Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Mouse That Roared

Finger pointing in the wrong direction, Lee Hsien Loong missed the quiet mice in his own team in Parliament. The brigadier general was never strong in marksmanship anyway, he was bested by his own papa at a rifle range in Brunei.

Raymond Lim obviously zipped his lips after being dethroned from his million dollar perch. He was not about to give his successor any tips on running the Transport Ministry, not for a paltry $16,000 a month anyway.

The surprise revelation - and this is according to Hansard, the name for Parliamentary records - is that Goh Chok Tong spoke only once in Parliament since he was re-elected in 2011. He finally got off his seat-warmer bum in February 2013 to support the divisive Population White Paper. He was one of the 77 PAP MPs who endorsed the 6.9 million "planning parameter".
"Regarding population size, I, too, am not sure about the idea of having 6.9 million people. Many Singaporeans cannot imagine how that can work, when their daily experience with 5.3 million people is of crowded trains and buses. It is good that Deputy Prime Minister Teo has reiterated and reassured all of us that 6.9 million is only a planning parameter and not a policy target."

If the parameter is the bull's-eye of a target, and the arrows are estimates, then a relatively high absolute value for the bias means the average position of the arrows is off-target, and a relatively low absolute bias means the average position of the arrows is on target. They may be dispersed, or may be clustered. The relationship between bias and variance is analogous to the relationship between accuracy and precision. Notice the accuracy and precision is specified to a first decimal point. Not 6, not 7, but exactly 6.9 million.

Goh's skewed understanding of the fable of the rooster that crows when the sun rises is that the feathered creature was claiming credit it could cause the sun to rise. Thanks to alternate voices, we now know the rooster was heralding the dawn of a new day.


  1. /// The brigadier general was never strong in marksmanship anyway, he was bested by his own papa at a rifle range in Brunei. ///

    It was actually shown on the news on TV. I remembered watching it vividly. Singapore was trying to sell the SAF made sub-machine gun. He was spraying all over the ground in front of the target instead of onto the target. What we called in NS a WO-WO King. What a way to sell your weapon!

    1. This PM just shooting blanks.

      Anyhow spray (all his posters) and pray (tua pek gong) even. They must hope somethings will stick.

    2. So does it mean our PM is spinning out another lie to fool Singaporeans when the actual records speak for themselves ?

      No wonder people are wondering why sometimes he has to utter the phrase "in complete honesty" when he spoke as if at other normal times he is not really that completely honest with us ?

    3. They are prone to gross profiteering ( highest paid) and gross exaggeration (1 GRC loss is called watershed) and gross mudslinging (jeyaratnam, CSJ, WP, and many more and gross misrepresentation (5m to 6m to 7m and so on).

      The people who lived long enough have eyes to see.

  2. great article- fantastic irrefutable statistical proof on who the real mice are in parliament.

    1. Aiyo, how come some white mices become so lazy and lethargy ......

      Old man not around nobody to spur their hides .....?

      How come never set good examples how to gain sinkies respect, confidence and trust?

  3. According to TMG report link, the noise total of the 4 semi-retired Ministers mice - Raymond, Mah, WKS and GCT didn't even exceed 5 times , much less than Png and Lilian each who came in as new MPs half way.

    That is 192k per year per MP x4 years = 3mil dollars.
    Tell me, how many cardboards would the back wrenching old folks have to collect and sell their lifetime in order to make that sort of living?

    So not only do absolute monopoly and familiarity breeds contempt but also laziness. Voters ought to think thrice about resending those hangers on like Bala, LSS, GCT and Khaw who have seen it all to want to account to new alternative members who can bring fresh ideas and approaches to tackling the new days forward. Unlike those too entrenched in power and old mans way of hard truths, they can really take us into the perpetual sunset based on broken (track) records.

    1. That makes 三只老鼠 three white mice in Marine Parade lor.

      Edwin Tong and Fatimah attendances and speaking records are hardly impressive. Either Marine Parade residents are such a worry free bunch, or they are too wealthy to pay for duds who in turn delegates to those RC/CCCs and PA fiefdom to mob the people around lah.

