Monday, December 8, 2014

New Vision, Same Bull

We should thank Lee Hsien Loong for succinctly summarising all that is wrong with the current regime:
"When we face problems, we acknowledge them publicly, and deal with them. We don't pretend there's no problem, no comments, studying the matter, thinking about it, will clarify one day. We settle now! You lie low hoping the public will forget the issue, and the issue will go away, the public will forget you, and might as well go away."

Lee, who is also the Secretary General of the People's Action Party, was addressing about 2,000 cadres at the party's 60th anniversary rally held at the Singapore Expo on Sunday, 7 December 2014.

Taking potshots at that paragraph alone is like the dilemma of a mosquito at a nudist beach - you just don't know where to start.

By his standards, the obfuscation of the Action Information Management (AIM) debacle was no problem. Wasting huge sums of taxpayers money on a $2 company with no technical staff or competence was no problem. That Chandra Das, a former member of parliament and longstanding steward of the party, was the principal  middleman in the transaction was no problem. None of the salient points was acknowledged as thorny issue by the mainstream media. No wonder Yang Yin was emboldened to embark on his grand scheme of deceit. He punched all the right buttons, right connections and the right politicised machinery to sweep shortcomings under the carpet.

One positive way to look at the mee-siam-mai-hum talk of disconnect is that he was talking to boys and girls sitting at his feet, reminding them to be good or Santa won't be distributing presents. And what presents - $16,000 MP allowances, $1,000,000 ministerial pay, and lots of directorships for consolation prizes. Never mind if the people don't want them - as the "Son of Punggol" doctor's wife told him before the disastrous by-election - the gerrymandering and GRC system are time proven guarantees.

Party chairman Khaw Boon Wan said of their new vision,"As our society becomes more diverse, our economy more mature and our political landscape more contested, it is timely to fundamentally review our overall approach." If only leopards can change their spots.


  1. /// Taking potshots at that paragraph alone is like the dilemma of a mosquito at a nudist beach - you just don't know where to start.///

    If the V person is doing his job, there will not be this mosquito problem. Be that as it may, if I were the mosquito, I will zoom in on the sensitive spots.

    1. The sensitive spot is AMK GRC. VTO.

  2. PAP proclaims itself to be first world government.
    So why would they mock WP's First World Parliament then?
    In fact, what is a First World Government without a First World Parliament, but more importantly, a First World Electorate?

    People should just forget about his false flag that Singapore will be in trouble if PAP is not governing it.

    Yada yada yada..blah blah blah.

    First World Electorate has woken & and must wake up. We need to make 'smart" decision and vote to pave the best way forward for the future generations. This party's vision of smart nation is nothing more than just more gimmicky hardware. Past 50 years proved that they know and failed miserably in the heartware of socially connecting and relating to the people.

    1. Because we have:
      First World Cost
      Second World Infrastructure
      Third World Parliament

    2. What kind of first world nation is it if after 50 years, you claim the SG will be in deep trouble if one party fails? It only goes to show how awfully bad and shallow is the system and foundations that is put in place by the so-called million dollar politicians. So much for your world class and first world governance!!!

      Even Mathathir can say - if MY airline needs a german caucasian to come run its ailing airline, then the next thing a foreigner should come run their PM-ship. Me thinks PAP is going down the same way. If PAP fail to win mandate, then the country is kaput (and there are simply no other capable and abled Singaporeans/party who can do this). What a grandiose sense of narcissism & entitlement they have!

  3. New vision same bull? I thought it was the same blurred vision and same bull. Try digesting his 'quip' (according to ST)- If I get flamed, so what; I have the thickest skin in town'. Roy Ngerng will be happy to hear that.

  4. I place my bets on PAP

    No half ball and all that permutation shit
    Just 1st past the post wins

    Singaporeans are cowards, and myopic ( literally) .
    Gutless and always resorting to "authority".

  5. So the ground is not sweet?
    The ground is dead?
    The ground is serious?
    The ground is seriously dead for PAP lah.

  6. He said he has a very think skin. But if he has such a think skin, why does he see the need to sue a young man and even has to make sure he is sacked ?

    Sometimes these cunning politicians simply do not always say what they mean or mean what they say. They forgot what they say about others being incalcitrant liars can also apply to themselves too.

    1. "think" as in both thin and thick
      "shim" as in both she and him

  7. Me thinks he was been honest to admit that PAP will collapse with him. His fear is real, PAP with him at the Helm has failed badly.
    The People are facing more challenges as each day passes. PM Lee Hsien Loong knows just liked his Father Lee Kuan Yew had just acknowledged that Singapore was well developed before it was awarded to him by the Colonial Master, the British. And who knows Lee Kuan Yew may decide to reveal the Roles he and Ex-president Nathan played for the Japanese Imperial Army during WWII. Do not be shocked if he or Nathan does so. Most decent folks will want to expire guilt and sin free bu being repentant and or express remorse.


    1. 'that PAP will collapse' to read as ' that PAP MAY collapse'.

      My apology


    2. You mean like this kind of role he has allegedly played ?

  8. All motherhood statements very far from reality, for the ears of a captured audience. Of which these stand out for sheer bluster:
    "We don't make empty promises, we deliver on what we say." "If I get flamed, so what; I have the thickest skin in town."
    One promise he did deliver is in trying to fix the opposition. Nothing great really to have thick skin, because didn't the old man say that the people have got thick hides?

    A mosquito is well advised to avoid starting on him, because his skin has got thicker and more flame-proof. He made the same boasts in Aug 2013:
    "When you are in the public eye, you flame me, I’m flame-proof." "In public life, you must learn to have thick skin at the right places, in the right times."

    Leopards cannot change their spots, neither can a bumptious and hubristic PAP PM change it's skin. Why is it that both father and son have got this obssession with the hide?

    "The higher a monkey climbs, the more you see of his behind." - General Joe Stillwell

    1. Welcome to the club, Ah Loong. You obviously need spurs stuck into your thick, flame-proof hide. The biggest spur no doubt, by your own admission, is the coming General Election. Giddyup!

  9. Some people can truely be so obviously stupid.

    Notice the background behind Mee Siam Mai HUM hee and haw with his speech to his self serving short term minded must "pay (using public funds direct/indirect)" them to follow me followers on the stage...i ONLY SEE PAP LOGOS...No a single speck of Singapore National Flag behind him....even NAZI Germany still show the German Flag during Reichstag days to subtly move Non-Nazi germans to be loyal to the Fatherland first...PAP...LOL...loyalty to them first by "paying" their followers with other peoples money to get some sense of loyalty....

    There is an old saying...once you "pay" for loyalty...beware...not only the followers who come with a steep price..but followers who WANT MUCH MORE!


  10. What's very terrifying in this picture is in addition to being the most senior and high ranking members of the PAP, LHL & his wife are also the top people responsible for GIC & Temasek Holdings. Supposedly politically neutral under the Singapore Govt.

    Instead this picture proudly shows the wife as a card carrying member of the PAP. This calls into question whether the line between party and state is really blurred or not.

    I don't see other ministers wives wearing white and proudly standing beside their husbands proclaiming their love for the PAP.

  11. Their arsehole doctor had to run away from his kampong village constituency.

    Their 2nd best candidates are not going to finish the Battle @ Aljunied.

    Will they continue with the half dead MP to bluff everyone again?

  12. The Arse Doctor cum Son of Punggol is now married off to become Son-in-law of Ang Mo Kio.

    Anyway and anyhow, he die die must try to get in, even if he is call Son of a gun.