Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Look Out For Flying Crap

Teo Chee Hean revealed today that half of PAP's newbies will be in their 20's and 30's (age, not Pampers size). Which means a whole lot of them will be doubling their take home pay in a hurry. What do you think a assistant-general secretary of a labour union should be paid? Or a 33 year old civil service deputy director?

Worse, these guys have no compunction about lying at the proverbial drop of a hat. Ong Ye Kung claims to prize long-term gain over short-term pain and is "key to his outlook". When the reporter asked whether he thinks he is ministerial material, he gainsays, "I like to think long term but when it comes to my personal career, I want to be short-term." So it is long-term pain for the people and short-term gain for himself? He is so typical of those who signed up for the Faustian pact -Tell me to jump, and I'll ask "How High?"

Dr Janil Puthucheary, in his heart of hearts, probably knew it won't be easy on his father, who was detained by the nefarious ISA goons in 1963. That's why he scripted the presentation in advance: "I spoke to him and I started explaining about the Meet-the-People sessions and the tea that I was drinking and I had a whole plan of how I was going to explain all of this." What was the old man to do? Scream at him for turning over to the Dark Side, and risk  being thrown back to his old cell? The ingrate might even refuse to pay the $100 deposit on his behalf in event of hospital admission, or ship him off to a nursing home in Bintang, Batam or Johore.This is a guy who broke his promise to his wife about entering politics.

As for ex-Barisan Sosialis Ong Lian Teng, you can almost feel the resignation in his words, "It's a new generation, we have to move on." Gone was the fight in him when he defeated PAP incumbent Lee Khoon Choy for the Bukit Panjang seat in the Legislative Assembly election of 1963, mano-a-mano. Not for him the GRC perversity which lily livered wimps are using to sneak into parliament. One thing's for sure, his son Ong Ye Kung won't be on a SMC ticket. Neither will Puthucheary (slated for Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC), despite his hollow rhetoric, "The question is not where we come from. It's who will be prepared to stay and fight." It will be more convincing if not for the fact that he was a citizen only in 2008, having spent most of his adult life in North Ireland, London and Sydney.

Whatever happens at the Fukushima nuclear plant, radiation fallout in Singapore is the last of worries. It's started  to rain crap.


  1. I know that Dr Janil Puthucheary when he was the head of ICU at KK Hospital. In fact he was my son's life saver when he was warded last year with acute asthma attack. I found him to be a very professional and skillful doctor. What saddens me is that such a brilliant doctor wants to give up his practice and goes into politics. We may be losing one good doctor and end up with an unknown quality politician. What's more with medical professional resources already stetch thin in govt hospital due to the expansion of pte hospital, the luring of doctors away from govt hospital into politics will further aggravate the problem. I wonder just what is in the mind of these MIW.


  2. Isn't it crystal clear? The lure of money has corrupted the medical doctor, falling into the same death spiral as Susan Lim did. Instead of focusing on saving lives, he is now focusing on bank savings.

  3. "It will be more convincing if not for the fact that he was a citizen only in 2008, having spent most of his adult life in North Ireland, London and Sydney."

    Totally agree. He didnt even serve 1 day of national service. Very easy for him to say. Action speaks louder than words!

  4. Thanks for the background information,

    It is more convincing that he is a conviction politician due the following:-

    a) he has options (eg overseas) yet choose to be a Singaporean and run for political office.
    b) he can earn more millions in private practice yet he does not
    c) his father wishes him well and did not dissuade him
    Frankly, the sour comments are just sour grapes.

    For standard reply, he can go home, you forget to be citizen, they have to renounce their citizenship unlike other countries which do not require eg Australia/NZ/USA/UK/Europe and allows dual citizenship.

  5. Would you "ready yourself" to trust our PM Lee to take a bet on this "true test of our social fabric", just like the way the 2 casino projects were pushed through? [De Leviathan @ Sg]

  6. Why do you think the good doctor chose to "return" to Singapore?!? No, he didn't choose to "return" --- he simply followed the big bucks. It's all about the money. London is undergoing austerity programme with lesser pay and cutting back of their medical budgets especially for salaries & bonuses. Ireland is even worse condition than London and UK. Senior doctors in Australia earn much less than in Singapore. And why be in a place where you need to work extra hard to break thru the invisible glass ceiling to get into top management? Although not as prevalent in high-end professions, nevertheless it is still present.