    2. Time is money $ for big shot lawyer.
      The low attendance rate is one thing, the low speak out rate is another. It clearly shows the deteriorating state or severity of group think in the parly house. Is inexcusable to only think their jobs as MP is merely an estate contractors. Any donkeys can outsource these to developers from cheaper better faster workers from 3rd world and just throw in a landscape architect or contractor to do the job. Why squander 4-5 years of opportunity cost at the expense of citizens!!

      Please make LHL wish come through. Is the quality that counts not quantity. At 80 excessive MPs, he really only need 20-30 cabinet ministers. We need to send it more tigers and remove some overweight and underwhelmed chimpanzees.

  4. Aiya, where got time for Parliament. They are so busy like tigers looking after their directorships, shares, business interests. If you want value for money, you know who to vote for, and which deadwood to give the boot. Don't be seduced by Ah Loong's talk. It's just that, talk only. So vote wisely.

    I say, one of Ah Loong's favourite topics is the Marina Bay - the Casino, Gardens by the Bay, F1 circuit, the Barrage, etc. He is so proud of it, he will crow over this to no end, and claims to have kept his promise. If we did not ask for it, then it is not a promise, tio bo? Another "promise" is to develop the Paya Lebar Airbase. Does anyone, aside from the developer cronies, want this?

    The term "planning parameter" is just semantics to lull us. So you plan and build for 6.9 million, then if the 6.9 million don't come, it is a white elephant. So die die must have 6.9 million in the end, right?

    1. We are appalled to read this Sunday crap paper who even dishonestly claimed that there is no one single issues that stood out. They must either blatantly helping this govt to cover up the sentiments from the grounds or they choose to ignore it hoping it will go away?

      IMMIGRATION ---6.9m ----JOBS

      Almost all rallies I have been and every oppo parties are drumming up the White elephant in the room . They are sharing anecdotes and stories or residents losing PMETS jobs to skilled foreign workers where Singaporeans last policy have been practiced unfairly on the workplace! Are they deaf, blind and mute all the same ?

      Looks like voters need to send a major rejection to PMLees bad policies which he and his team pushed through with impunity. Voting for 1/3 opposition seats is the only sure way to untangle the mess he has and will continue to ramp ahead for the next 10-15 yrs if fresh mandate is given.

      I hope voters are hazed over by all the niceties and meats they thrown at them. At stakes are jobs for our husbands, boyfriends, brothers and sons, and NOT PAPs political renewal.

    2. ..voters are not hazed over....correction.

    3. The 7 wonders of singapore aka the wasteful vanity projects touted by tan Soo Khoon.

      Below the radar were those humongous international schools, Canada and Japanese schools you name it all popping up like mushrooms in the east. The airports torn down and rebuilt in less 10'years will be expanded and paya Lebar does that benefits me the local residents? Did they vote for you to get all these facilities and upgrades and red carpets? No wonder even foreigners can be CC or simisai RCC MDs and leaders lah. How much legalised business patronages are happening without the people's knowledge? Do they have to wake up one rude morning to find that it's not the MPs that get things done but the Mafia in the grass roots who will soon ask for protection money?

    4. Some rc people staying in heartland areas seem to be not working for many, many years yet many of them are seen living comfortably with new and big cars.

      Really lazy lor ......

      Are they really sincere or genuinely out to serve residents?


  6. // Goh's skewed understanding of the fable of the rooster that crows when the sun rises is that the feathered creature was claiming credit it could cause the sun to rise. //

    Char tow was not old man's first choice for no reason.

    1. //I only spoke once. But once is enough. It has impact//

      And so impactful , the PWP bill was passed.
      Enough said.

    2. This obsolete dinosaur comments about "meats thrown at sinkies ", nomads and rooster are really rude and disrespectful!

    3. When someone say "you are a prostitute." Is different from "don't be a prostitute". Tio bo?

      Somebody ought to give K Shanmugam a proper Hokkien 101. Telling one "don't be a barking guard dog" is the same logic and sound advice.

