Saturday, July 18, 2015

Too Clever By Half

The easiest way out is to claim that he was misquoted by some rookie reporter. Then again, even when a journalist quoted directly from the official handout, she can end up with a sh*t load of trouble when horrible people are involved. But that's another story.

Our regional general manager was relieved to be posted to Singapore, after an unpleasant 3 years in Manila. A man with a short fuse - his face actually glows crimson when angry - his favourite peeve is about the time he received a letter from his bank in downtown Makati, informing him the check book he requested was ready for collection.

After braving the nightmarish traffic, he made his way to the bank counter, and presented the notification letter. The clerk took one quick look, made a cursory enquiry, and told him his new check book was not ready. Near fuming, he kept his cool, and jabbed his trembling finger at the printed copy clearly stating otherwise. Equally cool, the Filipina re-read the text: "Yes, Mr Hancock, the letter says the check book is ready for collection, but it does not say when."

We don't know much about the bank clerk, whether she had a qualification from a degree mill, or was a Senior Wrangler at Cambridge and graduated with first class honours in mathematics. But as Forrest Gump's mom so eloquently put it, stupid is as stupid does.


  1. U know what's Mee Siam mai hum already. Now teach u a new word --- hum ji

  2. Like that ok lor, we say, 'we vote PAP', but don't say when. Like that can get more goodies after election right?

  3. What else can you say of the man who declared that the ST is trustworthy and objective?

    1. Something, something, pigs can fly?

  4. Some Folks are just born to feel superior.
    It's a Class known as Aristocrat.
    And being born so makes them bold, conceited and completely lacking in humility.

    It was just a simple mistake of slipped tongue when 'hum'(cockle) was mentioned as an ingredient to 'mee siam'.

    YET, he sees it fit to let the Mistake to remain uncorrected. And so, his Underlings do the Same Things when lapses happened in their Wards and Ministries.


    1. Very good point.
      It reveals the character of the man who controls our rice bowl.

  5. Photos Of Deformed daisies from Fukushima disaster site

    "Twitter user @san_kaido posted a photo of mutated yellow daisies last month, found in Nasushiobara City, around 70 miles from Fukushima, the site of the 2011 nuclear disaster."
    Please note. This is 70 miles or 112 km away from Kukushima.

    Singapore island is a lot shorter than 112 km or 70 miles.
    Our total area is 682 sq km.
    Assuming Singapore island to be square shape, each side of the square would be only 26 km.

    Did you know that since 2014, there is a plan to spend $63 million dollars in nuclear research and safety?

    1. Photo & article of deformed nuclear daisies:


  6. Singaporean Worker Vs MRT
    + Overworked Vs Overloaded.
    + Underpaid Vs Under-maintained
    + Taken for granted Vs Taken for granted
    + Vote Opposition then get needed help Vs Breakdown then get needed maintenance

    + National Conversation cannot solve the problem Vs Committee of Inquiry cannot find the problem

    + Prime Minister’s solution is to bring in more Aliens to replace Singaporeans Vs Desmond Kuek’s solution is to buy a new train to replace the old trains.

    Singaporeans work while Aliens piggy back & claim credit Vs MRT work while Aliens enjoy the ride

  7. "When it's set up (the EBRC), everyone will know." It appears to have been quietly set up 2 months ago. Sneaky, sneaky. Never trust politicians even if your life depends on it.

    The PA investigation panel found no dishonesty in the PA. Haha. Reminds me of the MND's review team report on the AIM transaction. See below about Natural Justice. Hey, the funding for the PA - a defacto PAP Association funded by taxpayers - has been increased for 2015 from $500 million to $1,000 million. No need to ask why.

    Basic Pillars of Principles of Natural Justice
    Two core points in the concept of principles of natural justice
    1. Nemo in propria causa judex, esse debet - No one should be made a judge in his own case, or the rule against bias.
    2. Audi alteram partem - Hear the other party, or the rule of fair hearing, or the rule that no one should be condemned unheard.

    1. You are damned & condemned even before charges are brought against you... the hearing is merely to satisfy a rule... which can also be bent.

      Alas... how can a leader lead without followers?

      Do not follow.

    2. Dude, this is the same govt who thinks homosexuals aren't marginalized because 377A won't be enforced. (I'm not even gay BTW)

      Expecting any sort of fair and balanced justice from these twats is harder than pulling teeth from a hen.

  8. SDP: “It is shocking that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong chose not to announce the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee when he appointed it two months ago.”

    What, Me Worry?

  9. Coming from silver spoon-fed familee who acted like king and emperor, the school didn't teach him that lying is a vice. Probably the prince has more priviledge to vices than virtues, an inheritiance from the horrible person whom shall not be named or we risked ended up like Amos.

  10. I guess Marcos would have been proud of the way we do things. Leegalised Corruption at its best

    1. Marcos and Suharto and their Families MUST BE FULL OF ENVIES.
      Maybe those up North are just
      as envious.
      Why not, when some richest men in the World think that there is a man somewhere in the region richer than them all.

  11. The filial son of the horrible man urged our news papers to be objective and pro-singapore.
    True to his words, the Straits Time in reporting the MRT bully incidence has never used race biased words in the report. So the reader would not know it was a caucasian man who bullied the chinese teen and that a malay man stepped in to confront the angmo.
    What puzzled me most was how did a fat and obese elderly angmo could land a job here while the young and fit-looking
    local malay could not?

  12. /// news papers to be objective and pro-singapore. ///
    Isn't this an oxymoron? How can one be objective if one is pro-something? More moron than oxy.

  13. Spinning is a govt encouraged form of exercise.