Thursday, April 19, 2012

Whatever Happened To Brains?

The image of the US Secret Service, immortalised by Hollywood as sharp suited dudes with dark glasses and earpieces ready to take a bullet for the president, is being dragged through the mud after an agent offered a prostitute US$30 for sex despite agreeing to pay US$750 earlier.
Unlike the local lot caught in a honey trap, those guys do not have the deep pockets of a lieutenant colonel, Swiss banker, or scion of a movie theatre conglomerate. That last one must be real stupid; he married a former model taking part in a Miss Earth pageant, not some ugly broad with a mug face that only a mother could love.

But the top prize for idiocy has to go to Teo Ser Luck, who spoke up in defence for the hard core prostitute, “No matter what she did, she is still young. Exposing her identity in the media will not do anybody any good.” Oh yeah, what about protecting the innocent young men yet to be exposed to the duplicity of the world? What happens when she joins the IT industry and sells storage solutions to top uniformed officers like the Chief of the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) and the Director of Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) ?

Where was this Teo guy when Baey Yam Keng got bruised for rushing to the defence of the PRC scholar who abused the hospitality of his host country? Maybe Baey's apology in parliament wasn't loud enough, or covered as extensively by the mainstream media, currently mobilised en masse to mask the embarrassing revelations in the ongoing COI hearing. Case in point: How can the third-rail claw assembly be "inspected regularly" when the fibre-glass cover is opaque? Transparency escapes those who choose to see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil.

The last person we expect to step into the dog pile is MP Halimah Yacob who should have kept her own trap shut: “Everyone deserves a chance to repent. The most important thing is, she should receive proper counseling in the future to prevent her from prostituting herself again.” She must think Aljunied folks really like to be reminded of the "R" word. Foot in mouth again, sigh.
"As far as I am concerned, this girl does not deserve protection as she is a
hardcore prostitute who got so many men into trouble” - Subhas Anandan


  1. Once you start out as escort, can only upgrade to the 'p' path isn't it. Sigh..whether she's from a famous family or not is moot. I doubt you can rehab someone like that. Even more surprising she has an education too. Must be the lure of quick money, fast cars and smell of sugar daddy power. I was sympathetic but now I've come around it.

  2. //he married a former model taking part in a Miss Earth pageant, not some ugly broad with a mug face that only a mother could love.//

    Ms Earth Fire apparently lacks fire in the bedroom. How else do you explain the extra-curricular. Surprised the bonfire didn't died down after 6ys of romance!! Then again, he's a passionate bloke who did great work in the environmental area. Pity the girl who stand-by her man (or should i say, admire?).

    1. Should have go hug more trees.

  3. SMRT 4th delays in 6 days..hopeless. And how did cable just snapped/broke like that? All very curious indeed, yet none the wiser.

    1. Disban the COI. Let SMRT go back to do the real work!

  4. Teo should be doing his 7th month auction for the girl he is trying to protect. If only he knew what kind of precious commodity this girl is peddling all for the love of LV & Gucci, despite family wealth.

    And I prefer to hear it from a trained social worker if this type of rehab and repent is possible for this gone-case girl, than hearing from Halimah.

  5. SMRT may claim they have had more than sufficient inspections (more than the yearly required), but is besides the point. You can have more maintenance but if each time job is not thorough and effective, what's the point? Back to productivity again. Do the first time right, and you won't need to repeat 3-5 times of correction.

  6. Reminds me of the joke amongst lawyers. A lawyer was described as one with 30 years` experience in court. The judge retorted: 1 year x 30 you mean?

  7. the more i read Subhas Anandan's quote, the more i tend to agree with him, calling a spade, a spade

    i can't help thinking, if only Subhas was the CJ and Ravi the AG for will go a long way to dispel any perception the judiciary is manned by kangaroos.

    personally i think the story on the young girl and those men involved with her is overblown. what if she was 17yrs and 364 days old at the point of penetration compared to say another who is 18yrs and 1 day old?

    one thing for sure, those men involved in the indiscretion cannot be worse than the 81 PAP Chimps masquerading as MPs who not only help themselves to taxpayers' money but in return rape the taxpayers with their policies...