      Please also avoid your own occupational hazard. Don't simisai also law suits.

  7. Being a "senior statement", compared to old man's class comments, lao goa's comments are really those of the low culture when he likened sinkies to nomads, roosters and being "dogs" with meats thrown at them.

    Sinkies should demand an apology from his couth and unstateman ridicule of sinkies.

    With such mentality, any wonder what sinkies meant to them, especially $600k++ is such a peanut to his family.

    1. Typo ....

      *** "senior statesman "

    2. ESM Goh was our 2nd Prime Ministers. Sinkies will not vote him out of office. In fact, sinkies will probably let him serve as permanent MP in Marine Parade till the day he kicks the bucket, just like Ah Gong in Tanjong Pagar.//

      From a horse mouth in grassroots. That explains why there are just unthinking citizens that deserved to be screwed over. We will see the quality of MP voters soon.

  8. When 600k is just a small peanut, how much is then not peanuts to them?

    600 million?

    Or 6 billions?

  9. Lao goa mentioned his white hairs ......

    Sinkies are not interested as it is inevitable for everyone on earth.

    What may interest sinkies are how much wealth lao goa's gluttonous policies such as assets enhancement, multi-million pay package etc since 1990 had allowed him to amass directly or indirectly?

  10. Lao Goa rolled out regressive taxation policy of indirect taxes in the form of GST in 1 April 1994 which is widely recognised to adversely impact the cost and standard of living of the lower income the most.

    After wreaking havoc on lower income sinkies with such policies for 20+ years, lao goa further rubbed salts on sinkies wound by likening them to "dogs with meats thrown at them" ......

    Sinkies have been utterly demeaned and humiliated by this char tow. Karma is a bitch. Stay calm and let karma finish it.

  11. Remember PAP has not completely abandoned the 6.9m Population White Paper, they only said it is a planning parameter. But recently they try to take credit saying they planned for the long term.

    So now which is which ? Does it mean the 6.9m Population will always be the target they are aiming just like the AIM Scandal ?

    PAP really sucks, isn't it ?

    1. I suspect the new planning target is 10million as LKT said. The gov just kept quiet.

      I'm ashamed that Char Tow was our PM before. Such low grade comments from one who was head of the country and now holding Esteemed status.

  12. Very good juxtaposition of two stories on the front page of Today newspaper today. Shows a half-page photo of Marina Bay shrouded in haze. The bottom half-page was headlined "Focus on big picture, PM urges votes, as hustings hit half way mark."

    How apt and how ironic. Yes, the PAP show focus on the big picture and solve the haze problem that recurs year after year and is a health hazard. Instead of focusing on the town council problem which so be the job of an estate manager, not a parliamentarian. Even if you want to talk about mice, please focus on the rats in Bukit Batok.....

    1. ...... the PAP should focus on ........

    2. " Yes, the PAP show focus on the big picture and solve the haze problem that recurs year after year and is a health hazard. "
      @ 9/06/2015 5:16 PM

      PAP should so this
      PAP should do that.
      Please wake up lah.

      PAP is not that good anymore.
      Instead, Singaporeans should focus on the big picture.
      Vote in more Alternative Parties to enlarge the talent pool in parliament.

      LHL's son may very well be the son of a dud.

    3. @ 6.16pm

      // LHL's son may very well be the son of a dud.//

      U referring to the father or the mother?

    4. Sheep-wrecked9/06/2015 7:35 PM

      The irony is not lost on me when GCT used the cruise ship analogy, likening the Opposition is like the cruise ship with casinos, gambling, exciting, entertainment etc but has a destination-to-nowhere.

      LMAO. gotta give him that I tell ya.

      I mean oh wait..who approved and built the casinos and has a clear destination directly into an ice peak? Actually what's the point of rearranging the deck chairs if titanic is sinking?!
      Who cares about your deck chairs leadership renewal when your captain ran cruise control and have already shipwrecked us?

