Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Votes Don't Count

Trust Lim Swee Say to announce that he will be contesting in the East Coast GRC at the next general election, supposedly to implement plans he has for the ageing constituency. Only in Singapore, can an ageing politician simply declare he plans to be minister again, regardless of the wishes of the electorate.

Lim must be addicted to the high he gets each time he looks at his Central Provident Fund (CPF) account balance. "Some more, it's guaranteed," he gleefully told his audience. He may have to step down as union chief when he turns 62 in July 2016 - pursuant to a National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) constitutional change made in 2011 - but he still wants to keep collecting those million dollar cheques. You would expect an outgoing chief to endorse at least one of the 4 successors in waiting, but the selfish sycophant (synonyms: toady, creep, crawler, fawner, flatterer, flunkey, lickspittle, kowtower, obsequious person, minion, hanger-on, leech, puppet) would not volunteer a single word of support for Zainal Sapari (48), Patrick Tay (42), Ang Hin Kee (48) or Yeo Guat Kwang (52).

He did say earlier he would step down once a suitable replacement for his role is found. And what exactly is his role? Minister-without-portfolio implies good for nothing special, and changing the title to Minister in the Prime Minister's Office suggests he's just another useless appendage. As for distinguishing himself as resident jester in the court, the keechiu general has proved himself worthy of wearing that hat one time too many. Doing battle in every street corner, every cyberspace corner, be it in the mass media or social media, except in dicy quarters like Little India or being mired in the Anthony Casey saga.

Lee Hsien Loong shares his disrespect of the people's will, by giving Lim the ringing endorsement, "I haven't agreed to let him go". Someone should have made a police report when Lim pilfered toothpicks from the fancy Din Tai Fung Chinese restaurant - half a box is definitely more than reasonable use quantity. That would have taken the decision out of Lee's hands.

In one of his rare utterances without a grammatical error, Lim said, "In democratic societies, people give us their trust." Then he segued into what has to be a horrific rape of the democratic process, "If we look at votes as our ultimate goal and play politics, then we will fail eventually." That has to be the most sacrilegious assault of the ballot box, ever. Assuming, of course, that there was no hanky panky behind those empty ballot boxes for the  2011 Presidential Election.


  1. This Sia Suay toothpick Lim is the most useless fella. If East Coast people vote him in again in 2016, then they must be really stupid.

    1. 50 plus % had already shown their stupidity in 2011. The fact is majority of Sinkies never learnt from their lessons in the past. Wanna bet?

  2. Folks, let the good people of East Coast GRC decide if lss is worthy of being a clown paid for by the state.

    Or if he should go work for cirque du soleil.

  3. “In politics stupidity is not a handicap.” - Napoleon Bonaparte
    The same stupidity that voted in this bootlicking useless idiotic exhibitionist.

  4. LSS's successor must be able to sing "upturn the downturn" as "good" as him. There is no better candidate other than Jo. Teo. provided she can hold on to her dear seat.

  5. East Coast is where most capitalist people live. No way are they going to vote for any party except the A1 capitalist PAP.. his ticket is a sure win. I bet my CPF on it.

    1. Hello!
      Opposition is strongest in the East of Singapore.

    2. You have a point there - all the India Indians have bought condo units in the East Coast, and they owe the PAP big time for the quickie citizenships so liberally granted. Even Lee Kuan Yew acknowledged the presence of the Indian cluster in his Hard Truths book.

    3. Geographical East & Electorial East Coast are 2 different things... take a look at the elections map.
      2 big empty islands of Tekong & Ubin and Changi airport.

      From Bedok to Lorong Limau.. many, many landed properties... all capitalist owners. Its a sure win. I up my stakes with CPF & Car & HDB

    4. Sometimes, fact is stranger than fiction.It's the poor rather than the rich that is more likely to vote pap. First, the poor normally don't care about politics and will choose whoever they are more familiar with, which are usually the incumbents. Second, they don't read news and if they do, they read wanbo or xinmin which are pro-pap. Third, they believe their life miseries are due to bad luck rather than government policies. Finally the pap government does help the poor and it always make sure the poor knows it without a doubt.

  6. If what you say is true, then I must ask what type of democracy & leadership is PAP running ?

    Lim Swee Say:
    I want to retire.

    Lee Hsien Loong:
    I haven't agreed to let you go.

    Lim Swee Say:
    Okay lah. I stay on lah.
    Just to make LHL happy.

