Thursday, March 31, 2011

For Want of A Better Name, StanChartGate?

Forced to come to terms with Watergate, Nixon told David Frost, "And so I can only say that in answer to your question that while technically I did not commit a crime, an impeachable offence - these are legalisms." As far as the handling of Watergate was concerned, he would only admit "it was so botched up, I made so many bad judgments."

Maybe the sentiments can be said of the MSM attempt to tar the netizens with "vicious comments" and "online vitriol", implying, of course, only they have access to the ugly truth.

But in this round, it looks like they kicked in their own goal. Their own investigative efforts only foraged out more dirt on the MP material. It turns out hubby Bernard Chan Teck Hock was served with a bankruptcy order but...
So why was the bankruptcy order withdrawn? Was Ms Foo such a powerful figure at the Standard Chartered Bank hierarchy? Worse, was StanChart given a directive by a higher up in the Cabinet to do the right thing (these too are legalisms)? Doubtless, the less restrained bloggers will have a field day with the more salacious variants - the blow by blow account will have to be rated R21. And you thought Clinton had it easy with the Monica Lewinsky disclosures.

The problem with people who don't bother with history, like the Janil Puthucheary who dismissed his father's incarceration as "something that... happened in the long history that we were told about", is that they never learned from the painful lessons either. And the bad judgements of the PAP will be repeated again in the future.


  1. By the way Bernard Chan Teck Hock is cousin to Vivien,TAN Poh-Pun [A used to be famous ex-Model]

  2. was it withdrawn or is this a smoke screen.

    can this be withdrawn?

    and you are right about who her husband is, and who his cousin is. someone even found him the phone book

  3. The above reader is disgusting. Do you have to invade the privacy of everybody else who are innocent with the list some decency.

  4. Bankruptcy lawyer3/31/2011 8:58 PM

    At law, bankruptcies are public matters and there is no issue of invasion of privacy. Frankly, I think that the MSM reported it wrongly. Yes, there was a bankruptcy application for a bankruptcy order by Standard Chartered Bank against Foo Mee Har's hubby for non-payment of a debt, but not all bankruptcy applications result in bankruptcy orders being made. If the debtor pays up before the hearing or an instalment plan is agreed upon and the debtor complies with it, it is common practice for the bankruptcy application to be withdrawn. If there was actually a bankruptcy order made (those who are curious to find out can pay a few bucks to do an online search at then, upon the payment of the debt to all creditors, the bankruptcy order will be annulled.

    Alternatively, if the debt is less than $500,000, the debtor will usually be able to get a discharge from his bankruptcy after 3 years from the date of the bankruptcy order if he has behaved well. It means that he does not travel out of Singapore without approval, gives regular 6 monthly reports to the Official Assignee, does not incur debts or apply for credit without notifying the other person that he is bankrupt.

    As usual, the ST is very careless with legal jargon, and this time, they have inflicted damage on the MIW. I am sure that there will be an apology and clarification in tomorrow's ST.

  5. the list was given out more than a week ago on other online forums.

    you just have to google to find more disgusting FACTS

  6. oh and you can also google the family tree... link also all over the internet...

  7. Agree with anon 8:24. Is one thing if someone willingly put her details out on the internet and he/she is running office, subject to public scrutiny. I think that is fair game.

    But to pull out a list of names that contain others who's not even the subject matter discussed here, is I think indecent. While it may be information that's available for public is another matter to deliberately expose them to public. If we as an individual does not know when not to cross the line, then everything is up for grab. Why not go after the mental or medical records too, why not go after marriage/divorce records too..and the list goes on.

  8. LOL
    im sure you will be quiet if it is the "opposition" we are talking about.

  9. I am voting for the Opposition. And it has nothing to do with a pro-or-against party vote. I'm talking about individual's decency to respect other privacy. Like I say, the person (& their family ties) running office should be the subject, not everybody else on that list. It could be better edited to just show her husband.

  10. well pls inform person who found the link. not me. sounds like someone who know them personally

  11. Stanchart is possibly co-opted by PAPies. Look at its shareholders behind.

  12. Inferring from @Bankruptcy lawyer, if a bankruptcy order was withdrawn, it implies that the bankruptcy application was successful. And the bankruptcy could have been discharged after the lapse of 3 years - without payment of a less than $500,000 debt. The keyword seems to be "withdrawn" - how, where and why.

  13. To curious:

    As I said, all can be revealed with a search at the IPTO website, or alternatively, at for a few dollars search fee. I was a schoolmate of the hubby, who was (and I am sure still is) a really nice guy, so I can bring myself to dig up the dirt on him.

    Bankruptcy Lawyer

    Strange that no one has commented that GIC is the single largest shareholder in Standard Chartered Bank, meaning that FMH may soon be in for a big promotion.

  14. Quote

    Discharge by Certificate of the Official Assignee The Official Assignee may, in his discretion, discharge you after a period of three years in bankruptcy and if the debts proved in the bankruptcy do not exceed S$500,000. In deciding whether to discharge you, the Official Assignee will take into consideration such factors as:

    -the cause of bankruptcy
    -the period of bankruptcy
    -your assets and payments to your bankruptcy estate for the benefit of your creditors
    -your conduct, and
    -the level of your co-operation given to the Official Assignee in the administration of your bankruptcy affairs.

    It is therefore in your interest to give your fullest co-operation to the Official Assignee in the administration of your estate so that he may exercise his discretion in your favour.


    So, all it takes to be discharged is to make friends with the Official Assignee - or get someone to give him a wink and a nudge. No wonder FMH refuses to talk about it.

  15. You can't have missed out the juicy details between Fool Me Har and her boss Wilson Chua who was the former head of StanChart Singapore's consumer banking.

  16. I'm definitely NOT voting for a slut who slept her way up the corporate ladder!

  17. Anon of 9:06 & 9:29 31st March: any fool can Google info and other details on the internet. Maybe those details could be inaccurate.

    Anyway, the issue should be Ms Foo the PAP candidate and not her family members or relatives. If any of you voters are not in favour of this candidate (for whatever reason), then please vote for the opposition instead. It's as simple as that.

    Make your voice heard at the ballot box and give the PAP a "strong message" for only looking after their own interests, and not doing a good job for ordinary Singaporeans.

  18. Foo Mee Har is apparently embroiled in some very damaging scandals that is churned out by her ex-colleagues at Standard Chartered Bank. She needs to clarify these before she goes further on this. And its not just about her husband's bankruptcy.

    Otherwise PAP will be very negatively impacted by her presence.