    1. PPle do get away from law based on technicality. Depends who is your top gun lawyer. Question to ask is this - why has the two MOE guys pleaded guilty? Is it because they know (advised) is pointless to fight against a fruitless law? Or real admission that they actually knew her age prior to acts? It will be interesting to see how the senior lawyer and police officer going to defend themselves in the next batch. Finally there is someone taking over Annabel Chong.

    2. Pleading guilty will save you legal costs.
      You'll need the money because in S'pore, it's "you die your business".

      Also, I think the courts are a little bit more lenient in the sentencing if you plead guilty straight away.
      Than if you plead "Not Guilty", but later found guilty.

    3. They are probably regreting having pleaded guilty now. Got misled.

    4. Oral answer in 2008 by Law Minister K Shanmugam to Parliamentary Question on acquittal & presumption of innocence:

      "As we acknowledge the realities of the trial system, it is also important to stress that just as a person acquitted may not necessarily be innocent, he may well also in fact be innocent. We should not assume guilt by reason of a person being charged because our legal system, like many others, and for various sensible reasons, does not go on to establish the factual innocence of an accused."

    5. CJ Chan Sek Keong has proved to be more amenable to the spirit of the law, rather than the letter of the law. (Said Association of Criminal Lawyers president Subhas Anandan: "The solution used to be just jail, jail, jail.")

      In lifting the jail term on one drink-driving case, CJ Chan noted that defendants do plead guilty "especially for minor offences of which they may not be guilty for a variety of reasons. This is a reality which the court should not close its eyes to or shy away from."

      The defendant in reference was earlier nabbed by a police officer for drinking beer in his father's stationary vehicle at a carpark. The youth considered the inconvenience of attending court, as he was serving NS. He thought it was a minor offence, and pleaded guilty to get it over with.
      Years later, he was really caught for drink driving. Being a second time offence, this would mean jail time. Fortunately CJ Chan had the compassion to overlook the first charge, which was frivolous to begin with.

  8. to have gag order when it's all over internet in overseas and malaysia blogs? Does it only apply to local MSM/media (duh - where's the brains in this?)

  9. The brains may have atrophied or
    contain much water than cells
    and the minds sick cos of pressure
    living in Sin.

  10. Folks...

    These men know what age the girl is...

    Who pays S500 for a adult pro....u oni pay tat amount if u are specifically targeting under age girls...

    If you want pro, please kindly go for the adult section...aiming for underage girls show the depths of depravity and how weak minded such men are...and you want men like this to be in responsible positions and be moral models of examples...i say rubbish...

    So please stop defending the indefensible...

    The direction to take for this is correct...if we don't stamp this moral rot out...which underage girl will be next...12 years old okay then? 9 years old? How sick can a man be...instead of being a protector...becomes a corruptor...

    Can you imagine farking a girl old enuf to be your daughter/niece or friend's kid...

    Think again pls.

    If we don't stamp this out....many young girls out there will think it is okay to go into this trade....and many more men will think it is okay also...and where will this lead to...more problems in the future...this is wrong..and we must stamp it out for the good of all...not for a minority of perverted men who should know better...they are suppose to be the adults here...

    Are you really prepare to allow that moral rot to be okay and to fully established itself in Singapore...

    Think then of such a man standing next to your daughter/niece...really okay now is it?

    Then i am sad for you.

    1. Why don't you go start your moral preaching first off with SAF - the national service camp where they imbue in the boys/men that paid sex is perfectly fine and dandy?! And again, you totally ignored the fact that these guys are misled! No one is disagreeing that underaged is wrong. Those pedophiles are a different animals.

