Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Paper Qualifications

The Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Ranking® is reputed to be the most widely read university comparison of their kind. In addition to exploring the world's top 800 universities overall, you can also compare the ranking of universities in a specific region, by subject area, or based on factors such as reputation or research citations. National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) have moved up 2 places in the 2014 World University Rankings – NUS is now ranked 22nd and remains the top Asian university, while NTU is ranked 39th.

NUS came in 39th place in a new ranking by international publishing company Nature Publishing Group this month (Nov 2014), making it the highest-ranked Singapore institution on the index. Highest in that NTU was ranked 42nd, while the Agency for Science, Technology and Research was ranked 133rd. Worldwide, China's Chinese Academy of Sciences was ranked as the top institution. The Nature Index takes into account articles chosen from 68 nature science journals.

Differing from the Nature Index, the Nature Publishing Index (NPI) is calculated from research articles published in 18 journals by Nature Publishing Group. The NPI places NUS at the 46th position among its Global Top 100 list of research institutions, up 28 places from 74th in 2012.

NTU president Bertil Andersson has an explanation for all these placings, "By continuing to attract the best professors and students from Singapore and around the world, I expect NTU will break into Times Higher's top 50 universities in a few year's time." Times Higher Education World University Rankings is yet another index, which places NUS 25th and NTU 61st.

Unfortunately the Singaporean post-graduate scholar who was impregnated by Associate Professor Yu Wanli of the prestigious Peking University is a sad reminder that not all in possession of paper qualifications have their heads screwed on right. Apparently she was fully aware Prof Yu was into bondage, swingers' parties and one-night stands. Our very own sex-for-grades law professor from the NUS pales by comparison. No wonder the ministers have been dissing the importance of chasing a university degree. Especially when university dons - who supposedly have to publish or perish - still have time to chase skirts.


  1. We talk too much and too early. Now the rating just dropped like a potato. Guess winners have the last laugh.

  2. According to the papers, the post graduate student impregnated by the Chinese Prof was a scholar from China. At the young age of 12 years, she won scholarship to study in top
    After A levels, she received scholarship to study in Peking Uni.
    She got her head properly screwed up alright. She knew how to get good grades by bonding with the right people.

    I am not too sure whether our Govt people got their heads screwed up right by sponsoring her to study here and later in her homeland.

    1. says:
      "Wang, a native of Singapore, became an undergraduate at the School of International Studies in 2004 and started her doctoral programme in 2013. She met Yu during a course on US diplomatic studies in 2013."

      Even the reporters don't have their heads screwed on right?

    2. Clearly, this one is a new migrant, original stock from China. Does she look like a native singaporean to you? Even the chinese name is so un-singaporean.

      According to the press, she/family owns many properties in/outside of china. Dad works for an international MNC. Why does she need sponsorship or scholarship? Already been studying in China since 2004. That's been more than 10 years..obviously is another fake citizen. Her contribution to Singapore is an illegitimate child ..thank you sia for pushing up our fertility index and adding to Singaporeans' foreign talent fame!

  3. So long as NUS is Number One and NTU is Second against all the Other Universities operating in Sin, it shows Sin Tertiary Institutions are outstanding.
    Many World Renowned Educational Institutions are having business here, right? None is better than NUS and NTU locally, is it not?

  4. Hi,
    Can I ask for your permission to reproduce this post of yours over at our SG education portal Explicit mention will be made about it first having appeared on your website, and we shall cite Tattler as the author. Hope to hear from you soon! :)