of the PM, states the Constitution.

  11. Just wonder why the need for a president if the Latter has to act or rather ONLY ACT on the Advice of the Prime Minister.


    1. This is called the "independence" of the Singapore Presidency.