    2. Agreed ! More should be done to dig out all the records of sex with underaged prostitute and charge them!

    3. //If we don't stamp this out....many young girls out there will think it is okay to go into this trade..//

      Contradiction. By exposing the girl, you will definitely stamp the girls from going into this trade. By covering up for her, she thinks she can get away, you set a precedent, not only for the girl you resort to protect, but enbolden the pimps to look for younger ones, they know they can hide behind the law.

  11. Sigh! I have always like your articles, all except this one. Whatever happened to YOUR brains?

    Are we going to let men who have stinking money to have their cake and eat it? They want sex, fine, go look for prostitutes. It can be hush hush and it is not illegal. Do you have to look for a fucking young girl, knowing full well that she would not reveal her true age if she were underaged, but you just decided to take the risk all the same? I submit to you that these men have no qualms fucking an underaged girl so long as they were "told" she was not, because they probably thought they could never be found out.

    Now that they are, they go find another prostitute, a different type, the type who would sell his soul for their stinking money. Who was the lawyer who wormed his way to get Quan Yi Fong off the hook when she bullied a lowly taxi driver? Who was the lawyer who got the Sin Ming editor an unprecedented light sentence when she killed a lowly peasant while she was driving and talking on her mobile.

    There you see. Grow some brains. And for the 47 pervs, grow some balls and face the music. You didn't leave yours with the underaged girl that day did you? For the lone figure who stood up to admit your mistake, I wish you all the best. I hope your life can one day return to normal, as much as I hope the girl can be rehabilitated.

    1. Hmm, you not a fan of Subhas Anandan?

    2. "Do you have to look for a fucking young girl, knowing full well that she would not reveal her true age if she were underaged.."

      Precisely the law should never protect such wilful young girl (who has every intention to lie and profit through this lifestyle) because you will send a message for future Pimps & Pros to manipulate the loophole. Was the girl in question forced or coerce into the trade by the Pimp? As it is, if there is nothing for the underage Prostitute to lose, there is nothing to stop her from cooperating with the Police or Pimps. The key enabler is the Pimp here, who absolutely misrepresent the advertised service. Besides, if the parents of this child is not going to press charges against the 48 men (only the state is) what does that tell you?

    3. If the 'crime' was conducted in 2010 while she is still underaged, thus the law wants to convict the 'perpetrators' even after 1/2 years. Right now, the court is charging 44 men AFTER she turns 18, then I don't see any reason why she should be protected. This case is inadmissible, IMO.

  12. "她根本是个妓女", 那你的嫖客很上等吗?



  13. “No matter what she did, she is still young."
    Ah, the quintessential TPL defence!

  14. Got money, can retain top lawyer and get special treatment. Ah, the quintessential PAP style! Dignity and respectability is measured by the money you make.

    Brilliant! Just like Sinkies are screwed by the PAP everyday and still we are called by many names eg "daft".

  15. These transactions happened as far back in 2010. What took them so long to press charges now in 2012 -- right after the election and after the Ministerial-salary-review, and coinciding the MRT COI?

  16. "She is still young". "Everyone deserves a chance to repent".

    Tell that to Yong Vui Kong who is facing the hangman's noose! Teo Ser Luck, since you are so caring, will hanging him "do anybody any good"? And Halimah Yakob, "everyone deserves a chance to repent"? Someone said, let the punishment fit the crime.

    Throughout history, wealth and decadence go hand in hand. The rot is setting in, while the peasants watch the show.

    Sorry for sounding cynical and sanctimonious, but hypocrisy gets my goat.

  17. 1) I don't condone the 48 men involved. But I do think the very public name-n-shame is enough to damage their career/life/business. And the media should leave their girlfriend/wives/children/company out of the picture. 一人做事一人當. On top of that, they are still facing unknown charges.

    2) I feel the law should be cognizant on whether there is a genuine misrepresentation from the Enabler - Mr Tang, thus inadvertently causing some innocent men to violate the rules. The onus is on the men to prove beyond doubts.