      Recommend GCT go watch the Tai Ping Crossing 2 episode because he will certainly relate to it.
      The horn blowing now is to tell passengers to put on their safety jackets and get ready to board alternative ships coming to their rescue.

      Of course, Passengers can choose to gingerly go back to their lower deck like the obedient korean children following their paternalistic captain advise and all drown along with MV Sewol.

    5. PM Lee is right. Focus on big picture.

      This is not about the People Aristocrat Party.

      A 50 - 45 seats (PAP: Opp) will bring the much needed balance to the house and invite robust debate and in depth policy changes for the citizens that has been grossly overlooked.

      Those days when the country can be run by only 1 dimensional party is long gone. They no longer have monopoly on ideas, talents and concentration of power.

      Recalibrating the balance of power to restore our nation is the right thing to do to ensure Singapore's survival. It helps to put untested leaders through baptism of fire and train their resilience. Riding on coat tails and hiding behind anchor Ministers are cowardly.

      It makes them work harder, listen better, engage promptly and not take citizens for granted.

      No nostalgia for past 50 years because it was celebrated. No sympathy votes for LKY because eulogy and grieving was over. Singaporeans are practical and pragmatic people. They want to look forward and will know what's best now is to start seeding for a stronger govt. The only gratefulness is that we have a group of fresh and qualified talents who has come forward or been quietly laboring behind the past decades. Our next PM or govt could come from opposition, not just PAP.

      Yes, if you want to vote for oppo, vote. Nothing will go wrong if you dont vote for PAP. Don't let him chain the same fear around your neck and place the blame on your "wrong voting". This sort of archiac fear mongering for fear sake is over. It only works on older and un-sophisticated voters that the PAP has majority bloc of. They are fond to such tactics.

      People judge themselves by their own intentions. And judge others by their behavior. So yes, it is not strange psychology to think the current PAP govt is doing the bad things and hurt citizens they fail to realize in spite of their good-intentions.

      The fact that PM Lee thinks is strange is proof he just didn't "get it". His blind spots are so blind, he and his team suffer from cognitive dissonance.

  13. // Thanks to alternate voices, we now know the rooster was heralding the dawn of a new day. //

    With lao goa, for sinkies, everyday is darkness.

    Without alternatives, everyday is pitch dark for sinkies.

    With alternatives, a new dawn heralds, a new beginning beckons, a new day is born ....... Coo coo coo coo coo ....... ...... ......

  14. // Finger pointing in the wrong direction, Lee Hsien Loong missed the quiet mice in his own team in Parliament. //

    "It doesn't matter whether it is a light blue mice, red mice, yellow mice, orange mice, white-orange mice, dark blue mice, purple mice, green mice, as long as it voices out against wasting money for more white elephants, it is a good mice!" Author: Pragmatic Sinkie

    1. Ya.

      That's right?

      Many WHITE mices very LAZY leh ........ Eat sleep eat sleep ...... So now Sinkieland ends up with so many white elephants and counting ....... WHITE mices have been derelict in their sacred DUTY! Taxpayers monies spent on WHITE mices have gone to waste?

  15. If it weren't for the social media and bloggers like Tattler, voters would have swallowed whole whatever untruths dished out by Pappies via their sycophants-Mediacorpse and SPH. Just like constant attack of AHPETC, people now get to know why PAP TCs were performing relatively better -by virtue the pork barrels of partisan civil service institutions like MDN AND PA dispensing MND grants and CIPC funds.
    Pappies were actually talking to the mirror without knowning it

  16. Ah Loong said during NDR 2015 that the prices of rice for house brands and others are generally kept low and affordable for low income sinkies family.

    It doesn't seem to be that true .....

    Despite negative core inflation headline numbers in the past months, the latest check and comparison of most rice brands including house brands had gone up by easily 10 to 20% .....

    1. Perhaps, Seah Kian Peng, NTUC CEO can explain why the apparent huge increase in prices of basic necessities such as rice in the past 6 to 12 months despite oil prices crashing to multi-year low, core inflation figures falling for past months .....?

