Monday, March 21, 2011

Meeting The Masses In Style

Popemobile (Italian: Papamobile) is an informal name for the specially designed motor vehicles used by the Pope during outdoor public appearances. The Popemobile was designed to allow the Pope to be more visible when greeting large crowds, not because he has ambulatory concerns. Pope John Paul II was the first to use a modified truck to greet supporters on his trip to Poland as the newly installed Pope.

The modified Mercedes-Benz M-Class sport utility vehicle Popemobile most often used by 265th and current Pope Benedict XVI when traveling abroad does not have a Warren Golf & Country Club sticker on the bonnet. But this version of transportation boasts of accoutrements that even the Popemobile does not have.

[1] - Electrical heating pads to soothe aching limbs, mobile variant of full time staff at Istana employed as hot towel dispensers
[2] - Extra buoyant flotation tyres in case of freak floods since it looks like Yaacob Ibrahim is still in charge of drainage systems
[3] - Proximity sensor for opposition members in the vicinity to avoid repeat of Goh Chok Tong - Chee Soon Juan style encounter, with latter badgering, "Where is the money Mr Goh?"
[4] - Token minority ethnic group driver, in full compliance with George Yeo's "less likely to riot" stipulation
[5] - Specially treated glass visor that turns dark at the flick of a switch, in case some precocious kid among the spectators yells out, "The Emperor has no clothes!"
[6] - World's most expensive jaga kereta - add Annual Allowance, Special Allowance, "Public Sector Leadership" Allowance, Annual Variable Component, Special Variable Payment, GDP Bonus, Performance Bonus - at a total cost to the taxpayer of 36 months' pay estimated in the region of $3 million a year. That explains why he still maintains HDB pricing is affordable.


  1. The jaga kereta earns 3 years' pay for not doing much for the people. He should find a new job.

  2. A humorous post!

  3. how about campaigning in style too for LKY and his entourage of PAP stooges?

    without a doubt, LKY will need a custom built sedan chair to transport him floor to floor, door to door for this GE...that's what i call, 'arriving in style to meet his peasants!'

  4. Looks like with custom built sedan chair, the Emperor will neither be shaking the hands of the fishmongers at the market nor will he be meeting his peasants at the hawker centres.

    Actually there is no need for the Emperor to meet his peasants. His name alone is enough to strike fear into the Tanjong Pagar voters to vote for PAP.

  5. It's hard to imagine MM Lee standing for election at his age. Mr Chiam See Tong is much fitter, able to climb the stairs, despite how the media tried to portray him as a frail old man with a photo.

    I also want to point out that ball licking Jeremy Au Yong from ST wrote that Mr Low Thia Kiang said he believed that among the PAP's new candidates would be a future PM. Did Mr Low said that? Can someone point out his error?

  6. Akan datang: our new $4m dollar man????