Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Peril Of Youth

She's so young that the 27-year-old is now sometimes billed by her handlers as 28. Sure she has youth on her side, but should taxpayers have to pay her $216,000 a year tuition to learn to tell the difference between G-7 and G-spot?

To be fair to Ms Tin Pei Ling (please don't cry, politics can be rough - just ask the uncles who have been locked away without trial), she's not the only fresh face to make one wonder if the PAP candidate has the life experiences to appreciate the struggles to keep a job, pay the bills and stay sane with inflationary pressures and the challenge of the foreign hordes. Even the generals coming on onboard look like NCC recruits trying to earn ECA points. PAP chairman Lim Boon Heng said on Monday that a key issue that the party will fight the coming election on is the kind of future Singaporeans want for themselves and their children. Surely that kind of responsibility should be entrusted to individuals who have married, raised a family and (for females) personally experienced the joy and pain of birthing a child into this harsh world. Someone who can declare with confidence, "I eat salt more than you eat rice". The Chinese phrase is actually "我食盐多过你食米”.

Like other PAP candidates, Tin has a polished paper CV, supposedly a Senior Associate at Ernst and Young Advisory Pte Ltd. But she should really drop that reference to her involvement in the YOG Youth Engagement Committee. If she was there in any meaningful role, such as acting on our behalf to protect public funds from being abused, she should have on good conscience raised the alarm when the budget started to head for the stratosphere. Unless of course, her mentor, Mathias Yao, taught her to keep her mouth shut and not to tell the Minister he's not wearing any clothes. Yao had a good run for five terms, which means his bank account is in a very healthy state, the archetypal PAP role model. As for his contributions to society - what contributions? Oh, we forgot, Tin says he's very well loved. Don't you just love those PAP candidates to death?


  1. Assuming she graduated from university at 22, she only has 4 years of working experience !

    Now she wants to be an MP the backdoor GRC way, through riding on the coattails of an uncontested ward.

    Huat ah !!! Calling all young and old, SAF, NTUC, civil service, join PAP !

  2. I am quite sceptical of the supposed private sector job credentials of some of these PAP candidates. A number appear to be in their private sector jobs for less than a year holding fancy titles in MNCs (and TLCs of course). One wonders if the MNCs were asked to do NS by taking them in.

  3. I knew her from my ex-workplace, very active in NUS CCAs. Didn't know she got involved in grassroots activities.

    Danger is politics can corrupt her soul in few years time if she's not careful since MPs are paid handsomely......

  4. We have 2 candidates whose fathers are also ex MPs, 1 wet behind the ears 27 yr old girl whose husband is conected. To me this reeks of something that can happen in the Philipines. Are we that short of talents? Or is this really a leadership problem, which cannot fathom the feelings on the ground?

  5. Maybe she has enough spurs stuck in her backside in order to be selected at such a young age ? Or maybe there are enough promises and guarantees to make up for her sacrifices ?

    If what is only required of her is her loyal pledge to the Emperor and the Clown Prince, surely there will be plenty of rewards in return ?

  6. Common Singaporeans;
    the Election System here has been an aberration to any democratic society because Singaporeans have made it so.

    When the Ruler set the conditions and criteria for candidacy, it was not opposed and made invalid meaning tacitly accepted by the people.

    Now when young professionals come in, they are accused of being too young(wet in the ears), not sufficiently exposed to living and therefore inexperienced and not tested etc.

    Put a old hawker, driver, salesman and construction worker as a candidate and IMMEDIATELY THERE WILL BE HUGE OUTCRIES that how can such a person be qualify to lead. Such candidates will be thrown shits, dishonour and degrade by average Singaporeans no matter how intellectual and experienced they are in life.

    If there is any misgiving me has of Singaporeans; acting like one is the most enlightened must be the greatest folly.

    Singapore has to do away with any condition for anyone wanting to contribute, to an active part in the political leadership. The CONDITION VALID to bar anyone is to disqualify anyone with CRIMINAL RECORD and this must be all. There is no reason to say that a person who can only speak a language, work in a menial job and have little education must necessarily mean he/she has no ability to work with a team to contribute to the betterment of a tiny society.

    Every government in the World needs people of all calibres not just the certified paper and other qualifications.

    Singaporeans have been behaving like their leaders after all these years of indoctrinations.


  7. '...how can such a person be qualify to lead'.
    should read '....how can such a person be 'qualified' to lead', and

    '.... to an active part in the political leadership'. should as '......to PLAY an active part in the political leadership'.

    My apology: patriot

  8. Excellent humor techniques! Totally enjoyed this article. Thank you so much!

    Favorite snippets:
    1."handlers" instead of "minders". Sneaky!
    2. "please don't cry, politics can be rough..." Yeah she looks *almost* crying in that pic.
    3. "difference between G-7 and G-spot". Priceless!
    4. "NCC recruits trying to earn ECA pts..." *hehe*

    Tsk tsk...picking on a poor little girl, you big bully you!