      Can Seah publish the last 6 to 12months prices of the various brands of rice and many other households essentials?

      If not and there seem a huge increase in overall prices, who to believe?

  17. I thought LHL said his was a sampan?

    Anyway, didn't his own ex-Navy chief already threw in the towel and jumped ship? So who is steering the wheel now?

    Methinks the destination route is to sail to China pick up 1 million PRs and millionaires, then enroute India to pick up more EP pass workers due to CECA agreement, and the rest of routes will detour the usual places for military equipment, drugs and money near Myanmar and Cambodia before docking back to port?

    Ship of prosperity for yew, with yew and for singapore. HUAT AH !!!


      Lim Swee Say truly lived up to his name for fasterer and betterer when it comes to insulting Malaysia and China in one single statement. One stone kill two birds. It would be a great delight to see him re-skill himself in skillfuture if he gets boot out. I am sure he will not have problem finding similar jobs that pay him gross profits after redesigned his job at 61yo. He will have earned tremendous street cred with those thousands of PMETs aged 45-55yo and he can be the living positive examples for this silent and prejudiced groups of unemployed who does not exist anywhere in MOM database, or MTI job creation segment.

      Huat ah...!!!

  18. With Yew.
    For Yew.
    For Aliens and Millionaires in Singapore.

  19. Ownself built casinos, own self gamble (swf) own self goaled!!

    Hahaha don't board his sunset cruise lah. No amount of rooster crowing can save him from drowning now.

    1. And own self check own self, oops, I mean own self check-mate own self.

  20. When the white mixes don't speak up for sinkies, sinkies have to speak up for themselves!

    With the current about 5.6m population, sinkies lifestyles are already severely curtailed!

    What to talk about healthy lifestyle when the public pools on weekends are jam packed with a sea of foreigners turning it into a salty pool some more with their indiscriminate urination instead of going to the toilet to pee?

    1. Stupid autocorrect!

      Should be "When the white mice " ......

  21. How many sinkies want 6.9m population to flood every inch and millimetre of sinkieland, pls kee chiu?

    By 2020, likely there will be 6.1m people in sinkieland given current liberal and lax leg open big big floodgates!

    Sinkies probably would be like guppies grasping for fresh air and oxygen in an overpopulated fish tank! Siao! Too late liao!

  22. Given current trend, at 2015, about 25% of university places are reserved for foreign students and their education, lodgings and living expenses sponsored using taxpayers money!

    This is crazy and utterly nonsense!

    By 2020, when more places are taken away and given freely, generously to foreign students at sinkies children expense, how many sinkies parents will need to sell their flats and houses to downgrade so as to sponsor their kids for an overseas university education?

  23. How many sinkies can accept that their CPF will be jailed for a life sentence?

    The original lockup for sinkies CPF was originally till 55. Quietly the sentence has been unilaterally extended without sinkies consent till 65 and soon 67 and beyond .....

    As sinkies age, the date to reunite with their lifelong fruits of labour ( cpf savings ) becomes an illusive target ....... This is totally unacceptable!

  24. By adopting a non-independent interest rate monetary policy and thus tracking advanced countries rate such as the US at near zero interest rate, the irresponsible and greedy aristocrats had at the same time allowed immigrants to increase by 0.1 million every year!

    This is a double whammy!

    Huge inflationary asset bubbles in real estates are created and inevitable when deposits in banks pay next to nothing. Allowing unabated liberal immigration policies only exacerbate and compound the escalating rental cost which is a huge chunk or component of the monthly business cost of any venture.

    1. Does it need an economist to figure out why sinkieland is infamous for being the most costly city worldwide to live in?

  25. Depleted and raided sinkies cpf accounts due to high hdb flat prices.

    Depleted and raided sinkies bank accounts due to high rental cost causing high cost of living in the MOST EXPENSIVE CITY in the universe!

    Depleted and almost empty sinkies retirement accounts due to sponsoring sinkies children university education.

    1. Sinkies should do some soul searching and ask themselves are they happy?

      What would happen in their lives going forward?

