Thursday, March 24, 2011

Who Is Dominic Puthucheary?

Dominic Puthucheary appeared for Mohd
Adnan Robert and Joseph Pairin Kitingan
 in the 1985 Sabah state election case
Dominic Puthucheary was mentioned only once in Lee Kuan Yew's memoirs, "The Singapore Story", on page 367. He was described as one of the "Big Six" trade union leaders - including Lim Chin Siong, Fong Swee Suan, Sidney Woodhull, Jamit Singh and ST Bani - who called for "genuinely full internal government" and abolition of the Internal Security Council. Lee had private plans for keeping the latter, it would be his weapon of mass destruction for political adversaries.

His brother James Puthucheary was more active and featured on pages 159, 196, 209, 249, 290, 310, 312, 373, 378-81, 399, 473, and 513-14. Lee first met James in 1963 when he was released from St John's Island together with Samad Ismail and Devan Nair, and summed him up dismissively as "superficially clever but unreliable". Regardless of what Lee thinks, he was part of the English educated associates who helped the Chinese-educated to demolish the British colonial system, a first step for Singapore's path to independence. For all their nationalistic efforts, which included a spell in Changi prison, every single soul was swept up in the treacherous Operation Cold Store of 2 February 1963. Even Dominic Puthucheary was not spared.

Recent declassified documents from the British National Archives suggest that the “communist threat” was “played up” by then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew to persuade the British and Malayan governments to agree to a joint security operation to eliminate his political opponents in Singapore.

Then British Commissioner to Singapore Lord Selkirk told his superiors in London that:
“Lee is probably very much attracted to the idea of destroying his political opponents. It should be remembered that there is behind all this a very personal aspect…he claims he wishes to put back in detention the very people who were released at his insistence – people who are intimate acquaintances, who have served in his government, and with whom there is a strong sense of political rivalry which transcends ideological differences.”

It is hard to believe that a man of Janil Puthucheary's education level can fail to grasp the significance of the betrayal. But wait, this man openly declares that "the philosophy is not as important as the pragmatic implications for our state". Which speaks volumes of the heartless mercenary crowd he plans to hang out with, pillaging and raping peasants mercilessly to satiate their unquenchable lust for greed and power.


  1. Dominic just ask your pondan son to return home in midland please. As your son was as useless and a coward like you, who you absconded to Midland in pursuit of the "Men In White." Today your shameless botak son has brought about shame to you and your generations. Simply through affirmation of your so called Communist Criminal Activities, since those days whose pals were also arrested. Today all a big filthy joke ! Get your dumb son back before more shame blankets you for your stupidity of leaving Sinkieland. You should have followed the loyal heroic acts of JBJ by remaining here to gain the respects of the descendants of the GREAT SONS OF THIS SOIL LIKE J.B.Jeyaretnam . Who served their NS diligently without fear but pride for the JBJ sons' Singapore,with love !

  2. Dear Tattler,

    Were there tensions in the relationship between old man Puthucheary before Janil went over to the dark side? MSM report a love fest. Its hard to say...time will tell.

  3. The big story here is the apparent irrelevance of the 2 year National Service in nation building.

    Janil did not do NS. If he did not do his bit in nation building i.e. 2 year NS, then why has been chosed to serve the national interest in Parliament. But then the ruling party has allowed many foreigners to work and prosper in Spore without making them pay the huge price of 2 years in the Army.

    Sporeans should wake up to the reality that the 2 year NS may not be as important as they´ve been led to believe. They should not get upset if Janil did not do the 2 year NS.

    They should start asking themselves why anyone should do 2 yeat NS?

  4. Did you see the conditions CNA set for SDP. Well we should have other condition for people to be eligible to stand for election too. First all male candidates must have served National Service. Second they must be a Singapore Citizen by birth or been one for at least 15 years.

  5. For someone who has never served National Service, it is hard to imagine the real feeling of a Singaporean who does. Imagine in an extreme real battle condition, the feeling could be as bad but true as if in the shoes of this accidental nuclear samurai in The Fukushima Fifty when the top leaders go MIA. I wonder if he has even been put through a week of crashed course in our army's National Education programme. So what has he "fully invested" ?. Certainly not his youth for National Service.