    3) The public is angered by the underaged girl aka hardcore prostitute. Did she willingly and willfully get into the trade or trip up the men? Her intentions is very crucial here as the discontent stems from whether she is a 'hardcore' worker and not as innocent as claimed. What are her next steps (of rehab or counsel if any) at all? This will tilt the public sense of justice.

    4) Who are the parents of this young girl? Did they know? Why have they got to say (anonymity) if they can to the public? This will go some way to address the outrage of opinions out there.

  18. I feel that this whole saga looks very suspicious. I think the government is just trying to blow up this issue to divert attention to current series of problems like MRT issue, public service irregularity issue etc. So now most people will only talk about that issue and by the time it is over, they hope the rest of the issues will be cool down as well.
    Lets recap the issue.
    It was happened in 2010 and the government already know who are involved before releasing the information to the media. The know many high profile persons are involved and they list down all the people name in the paper.
    They hide the identity of the girl who will be eventually made known to the public. But they make the issue more interesting by keeping it unwrap.
    And lastly lets face it. It is not a moral issue. It is not like raping of child sex. It is just technicality of law which is prohibited. If there is no money involved it is perfectly ok to do at this age.

    So my gut feeling is it involve a very nasty dirty politics behind. (Remember hougang by-election probably need to happen anytime)

    Just my 2 cents thought

  19. It appears all the expensive lawyers won't do any good - except to plea for lenient sentencing - as there is a section addressing:

    Mistake as to age

    377D.—(1) Subject to subsections (2) and (3) and notwithstanding anything in section 79, a reasonable mistake as to the age of a person shall not be a defence to any charge of an offence under section 376A(2), 376B or 376C.

    (2) In the case of a person who at the time of the alleged offence was under 21 years of age, the presence of a reasonable mistaken belief that the minor, who is of the opposite sex, was of or above —
    (a) the age of 16 years, shall be a valid defence to a charge of an offence under section 376A(2); or
    (b) the age of 18 years, shall be a valid defence to a charge of an offence under section 376B or 376C.

    (3) For the purposes of subsection (2), the defence under that subsection shall no longer be available if at the time of the offence, the person charged with that offence has previously been charged in court for an offence under section 376A, 376B, 376C or 376E, or section 7 of the Children and Young Persons Act (Cap. 38) or section 140(1)(i) of the Women’s Charter (Cap. 353).


    Experts' view is that there's no defense. 9mths +/- minimal.

  21. Though under-age, the girl was prostituting herself and she was in every sense of the word, a whore.

  22. When you are thinking with your other head, you are not using your brain.

    And the oh-so-innocent girl has been sort of confirmed through this act of hushing up. Google is your friend.

  23. 1. nobody says the girl is innocent. we say she is underaged and the law protects the underaged presumably because they are immature.

    2. it does not matter if the pervs knew, suspected or did not know the age. theirs is to ask for proof before fucking to protect themselves, even if they did not care if they were fucking an immature girl and ruining her future. the law says so very clearly, and all pervs should know this fucking-a-prostitute-101, so stop wriggling in your pants to argue a no case.

    3. one poster said that "one man do, one man shoulders" and therefore no need to involve his family. i don't see how their families were involved. did the press interview the wives and children of these pervs, yes? in the same breath, the poster asked if the parents of the young girl were informed. bwaahaha... hypocrisy of the first order.

    4. conclusion: karma is a bitch. for all those who insist that an underaged girl should be able to think for herself, may your underaged children and grandchildren be imposed with the same kind of thinking next time.

  24. This case is not over yet. From original 80 list, they charge 48 men, so there should be 32 to go. Suddenly today they said it is from 80 down to 62, which means now is 62-48 = 14 men left. So what happened to the mysterious "18"?? Why all of sudden they are not charged anymore? Was there some back room bribery or negotiation? Did some important elites or heavy weight col got removed from the list?? What are they hiding?? Indeed, karma is a bitch. If this govt intends to cover will come back and haunt them.