    If we vote for this type of leader.
    You think he will represent our interest or LHL's interest?

    1. Elections are for the international community. Elites here dislike being pariahs... they want to be inclusive and all wealthy nations are built on democracy. So to them, it is a necessary task.

      Once formalities are completed, the boss takes over and the whipping resumes. Just like our employers... sama, sama... they comply with MoM... on paper and process... but judgement & practice is another matter.

      If you don't you realise this, you will vote the same party again, and again, and again... like some demented person.

  7. Must be good news for WP, if this dud is one of their toothpicks …err picks. "We are like a little deaf frog, deaf to all criticisms." He wore the wrong masquarade - should have been Kermit the Frog, singing to Miss Pinky Piggy on how to "upturn the downturn" votes in the next GE.


    Education Minister Heng: "Greater political contest does not necessarily mean better policies"
    NTUC Chief Lim Swee Say : "If we look at votes as our ultimate goal and play politics, then we will fail eventually."

    So this week's message from the PM to the Opposition : Don't play politics. What they really mean is that if we vote Opposition, we will eventually fail, because the PAP policies are better. They have already started campaigning, and are trying to lull the Opposition into sleeping. Sneaky buggers.

    1. LSS has never ever lost an election, toothpick or good pick...

  8. I am truly in awe of your mastery of the language; few native speakers could come close. As for LSS, he might not be able to understand what you wrote! Keep writing, I love every single bit of it!

  9. Zoro is still wondering how cum ppl still talking about toothpricks. No worry he also don't understand what the Tuck Tatler is ranting about him cuz he don't understand at all.

  10. "What they really mean is that if we vote Opposition, we will eventually fail, because the PAP policies are better."
    Anonymous1/28/2014 11:58 PM

    PAP policies are definitely better for PAPigs.
    Self serving bastards.
    Are PAP policies better for Singaporeans?

    If you are better off today than 10 years ago, then vote PAP.
    If not, then vote Opposition.
    Very simple.
    Just ask:
    How does it benefit me to vote PAP?

    1. Ronald Reagan became the President by asking the American people, "Are you better off than you were four years ago?"

      Although many Singaporeans feel far less secure with the opposition, you are asking them not the question "Are you better off than you were five years ago?" but "Are you better off than you were five years ago?"!

    2. "Are you better off than you were TEN years ago?"!

      Sorry about the cut & paste oversight.

  11. PAP-Chicken Joke
    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    Lim Swee Say
    It must be a PAP chicken. It was able to cross the road because it was deaf to all criticism and feedback.

  12. Voters have the last say. Vote him out!

  13. Man. I really hate this fucker's face. Can't believe he is worth $1 million dollars of our Singaporean taxpayer's money.
    Much rather his salary be used to help our poor and elderly citizens.
    As well as our Singaporean students.

  14. Some mid term diversion and trying to bluff the alternative parties into over-drive to burn them out before 2016?

    Or maybe preparing the ground for a possible early election in anticipation of the next financial crisis? India reminds me of Thailand in 1997 (the first of the dominoes to fall), Turkey reminds me of Indonesia (with the same potential for political riots per 1998). Look out for the next Korea, Mexico, Russia default and LTCM :) At home, look out for the next POSB/DBS bail-in, the next.... ok ok, we stop, after all, as the kool aid drinkers like to lecture us:"SGX still above 3000 wat!" huat arghh

  15. Democratic process,  much subscibed by the world and generally blindly followed, is the cause of much of national/world's problem.   So he is right when he said,"If we look at votes as our ultimate goal and play politics, then we will fail eventually."    Unfortunately,  PAP elites do not know how to resolve a very dangerous political process.   Neither the arrogant vocal blogger's community.  

  16. I've done my National Service.
    Can this LSS fucker help me?
    Can PAP help me?
    To get a job?
    To get into university?
    To buy HDB flat?

    If cannot reciprocate by helping me in return.
    Then why ask me to do National Service?
    Fucking subsidy mentality.
    PAP government always asking for Singaporeans to subsidize the cost of their fucking policies.

  17. Talk to any electorates on the street or at work. 9 out of 10 are basically idiot. The one remaining is probably an alien

    In fact, the better educated they are, the more they are conditioned and think like their masters or how their masters would want them to think and behave.

    Masters they put in power to grant them the hope of striking it rich one day and be like gods

    Isn't that how the incumbent stayed in power for so long?

  18. No blind sheep where to find blind leaders? No blind leaders where to find blind sheep?