    Read Link :-

  6. Whether is FMH or Janil, what we should be asking is WHY has it taken some of these "MP-calibre" candidates THAT long of a process to take up citizenship and become a Singaporean in the first place? And as soon as they have, they are being elevated to run for office in no time. In Shamugan's word, what exactly is the "message" that PAP is sending here? Is that their way or version of test-trial the conviction of the candidates? How hard can that be?

    Even in US, one needs to be a natural-born citizen & US resident for at least 7 yrs before eligible to run for the House of Reps. 9 Years for House of Senate, 14 yrs for Presidential office. The framers of the constitution has decided that these formative years was an adequate time span to comprehend these issues.

    So what's PAP trying to do here? When the rules of play or requirements are so lax - and these people don't necessary have the equivalent experience of understanding and getting involved with both our domestic heartlands and foreign issues are the reasons for the massive lack of empathy from our cabinet leaders that Singaporeans are fed-up with. And we have not even talked about the "loyalty" issue of non-NS serving candidates.

    This has become a place for mercenaries..anything goes. Money is the "route to all glory" in SG politics these days. So is rather amusing for WKS to question the motive and intention of the Opposition parties contesting for GRC seats.

  7. Tattler,
    because of Janil Puthucheary, i now have some idea who is Dominic Puthucheary.

    but unfortunately for Dominic Puthu, people like myself are inclined to believe both father and son are merely stooges of LKY and his PAP.

    perhaps Puthucheary senior is proud that his son Janil will seal a place in history serving the famiLee.

    i agree with netizens that Janil Puthu should go back to where he came from. ex NS/Reservist like myself do not take kindly to a wannabe politician who talks big without serving one freakin day in the military.

    i seriously cannot understand what the damn PAP sees in this dickhead as potential MP other than to use him as bait to draw the enemy's fire in actual military combat.
    and DPM Teo Chee Hian should take note.

  8. Personally I don't have issues with the candidates family background. ie what their parents and siblings have done before, or they even share the same political or religious beliefs. I think everyone is their own man/woman since no one can decide which family they are borned into. And let's face it, even between parent/children there can be differences on such values depending on ones education and exposure later on in their adult lives. If we were to so narrow-define these individuals with their borned familiar ties, then we are even going to short-change our talent pool further. However, agree with the above post, we need to evaluate the candidates on WHY and WHAT is their true intention to run office. These values or motivation does not and should not just happen overnight. And I think the MEDIA of ST (of course) are not asking the tough questions. Singapore voters should get to the bottom of their intentions and judge them on that merits/basis. I am highly skeptical with these high flying MPs whose sights are set for the million dollar post, instead of genuinely serving its people.

  9. The danger here is that while Dr Susan Lim was merely eyeing the Sultan of Brunei's richess, this Janil could be targetting the billions in our Sovereign Wealth. And we can forget about the selected President coming to the rescue - he's just a hired help. We asked him for a Presidential pardon to save a young life, and are told only the Cabinet can do that!
    I like what anon@March 24, 2011 1:49 PM pointed out:
    "Even in US, one needs to be a natural-born citizen & US resident for at least 7 yrs before eligible to run for the House of Reps. 9 Years for House of Senate, 14 yrs for Presidential office.
    The framers of the constitution has decided that these formative years was an adequate time span to comprehend these issues."

  10. kat hing wai3/24/2011 10:27 PM

    Janil has not served NS. If he comes to my constituency, I know who to vote for. Period.

  11. Instead of embracing his father's sacrifices, Janil has openly embraced ISA. Janil has pierced a dagger into his father's heart. Only an animal has no appreciation of history. No wonder he swept aside his promise to his wife so easily.

  12. JP may get away with NS but I can't understand how our DPM and Defense Minister can even have someone of his loyalties in his Ward. That's the bigger worry....

  13. I just feel like screaming my head off!!! They allow an ISA detainee's son to stand for election while I hv friends whom hv told me that their sons and nephews application to enter officer cadet school was rejected cos they had uncles or family members whom had been to prison before although they had all the criteria to be an officer. This joker is standing in my GRC, i know who I'm surely gonna vote for. God help us and our country. Peace and Love