      Given the circumstances, are there future and retirements not in jeopardy?

    2. Given current trajectory, how many sinkies in the future would need to work between 65 to 95 years old picking up card boards and clearing food courts tables?

      Is that the twilight years livestyle sinkies look forward to after a lifetime of toil?

      Is that a fulfilled promise of a Swiss Standard of Living?

    3. Singgies are easily satisfied:

      1. Hawker centers
      2. NTUC deals
      3. Giant hypermkts
      4. Aircon bus
      5. Aircon train
      6. Aircon office
      7.Aircon shopping malls
      8. NDP
      10. Deepavali lights
      11. Hari Raya lights
      12. Johore Bahru

      They very happy with all this.

  26. After the 2009 GFC Lehman Bros S$500,000,000.00 minibonds fiasco, sinkieland had its worst stock market gargantuan fiasco of S$8,000,000,000.00 in late 2013 emanating from 3 penny stocks, namely Blumont, Liongold and Asiasons.

    As reported in the above article: "The sudden implosion of Blumont, LionGold and Asiasons Capital – after huge run-ups in their share price earlier in the year had turned them briefly into billion-dollar companies – left many in the market mystified and raised question marks over whether the exchange missed red flags and was too slow to act."


      15 months later in Jan 2015, according to a report by The Edge financial magazine, there were more questions than answers.

      Is this the accountability that is acceptable in our society after apparently S$8,000,000,000.00 were wiped off?

    2. Who is in charge of this matter and what has been done?

      When a "crippled" Mas Selamat amazingly escaped from a prison in 2007, Wong Kan Sing was supposedly held accountable.

      For the $8 billions penny stock fiasco of Blumont, LionGold and Asiasons, who was held accountable? Nobody was in charge?

    3. Who was in charge?
      Who was accountable?

      Ultimately, the people to blame are the 60% Sinkies who voted in the government in GE 2011 who let these things happen.

  27. PAP the Pompous Aristocrat Party also been "growing" the pie (6.9m). They can also have their pie and eat it. We just have to make sure is humble pie!

    The arrogance and ignorance of any discussion around population is alarming. To date, they keep giving motherhood statement and refuse to give any clear data or even outline any plans to do with 2/3 argument for singapore core?!

  28. From a facebook commentator ;-

    Dear ESM Goh,

    You said "I spoke up once, but once was enough. It was impactful. That's all I need to say."

    But countless issues of national importance affected us during the past four years. And continue to affect us today.

    For example, transportation woes, a stagnating state-dominated economy in need of invigoration, rising costs of living, increasing income inequality, high ministerial salaries, increasing xenophobia, discontent with immigration and foreign talent policies, CPF, a high-stress education system, recurring haze pollution, healthcare, political partisanship and polarization, religious extremism, social and gender equality, elitism, poverty, escalating state censorship, religious encroachment in our secular space, rioting and civil disturbances.

    Just to name a few.

    Do you think that speaking up just once on one issue over one term is enough? Particularly in light of PM Lee's call to not vote in someone who would be a "mouse in the House"?

    Did you not have any views on any of the above or other issues, that you felt necessary to share with or to influence the rest of your Parliamentarians?

    Did you not feel that your Parliamentarians would have benefitted from hearing your views, given your vast experience as a former Prime Minister, when debating the above or other issues?

    Do you feel that speaking up just once in fulfillment of your core responsibility as a Parliamentarian, whilst drawing an annual salary of S$192,500 or S$770,000 over four years, could be regarded by the public as poor performance, poor value for our money or even neglect?

    How impactful did you assess your only speech on the Population White Paper to be, given that Parliament voted to approve the issue anyway according to the party whip?

    The people need to decide what is right thing to do.
    And while I like TCJ much as a person, I find it odd that he has been doing the runs by himself to garner votes. What happens to LHL's "If you want to run fast, run alone. If you want to run far, run together?" Has he become the proxy for the rest of his team mates?

  29. "It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything."

    Joseph Stalin

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