Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Truth Can Be Pretty Nasty

Now we know why no food stamps will ever be distributed in Singapore, and healthcare will never be free. Even Dr Toh Chin Chye had maintained that citizenry should be entitled to free medical services. Agence France-Presse's report of the Wikileaks has this quote:
"MM Lee noted that he had learned from living through three and a half years of Japanese occupation in Singapore that people will obey authorities who can deny them food, clothing and medicine.”

There is an exception to the rule of course, as in the freebies promised by his son in the coming election budget. Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a stern statement chastising the leak, saying that disclosing such confidential document would only "serve to sow confusion". And screw up the whole election strategy.

Given the many parallels that abound in the family influences on Singapore and North Korean style government, say succession plans, the other disclosure in the US diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks is disturbing: “They are psychopathic types, with a ‘flabby old chap’ for a leader who prances around stadiums seeking adulation.” The laps around the pool and a strict exercise regime may have gotten rid of the flab around the waist, but the part about seeking world stage adulation is pretty obvious. The unsavoury comments about another country's head of state were found in a document detailing a conversation between Lee and US deputy secretary of state James B. Steinberg in May last year. It's not too late to cancel your Christmas holiday plans for Pyongyang.

But what should really rile you is his justification for giving special treating to PRC scholars or new-wave Chinese migrants: "MM Lee noted that his own experience as a student in the UK had left him with an enduring fondness for the UK. When he spent two months at Harvard in 1968, an American professor had invited him home for Thanksgiving. This was not the sort of thing that happened in the UK, and Lee had realized he was dealing with a different civilization. In the future, China’s leaders will have PhDs and MBAs from American universities, he predicted.” Taiwan's Foreign Minister Chen Tan-sun detected just as much when George Yeo spoke at UN's General Assembly in 2004, "It was nothing but an effort to embrace China's 'balls', forgive me using such a word".


  1. The nasty truth is yet to be revealed. LKY didn't just lived under Jap occupation but actually worked for them. I am inclined to believe he thrived while serving his Jap masters. Why not? if one is gifted with a forked tongue and is prepared to be an informer cum backstabber.

  2. It is bad enough he colloborated with the enemies. The Chinese have a term for that, 漢奸. He sure qualifies as one. What really riles me is he took a leaf out of how the Japanese Occupation Army treated the locals and apply it to his own people. What description do you give to such a person?

  3. When he cried crocodile tears, it was revealed he warned newspapers not to publish him smiling.

    Now it was revealed that he actually spoke badly of other foreign statesmen when in private conversation with US diplomats.

    What other secrets do we not know yet of such a powerful but scary person ?

  4. Let's hope that at this age he has done all the damage he can do and he is just waiting to meet his maker.

  5. Can't wait for him to kick the bucket.

  6. This mofo needs to die.

  7. ...yes and soon...luckily the nearest medical treatment that allows one to slow or stop aging is about 10 - 20 years away from now...

    Too bad lau lee missed it out...

    as for us...we will lived at least 200 years and more then lau lee want he got so much money or use to him as he will be six feet under...

    Unless some idiot invent a resurrection potion to bring back the deceased...than we have to be worried and piss off all over again.

    : (

  8. One who works for the enemy does two things at one go and that means he/she betrays and becomes traitor. 'chu mai'='betrayal' makes one a 'han zhian' ie traitor.

  9. Actually, the above quote from LKY is just a observation of LKY about human beings in general. What he means is that North Koreans is unlikely to disobey the Kim's dynasty.

    In working for the Japanese as an employee of their civil administration, who does LKY betray?

    a) the british empire ? It is ok to betray the british as LKY finally make Britan grant Singapore independent.
    b) the Chinese race? He is a Baba. Thus not strictly chinese.
    c) the Singapore nation? not formed yet until 23 years later in 1965. (1965-1942=23)

  10. @Anonymous @2.24 pm, 2 Dec

    Boy, that's the biggest cop-out I've read so far from a LKY apologist.
    "LKY is a Baba" it's okay for him to betray the Chinese?!?!?
    You might as well add
    "d) LKY is a beast, so it's okay for him to betray human beings".

    With your sense of logic, you'll go far in the PAP.

  11. ‘flabby old chap’ for a leader who prances the stadium seeking adulation"
    Talk about a pot calling a kettle black but doesn't that remark sound closer to home?
    Its bad enough he derides its leader, but to label the whole population "psychopathic types" is uncalled for.
    Heaven helps us if the Pyongyang decides to aim some of their missles at us

  12. I'd be happy if Kim Jong Il send some of his agents to put a red dot between his eyes rather than blowing up the whole island with one of his Rodong missiles. Afterall, the man in the street have no quarrel with Kim. Only LKY's big mouth. I bet he will shit his pants if he ever see red laser moving around his bedroom at night searching for a target.

  13. The NK leadership is indeed psychotic. Time to call a spade a spade.

  14. LKY is indeed senile. Time to call a spade a spade.

  15. It's about time that people realize that behind all the crap about building the country and serving people is a power hungry greedy bastard who sold his honor to serve the Japs and betrayed his own people and he claims credit . I will celebrate when he dies