    Carry on!

  9. Gee..what can I say. Especially this young one. Why don't she go live and get a real life first.

    Just like beauty is wasted on the beautiful.
    Youth is wasted on this young one.
    Money is wasted on our MPs..

  10. I believe she's the nuclear missile sent from PAP to attack the "new media" space like twitterverse or FB - she called out that there're a lot of anti-establishments online. So all online are anti-establishments -- get it?

    Watch out everyone coz this radiation might kill. Don't get carried away..stay calm and calmly tweet before you press enter. Otherwise there will be many flying lawsuites around and before you know it, is already game over. Get your troops well briefed if it's coming from your party. Then let the party begins!

  11. Tattler may eat more salt than Tintin eat rice.
    But Tintin has more Kate Spade than Tattler I think.
    All in the spirits of M&M (Materialism & Meritocracy) she espouses both very well.


  12. Looks like she has just deleted her facebook pages and hidden her twitter posts all of a sudden. What has she got to hide? Her scandalous past, or notorious present?

  13. Her husband is the principal private secretary to a powerful man, not sure if there's connections or relevance, but im sure she can be a good MP since she's endorsed by PAP..

  14. And here's her throwing a tantrum...


    Is this someone you want in parliament representing us?

  15. What is there not to love about our PAP candidates? They're like Jesus who heals and performs miracles. In fact everyone is so godlike, with halos above their brilliant heads. All the christian leaders are jesus, khaw and the likes are buddhas, george yeo and the likes are popes now, Yacob and the lots are prophets, and finally Nathan is Krishna Vishnu. WE the Lepers should queue up and wash, then kiss their feet, and say Thank You to them all, so they also can feel the love.

  16. Bruce Banner3/29/2011 9:44 PM

    She is too young to run as an MP. She needs to get more experiences and get a track record.

  17. to anon @6.15pm,
    she could be the eyes and ears, keeping tabs on PAP grass-root activities and subsequently reporting to her hubby, who in turn will report to PM Lee directly.
    perhaps PM Lee should decree that every PAP GRC team must have one or more MPs like Tin Pei Ling.

    actually, i would have preferred Wee Shu Min as MP, provided of course Shu Min makes it her personal mission, to kick the balls of those PAP buggers who failed to make PM Lee look good during the last 5 years.

  18. Dear Readers,

    Don't you find Lucky's post makes lots of sense?
    Can we do something for the love of our nation?

    Let's raise awareness of the failings of PAP and help oppositions garner more votes. We need a strong opposition to break PAP dominance as they have a big civil servant support base.

    Pass it on to your friends and relatives. Make those fence sitters get up and make a stand. Politics is not a religion. Whether you like it or not, it will affect you and me.

    Let's not suffer for another five years. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your neighbours and tell your relatives why we should not vote for PAP. Tell them to read, not just ST, read temasek review, read TOC and read Lucky's blog.

    Let's pass it on, 1 to 10, 10 to 100, 100 to 1,000, 1,000 to 10,000, 10,000 to 100,000, 100,000 to 1,000,000. Spread the word of change now before it is too late!

  19. Dear Tattler,

    I like you writing style, your blog is also an excellent read but requires a higher level of comprehension and language ability. Readers not sophisticated enough may not be able to grasp your post.

    Let's help raise awareness and focus on bread and butter issues which PAP has failed us miserably. All oppositions need our support. Thank you!

  20. I think Tattler's writing style is just fine, and she IS raising awareness of issues. There're enough blogs with various styles for everyone out there. People will read those who they feel can relate to..some go john little, Ion, centrepoint, takashimaya others go holland v. There's space for everyone. Just need to see who they relate more to. But here's a good directory to start with :


  21. singaporedaily.net has been blocked off for Spore surfers

  22. OMG..you mean they censor that site?

    Anyway, check out the individual links.


  23. when I was in Spore I could not get into "singapore daily". I only got in when I went overseas.

  24. 3 Things to Note

    1) TODAY said Ms Pehlin wants to show her mettle. So why run on the coattail of GRC? Why not go stand alone in SMC and take on the Opposition 1:1. Does this wannabe understand that heavyweights like Sylvia Lim has to settle for NCMP role last 4yrs? Why should taxpayers pay her $15k a mth to learn on the job? We need someone who can serve on get go.

    2) Other media has reported that she wants to use social media to reach out to the youth/voters. But as soon as it went all horribly wrong, she was quick enough to remove her twitter account! If she can't stand the heat, then stay out of the kitchen.

    3) Based on some of her maiden speeches about econs - she has demonstrated very early that income gap widening has nothing to do with Governments policies and is not entirely their fault. Good grief. All youth & energy does not an MP make. Go back and master her psychology skills before she trying to apply it in the real world.


  25. Yeah, she's now changed, locked and protect it!!


  26. Ah, but Rockson has a capture of the
    bikini shot!