    You can bet that his current salary is at least 2X more than in London or Ireland or Sydney. That's why my Singapore-born heart specialist friend die-die found a job in Singapore last year and relocated from UK.

    As for those who lament that the good doctor will be lost from the medical realm, don't worry --- PAP MPs are all part-timers. The question you should ask is whether he's going to put in more effort in medicine or in MP-ship. Can't be both equally high effort, unless he's a robot who doesn't need sleep.

  7. At the end of the day

    No one has rebutted the reasons given

    Yes, medical budgets are down, at the same time, private practice is still thriving, the key issue is that he has options overseas ( if not Canada will be happy to take him).

    And for part time issue, hoist by your own petard, it applies as well to any Opposition MPs.

    Frankly, happy to note that Sylvia Lim was not penalised but also promoted.

    I thought "everybody" was saying no glass ceiling in those countries and everything is "hunky dory" or "ok"


    At the end of the day, there is no such thing as "utopia" as long as it is man made laws/traditions/customs, you just have to take the good with the bad. One man's meat is another man's poison.

    For your comment, well, we will see but at the end of day, the govt of the day does not force you to go to the casino.

    For crisis, we will see what actually happens, as the saying goes " it aint over until the fat lady sings"

    Frankly, I would prefer a less intrusive government at present.


  8. Money is not the ROOT of all evil, but it’s misuse by PAP, the current government, is the ROUTE to all evil. The evil of a poor/rich and divided society, and the destruction of our retirement dreams in support of Mr Ong's short term career gains. Because we know after that, he can be a high-flying crap somewhere else in private sector after notching up a political credential to his belt, while millions of singaporeans will be belt-tightening up a notch. All these while MPs raise their salaries to millions of dollars taking taxation up a few notches. Classy and Classic! Only PAP can get away with it, and only Singaporeans allow them to do so - AGAIN?

    Whatever trajectory this election follows, the winner-takes-all-prosperity is here to stay, as long as PAP remains the ruling party.

  9. They give peasants baby carrots and they walk away with 18k gold carats. Alamak how much more blind do we want to get!!? USE your votes wisely people!!

  10. Teo Ser Luck admitted on TV the PAP candidates are young and inexperienced, and asked the people to give them a chance to prove themselves. Why should they be paid lavishly for on the job training? Better to invest it on the opposition candidates - at least we can trust them to speak up for us!

  11. If anything our leaders have tried to showcase what they have learnt from Japan is the spirit of "Amakudari" . They want to espouse their desire for a system lacking in those very freedoms that Singaporeans deserve. All protected by the Singapore elitist constitution to fast-track these people.

    Just see what this approach has landed for Fukushima when a robust check & balance systems did not exist?


    I shudder to think what happens to our $390b reserves managed secretly behind GIC & Temasek that was revealed by our ex-president that it would take 52-man years to present a clear balance sheet to its people. Furthermore, try TSL should go beg those employers that our experienced PMETs should be given a chance to "contribute" to them instead of picking over cheaper foreign talents.

  12. flying crap indeed, because the shit has hit the fan...if only more sporeans realise this!

    to the PAP, Janil Puthu is a stooge that is heaven sent considering his father was incacerated by the PAP. it's great PR for the PAP to showcase Puthu, especially to sporeans who swallow like Zoe Tay.

    on the other hand, sporeans who can see it's raining crap, will never trust a character like Puthu or any one coming through the PAP system.

    seriously, how to trust a person who failed to speak up for his father after all these years...

    and if this Puthu character cannot even do that for his father let alone keep a promise to his wife, how can sporeans trust him to speak up for them in parliament?

  13. It is only human weakness for people to keep promises to their lovers rather than their spouses.
    Me just spouting a statement of fact and not to defend a possible future leader in Sin for not keeping his promise/vow to his wife.

    Anyway me have lived here whereby leaders proclaimed that no citizen will be left behind in anything be it education, health and what not. I TOO, DO NOT SEE A DOCTOR, UNTIL ME AM UNABLE TO BEAR THE SUFFERING ANYMORE, OTHERWISE, I WILL SAVE MY $60, the average cost of a consultation at private clinics. AT ACCIDENT AND EMERGENCY UNITS IN HOSPITALS, MINIMUM ABOVE Sin$80.

    Learnt one thing so far, listen to the sweet talks of the leaders BUT do not depend, rely or even believe in the sweet nothing.


  14. Like many others like him, he's thick skin with no shame.