Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Future At Stake

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said Singaporeans should think carefully and calmly about the long term-future during the coming General Election. He even admonished the mainstream media for "getting a bit breathless" in their coverage. Perhaps the excitement over the epic battle ahead is getting too much for his father's make of pacemaker. Well, if you can't stand the heat, the usual advice is to stay out of the kitchen. And save the taxpayers $3 million.
Actually, hor, before I joined the grassroots organisation, I didn't know that there were poor people in developed countries.
During the recent National University of Singapore forum on 23 March 2011, themed "What’s at stake?", PAP MP Michael Palmer's pitch was to "vote strongly for the PAP to secure your future because the next generation of leaders are in the present slate". All we can say is that if the present slate is anything to go by, we have seen enough and the future looks pretty dim. A guy who places self before father and wife, a rich corporate bitch who lets her husband be bankrupted - the PAP sure knows how to pick them.

Now listen to what one opposition party said: Unless you vote strongly for WP, Singaporeans can’t secure their future because we’ll never have a second line of defence should the PAP abuse us again with lies and deceit. To refresh our short term memories, Sylvia Lim recalled how in 2006 Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan had proposed, just before the general election, means testing for those who wanted to enjoy the subsidies that came with C-class hospital wards. The Workers’ Party spoke for all of us when they argued strongly against it during the campaign as the party’s view is that “health care is an essential public good”. Faced with potential public outrage, Khaw held back on its implementation. Having secured "the mandate of the people" for another term of office, the government quietly reintroduced it two years later, after the excitement of the polls had died down. This year the cooling off period actually starts before the balloting begins.

This year we are told there is no need to vote strongly for opposition parties because they were assured of NCMP seats - at least 9 non-PAP members (whether non-constituency — NCMP — or fully elected) and 9 nominated members of parliament. What they don't tell us as clearly is that NCMPs have limited voting rights, and therefore their views are easily dismissed by the government. See, the deceit goes on.


  1. Next generation leader is in the slate? Really..don't scare me leh..How about WP should announce that the next alternative government is in their slate too? I bet that is a good strategy for the heartlanders auntie/ah soh/uncle. Because if PAP said next PM is in the current batch, that means VERY important to vote them all in you know...otherwise no leadership after PM LHL gone how? I don't want the 3rd generation familee to come in you pacemaker cannot take it too. Don't say not possible..look how he has fielded that youngest candidate who's a complete bimbo and only 27yo!! Think he's testing the water now for his eldest son you know..wah, the future is at steak..ready to sizzle liao

  2. Means testing for medical services but yet not for scholarships to elite's offshprings ?

    I don't think even LKY or PM Lee can provide us an honest anwer why is this happening ?

    Before PM Lee open's his mouth again talking about our future, why not talk to us about his own sons scholarships ? Why his S$3+ million (not counting his bonuse and his wife's earnings) a year salary cannot afford them meh ?

    Is he not greedy by any standards ?

  3. See, the raid on the state coffers goes on another five years. This can only happens in Singapore! Sad.

  4. The husband of this Youngest candidate is PM Lee's principal private secretary. If this is not nepotism/returning favors what is it? On what basis was she hand-picked and chosen? How many of these "old boys network" has been going on within PAP? You are telling me there is meritorcrazy my foot!

  5. The husband of this Youngest candidate is PM Lee's principal private secretary. If this is not nepotism/returning favors what is it? On what basis was she hand-picked and chosen? How many of these "old boys network" has been going on within PAP?

    I recall a cartoon who showed the Lees as bloodsuckers like the mosquito that causes dengue fever.

    Borrowing from that analogy, you can imagine that the Lee clans are vampires. If you are a fan of the vampire stories, you would know that once a victim got bitten in the neck by vampires, they became slaves to them depending on them for their daily quota of blood.

    Well, it is characteristic of the Lees that they would NEVER allow anyone near them until their loyalty has been thoroughly tested. The testing ground is none other than the civil service, NTUC,the GLCs and all other similar places when the govt is in charge. These are the pap talent spotting grounds. so if you want your family fortunes to be secured for the next two generations, the civil service is perhaps the best place to work. Even if you do not get talent spotted, you have a solid gold rice bowl. The pap govt depends on the civil servants to carry out its scheme and dirty work, so it will NEVER let you down so long as you remain to the hand that feed you.


    Big arses. Enough said.

  7. i reckon this GE will be the mother of all political battles.
    not just our future at stake, but more so for PM Lee and his PAP stooges.

    therefore, it is either Sporeans prosper or PAP prosper, from the way things have unfolded over the years.

    ps: time for LKY and son to bite the dust together!